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May 2010

End of School Reflection

So today is the last day for seniors. I think that might be just a Massachuset thing where seniors always are done the end of May, but I am not sure? We still have 2 weeks of school, but today always is always a special day. There are lots of celebrations, everyones spirits are high, its always prom and it marks the start to the very end of school for everyone else. I drove into the parking lot this morning and I feel like I got teary eyed seeing all the kids cars decorated for their last day. Yes there are difficult days but I love teaching, I love art and I do really love these kids.

So tonight is prom. I have been an advisor of Prom for the last 3 years and always help with decorations, invites, food, dj’s, photographers and every other detail that goes into it. It’s a lot of work but chaperoning is always the best way to end what seems like months and months of work. The kids are so cute all dressed up and they are so excited. I have been struggling with what to wear this year because I didn’t want to get anything new but nothing old really fits. I think I am just going to wear with a little more bling, no bomber and different shoes. As I left the house this morning Kev jokingly told me to be careful to not get knocked up tonight at prom. haha. whoops. Too late!
This is what I wore to prom last year:


Since I am in this reflection mood about school ending and it being my last year here, it has also made me think about my blog. I started jenloveskev with my teacher style files sort of around this time last year. I think I actually took my first real outfit picture last march but this last month of school was when it really all started. I have loved doing teacher style files. I mean I am still going to be taking outfit pictures now but the teacher part is going to be dropped and its a little sad to be honest. Its been quite a journey thus far, one that I am so grateful for, for so many reason but I am so excited for the future of jenloveskev and where its going to go in the next year as well. I love all you readers! You continue to inspire and encourage me daily and I love all my blogger friends I have made as well. I would not have come this far with out you guys!!
Here is a look back at some of the Teacher style files that got jenloveskev started last year during this time (haha bad photo quality and all)!!

and here’s to many more style files that this next year will bring!

Kev and me are off to DC for the long weekend. I will be back on Tuesday with lots of pictures and hopefully lots of great new style files. I wish everyone a very happy Memorial day weekend!

Week 26


So I have to say I think this is the first week that I feel like I am really as comfortable as I can be with everything that is going on. I feel good. I feel confident and I feel happy. It’s taken 26 weeks to get here and I know it might be short lived as it gets hotter and I get bigger but for now I am feeling good. haha I even say this during a week where I completely lost my ankles to swelling. My sister and me were laughing so hard we were crying at how fat my feet and ankles were. I am learning to try to take better care of myself (resting, feet up, slowing down so I am not stressed) so it hasn’t been happening as much but it is werid to look down at your legs and feel like they are stumps. I am trying to embrace these symptoms and move forward.

I even like the crazy veins you can see running down my sides and belly. I think of it like I am a superhero. haha. I am just that powerful to make another human and it shows how hard my body is working. You can also see that the typical pregnant belly line (linea negra) has set in up my stomach. That I may not be a fan of but it happens. I am also not someone who has struggled to gain any weight. I am def. not trying too, I have been eating pretty healthy and pretty normal (no real cravings or anything) and have been staying pretty active. I have gained 20 pounds so far. I was really worried everytime I went to see my midwife but she always says I am doing great, so I have started to stop worrying so much. I am eating healthy and being active so the weight i’ve gained must just be because that is what my body needs (haha I would like it to just leave though when the baby is born).

Thank you so much to everyone who left comments with opinions and advice on the last baby post! I loved reading every word. Although, Kev and me have not decided on a lot of those questions I asked I think we have decided to 1. raise her vegetarian and 2. make our own baby food. I am really excited about it actually. I love cooking if you havent been able to tell and well I think it will be fun. I got the best little baby cook book at giggle last week and I know it will be a while until she is eating baby food but I can’t wait to use it.

Oh yeah! How freakin’ cute is this little onesie that Kev’s mom got us!!! I had no idea anything like that even existed but I guess that’s the power of the internet for you. It’s so prefect and so cute- I just love it. American Dad+Canadian mom= Perfect little baby. hehe (maybe more pefect if she was full canadian but- haha I kid, I kid).


Dear Baby Girl:
We have been calling you by name lately. We aren’t 100% yet, but we like calling you it to make sure we feel like it is the right one. We are still open to others that may come up though. Did you know you are about 2 pounds this week! and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. haha when I read that I think I said out loud “holy cow.” I mean I see you everyday, but in comparison to something that is not attached to my body it makes me realize how fast you are growing. I have been really excited thinking about sharing things with you that your dad and me like doing. For me I have been really excited about coloring with you. I LOVE COLORING!! I can’t wait to have an art table for you where we can sit and draw daddy pictures to give to him when he comes home. I also am excited this week to share the music we like with you. I can tell you like some of it already, because when I play it I picture you dancing. We had an art show last friday. It was an art and hardcore show. I am going to say I don’t think you loved the super loud music. You got really tight feeling in my belly and were kicking a lot. Your dad made me go outside because he was upset at the thought that you might have felt scared. He is so protective of you.

