Weekend Style File 05.04.10

So this weekend was HOT! oh man I hate to complain because I was complaining last week it was so cold, but is there ever any middle ground? haha. I got a taste of what this summer will be like being pregnant. Did you know that when you are pregnant you body temperature is higher than normal already. So when its hot its just that much more uncomfortable. I guess you do really have a bun in the oven. Anyways, we had to get our cars oil changed Sat. morning (fun right?) and while we waited decided to wonder around central ave. in albany. I felt a little like we were in high school causing trouble in back alleys and run down businesses and sitting outside the gas station drinking ice tea. We had fun though as we waited.

I think this week is going to be the week that I can’t really hide being pregnant in photos anymore. I feel like every morning I wake up I am like “holy cow!” I think my stomach gets bigger every night. As you can see in these pictures there is quite a bump going on!


Tanks: 1 is a maternity tank from Target and top one with ruffle is from Walmart
Chambray Skirt: Maternity skirt from Old Navy (eBay)
Red Flats: Hand-me-up from my sis
Necklaces: thirfted and c/o Dolly and boy
Sunglasses: Forever 21

  1. I’m not in NY, but DC was pretty disgustingly hot this weekend. I hate always feeling like I’m sweating. Nevertheless you look cute, love the skirt!

  2. Laura •

    You look so adorable! I love this outfit because it looks cool comfortable and cute. You are not a frumpy pregnant lady at all, you look happy and put together. I like that. I love the pop of color in your hair and your shoes.

  3. You’re so cute! Love the shoes and headband especially!

  4. So cute! So preggers! I love it!

  5. aww…that skirt is so adorable and those shoes too. 🙂

  6. what a cute bump!! lovely as always!

  7. Such a sweet classic American look – so perfect for a hot day! The bump really is popping out! Yay!

  8. These pictures are so cute Jen! I hope to only be pregnant in the fall in winter! Haha.

  9. you are an adorable pregnant mama-to-be! 🙂 I NEVER looked so cute when I was carrying my little ones. love the pop of red!

  10. baby bump or not, you always look so beautiful! I love these photos, the outfit is simple and looks perfect for running around in hot weather.

  11. Welcome bump! It’s nice to see you’re permanently hanging around.


  12. you look like such a cute mama!

  13. Jen you are way too adorable!!! I really feel for you with the heat… I know how much hotter you feel with being pregnant anyway, and the warm weather makes it so much worse.

  14. You look GORGEOUS! I’m loving the prego belly on you. I’m also dying for your denim skirt ^_^

  15. This is such a perfect, classic, Americana kind of outfit. Pregnancy suits you, girl!

  16. Shen •

    I’ve only been reading your blog gor a few weeks but your belly is getting bigger with each photo ^.^ You must be so excited. I always say to my boyfriend how excited I am to get a big belly for a baby!
    The outfit looks gorgeous on you though.

  17. I LOVE the summer feel of this outfit! So Americana and cute! 🙂

  18. First I read “cats oil changed”… oh dear!
    This casual look is so sweet.

  19. Ashley J •

    I think you look SUPER cute!


  20. Oh you look perfect! I really love the summery look! I’ve always wanted to be pregnant in the summer so I could wear cute summer dresses!

  21. had no idea your body temp was actually higher! note to self, attempt to be pregnant in winter haha

  22. Your bump is so cute!! It’s definitely popping, but I think that makes it adorable.

    Lulu Letty

  23. Jen you look so fresh and happy:)

    I love your maternity style so much:) and you seem to enjoy every second.

    I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

  24. Meredith •

    I love the whole look and especially the skirt! I wish it weren’t maternity, because I would love to own it=)

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