Last Nights Dinner 05.04.10

Simple Vegetarian Refried Beans and Avocado Tostadas

So it’s been a few weeks for one of these posts. Life has been busy and the first thing thats usually goes is time to create super awesome dinners. We have been having friends over for dinner a lot and I always feel more comfortable cooking sometime known and loved than trying something new on those nights. Anyways this week is pretty calm and its also Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!! Mmmm Mexican food is my favorite so in honor of this holiday I decided to cook us a little mexican last night.

Mmm its only 8:51am right now but loading this pictures are making me hungry again for dinner. They are really simple to make and you could load them really with what ever you wanted. I was going to make some tex-mex tofu for mine but I was feeling sort of lazy I guess and decided to cook some ground beef for kev’s instead.

2 cans pinto beans, drained and washed
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp mexican oregano
small red onion, chopped
jalapeno pepper, diced and seeded
2/3 bottle of Beer (a mexican brand if you will but anything would work)
Olive Oil

Tostada Shells
Arugula or any kind of green
Chopped Tomatoes
sliced Avocados
Shredded Cheese (easy to not use for vegan option)

(Homemade Salsa)
3ish chopped tomatoes or can of whole peeled
lots of cilantro
half a red onion
salt and pepper

1. For the beans. Rinse and wash and set aside. In a pan sautee onions in a little oil until softened. Then add cumin and oregano, stir and cook for another min. Then add beans, jalapeno and beer.
2. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for about 20 mins. Beans will absorb liquid and get thicker. I even mashed mine a little at the end.
3. While beans simmer. Throw all salsa ingredients in a food processor and blend to make salsa.
4. Chop rest of ingredients for actual tostadas. Heat up some shells in a warm oven for a few mins.
5. When beans are done, load all ingredients on top of shell and top with homemade salsa.
Super easy and delicious!

  1. Laura •

    ha, i didnt know it was cinco de mayo today. We had mexican last night too! Black bean soup and corn bread. I was celebrating and I didnt know it.

  2. I am totally making these tomorrow, now all I can think of is tostadas and coronas!

  3. This looks so good – I want some too! This little Mexican food stop just opened near my school recently and I must admit, I have dropped in a few times already. SO GOOD! Well your recipe is great because it’s a reminder that I should start making my own at home and not eating out all the time. It’s hard though and school is intense right now. Anyway thanks for sharing this perfect recipe :]

  4. I’m not gonna lie, Mexican isn’t my favorite but this looks so delicious! I’ll definitely have to try it this week.

  5. This recipe looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing all these yummy recipes; they always give me ideas for new recipes to try during the work week.

  6. mmmm.


  7. Yummy! I am a vegetarian too and I love all of your recipes!

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