We are going on a little getaway this weekend and we couldnt be more excited! We are going to DC for 3 days. Your dad and me have never been and we are so so excited for time away together. We got a really nice hotel and are going to go on all kinds of adventures. I am thinking I am still going to wear my 2 piece bathing suit when we go swimming. I was a little nervous but you are pretty darn cute in there!
Well stay healthy and strong in there little one!
-your mama

Style File 05.25.10


So one thing I have been missing a lot from my wardrobe is wearing high waisted skirts and tucked in shirts. It was my staple I think for most of my outfits. I have had to pack almost all of my skirts until after baby. Yesterday though, I decided to pull a stretchy cotton skirt up over my belly and tuck in my silk tank to feel a little more like my style. Haha it made me look super pregnant- but I am really starting to enjoy the baby bump more and more lately. I also really love fake glasses. I dont know why. I dont wear them out and about but around the house I like to put them on. Any old sunglasses I save and pop out the lenses so they become play glasses. Yep, I guess I have a dress up box. Its a good start for a mom right? I have had these since I was velma for halloween one year. Don’t you love turbans? I have been on the search for a good one for such a long time and then low and behold Brittany from Finders Keepers had the prefect colored one. I love it. So cute. Have you checked out her etsy shop. She is always updating it with awesome stuff!

Also, these are my new shoes from Modcloth. I think they are my favorite shoes I own now. They are so adorable. I love the little hearts on them and the bows on top. I feel so feminine in them and they are super easy and comfortable to walk in. LOVE THEM!!

Tank: Target
Cotton Skirt: Forever 21
Turban: c/o Finders Keepers
Heart and Sole Wedges: c/o Modcloth
Necklaces: a gift and thrifted

a few baby things…

So there has been a lack of style files lately and well I am going to try to get better on staying on top of it but the truth of the matter is that life is overwhelmingly busy at this moment. I hope everyone will just bear with me as I get thru these last 3 weeks of school. Today I just took a little break from my google reader, from twitter, from emails and just spent sometime getting thru my to do lists here at school and spending some time just thinking about baby. I feel like I do not give myself enough time to relax and be excited about her and maybe thats why I have been struggling with this whole pregnancy ride. I dont generally share about baby stuff other than on thursdays but this stuff is just so cute and it’s really been whats on my mind today so I wanted to share. I think they are all things I would like to buy ourselves or add to our registry. I am hoping we will get to register for stuff tomorrow night (I never had a wedding registry so I am pretty excited to be walking around with one of those gun things-hehe)

So my lovely sponsor Paper Sparrow has the most adorable prints in her shop and I was lucky enough to get to pick one out and I could not be more excited to have it framed in our nursery for the baby. Its so cute…


I have been searching thru nursery pictures like crazy lately because of course I want to decorate the nursery awesome. We can’t paint so I have been collecting lots of pretty art so I can frame them all cute for the walls. This top nursery is MY FAVORITE that I have found. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! It is adorable- I can’t even stand it. I totally love the color theme and love that she painted the jenny lind crib yellow. I totally might do that! I do love the bottom one too though with the pale pink and yellow. So warm and pretty!

Now if there were no spending limit on strollers this would be my dream stroller. Our friends have it and lets just say its awesome!! Does anyone else have this stroller (the Uppa baby Vista)? Is it worth the investment? I feel like it would last a lot longer than those plastic gracco ones at babies r us.


I also want one of those bumbo seats. I especially love the lime green. It would match out house great. I mean how darn cute is that little baby sitting in that little chair. I also would love a Sophie the Giraffe and this drying rack for all babies goodies.

Now we have 2 full bathrooms in our place. Our master bath which just has a shower and then the spare that has the tub/shower mix. We use the spare tub to hide the litter box because we don’t have a basement and it works out beyond great. I dont really know if I want to give that up. So I love this sink tub for baby. Does any one have this and does it work good? I like that it folds open and is flat. Good for storage!


No I can not get enough of looking at homemade goodies for babies on etsy. I could look all day long. Here are a few of my favorites. I love these bunny slippers. They are sold out right now but I will be stalking them daily until they return and then these cute little crocheted maryjanes- ahh! so cute! I am hoping that the baby loves to wear headbands as much as her mamma because I might be buying her lots of different ones from Lou and Lee plus how sweet are these ruffle bloomers from Rae Gun

ok last but not least- I think this is the bedding I have narrowed it down to. I am really picky and really havent found a whole lot that I like but I like the quilt style and the colors of this set from Land of Nod and I also am not wanting some crazy expensive crib I really love the simplicity of the jenny Lind crib.


Alright, tomorrow I will return with a style file.
Have a nice Monday everyone!

Friday Share and Tell

My sister is here- my sister is here!!! My sister Carrie arrived last night (well this morning) at 4am with her cute dog Holly. She drove from Canada after got out of work last night at 11pm. She’s crazy! Anyway, I can’t wait for work to be over so I can go back to the house and hang out with her! Having her here makes me think of this Roll & Tumble Press print. Its just so sweet! I love my sisters. Maybe I should get this print as a gift for them?? Hmm I hope they aren’t reading…


Have you been over to Roll & Tumble Press’ etsy shop lately? They have a few new things up and lets just say they are awesome like everything else. I really want this “Eat” print for my kitchen. I think it would be perfect.

What are your plans for the weekend? We are going to boston tomorrow to see some good friends we haven’t seen in like 3 years!!! Yay!

Here are my favorites from around the internet this week…

1. Dont you just love this girl? She is always dressed perfect and always adorable!

2. Mmm Cranberry Salsa! I think I will have to make this!

3. A Deer with tube socks– YES PLEASE!!!

4. Hmm?? Still seriously considering using cloth diapers and this post made it seem like so much more of a possibility.

5. I think this has to be the most beautiful pregnant lady ever. She is glowing!

6. Mmm another amazing food post. I think I will make these sandwiches next week for my last nights dinner. Sounds so good!!

7. I love how fun and playful this print is! The saying is so cute!

p.s. because someone was so kind to point out that “tell” is spelt with 2 L’s- I would just like to clarify that I know tell is spelt with two L’s and when I wrote the post it had two L’s. My title bar is funny and only lets the type go so far without cutting off letters. Sorry.

Ruche Summer Lookbook

So I have shown some of the Ruche lookbooks before but man o’ man they keep steppin’ it up everytime a new one comes out. They are just so well done. I love all their new summer looks. The heart cut out dress is like the more adorable thing I have ever seen. I was trying to share just a few pictures on here but couldn’t narrow it down- I just loved them all so much. I hope you enjoy it as much as me, I just had to share. Make sure you head over to the Ruche website and check out the rest of the lookbook. They have some great shoes, accessories and handbags as well!!

Week 25

First off, let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that sent me and email or left me a comment on last weeks baby post. It was hard to write all that but your responses really meant the world to me. It is so encourage to hear from others and of course other moms who are going thru the same or have gone thru it already. I really feel like the community part of blogging is the best part. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

Whew! This week has been a whirlwind and well I don’t really see it slowing down anytime soon. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about important choices we need to make about the baby. Birth, food, diapers, toys, etc… I have been reading a lot of birth stories when I have the time and I am trying to decided what it is that I want for us. I know I want to have a natural birth. I have decided that but there is so much more than that to decide. I have read about the Bradley method, hypnobirthing, and others but I am not sure what I think is the best yet. This is where I am leaving it up to you guys this week. I would love to hear some of your stories and experiences and what you recommend. Even if you haven’t had a baby yet but know someone who has and know things they use or have done- let me hear it!

Did you have a natural birth? How did you decide to go about that?

Did you breast feed? For how long?

Did you use cloth or disposable diapers? What kind do you recommend?

Did you use only wood toys? or did it not matter to you?

Is there any vegetarian moms out there that are raising their babies that way as well?

Did anyone make their own baby food (vegetarian)?

I would love to hear from you guys!! I love this community and I love hearing what you have to say!


Dear Baby Girl!
I feel like we are getting so close to seeing you. We are getting so anxious for your arrival. I only have 3.5 weeks left of school and I know as soon as its over the summer is going to fly by and then next thing you know you are going to be here! There is so much to do before you come!!

We have been planning for your baby shower a lot this week. I am not one for being the center of attention so a typical shower where I sit in front of people and open gifts makes me so nervous. I really wanted your dad to be a part of it as well, so we decided on having a summer bbq party to celebrate you coming instead. All our friends and family will be invited and its going to be so awesome. I can’t wait to be surrounded by so many loved ones. Its going to be old school country picnic themed. Vintage table cloths, picnic tables, mint lemonade, popsicles, chalk board menus and sack races. hehe. I am so excited. We are having it in Grammy’s backyard in the country.

Your Auntie(maybe both!) are coming to see your for the first time this weekend! I hope she can feel you dancing around, she would be so excited if she got to feel that. Your are going to love them. Auntie Carrie will take you on hikes and adventures and she will have crazy dance parties with you. Auntie Amy will be so good to you- she will make you laugh and teach you all the best music and all about riding bikes.

We were having a dance party this morning in the car together. I was listening to some French pop music (Yelle) and you were dancing around. I think you liked it a lot! hehe. You also move around a lot when your dad talks to you. Whenever he gets close to my belly and talks you start kicking and moving. Its like you know its him and you want him to know you know. Ahh it melts my heart every time. He gets so excited and always tells you, you are doing a great job. He really thinks you are super baby.

Keep dancing little one!
Love your,

School Art Show

So today is sort of bitter sweet. I didn’t really think about it till now but its going to be sad tonight. It is going to be my last art show here at the school. I have been working here for 3 years and have worked really hard to make the art program into what it is today. When I first came into the art room the closet was filled with googly eyes and puffy paint and now I have students that are excited to see art at real museums because they see pieces they have learned about and know the artist and the movement. There are always bumps along the way but the art show is always a really rewarding night. To see all the work up together and see the kids so excited about the work they did, is really exciting. You get so attached to students when you see them almost everyday for 3 years. It is going to be hard to leave them at the end of the year. I feel really proud of the work I did here. I love teaching art. I may be a blogger but first and foremost my 40+ hours a week I am an art teacher and I am really going to miss that next year.
Here are just a few snapshots of the show…

Teacher Style File 05.17.10

I am excited for this new week to begin. I am looking forward to lots of exciting things coming up. I have my annual high school art show reception tomorrow night (lots of setting up today at school), Kev and me have an art show opening on Friday with some of our own stuff, my sister is coming this weekend, our friends from San Francisco our also coming this weekend with their new little one and next week is the last week of school for seniors and its Prom. Lots to do and keep busy with. Also I am helping my mom with our baby shower which is coming up the end of June. Kev is making the invites this week so that means we get to go and register for baby things!! How exciting right? Busy Busy Busy, that’s all I have to say. That is why I am glad that the forecast looks beautiful all week which means its time to bring out all the dresses.

I am really hoping to just be able to wear comfy summer dresses from now until when the baby is born. Dresses are seriously like the easiest thing ever. 1 piece, put on some shoes and some accessories and you are out the door.

Jumper: Thirfted
Ruffle Blouse: Forever 21
Bow Belt: Forever 21
Sandals: Chinese Laundry

Over the Weekend!

What a beautiful weekend it was!! It was the perfect temperature, not to hot not to cold with blue skies and sun. We had a lot packed in and it ended up being a weekend we didn’t really want to end. There were lots adventurous bike rides, a double feature at the drive in (the element is seriously the best drive in car ever!!), bridal showers, dressed up dinners and joint bachelor/bachelorette parties, relaxing and reading pregnancy books, swooning over our vintage pram, sunny outside lunches, afternoon naps and lots of time with Kev!
oh yeah and one elephant with teeth!

How was your weekend?

Friday Share and Tell

So this is going to be a post full of things. Great ready!

First off my students and me found a Walt Disney pandora station and it is blowing my mind right now. I am grinning from ear to ear with every song that comes on. Everyone is singing- its a great Friday!

secondly, The winner of the Ruche Giveaway is LOUISE from FifthSparrow Congrats lady!!

Thirdly, This week is my littlest sister Carrie and her husband Joel’s 4th wedding anniversary!! and she is coming next weekend to visit!!! (Amy you better get your butt her too!) Her and Joel live in Ontario so I am so excited to see her. I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving, maybe we will have to do some more sister style files. Here are some pics from her wedding (in the group picture you can see how me and my sisters all have different hair color. I am dk. brown. Carrie has blonde hair and Amy has red hair. Amy is standing next to me on right.)

ok and lastly, here are some things that I have been loving over in the blog world in the last couple weeks…
1. Have you heard of Oliver Jeffers before? I love this guy so much. He is an artist that also illustrates childrens books. I have the Incredible Book Eating Boy Book, but I found this USA Map over on Swiss Miss and just loved it!

2. I have been in love with all Katy’s looks lately. I mean she always looks amazing but has been hitting it out of the park lately. This girl is on fire!

3. How beautiful is this picture of Marilyn Monroe? Its just gorgeous!!

4. I want our baby to have these cute ruffles on her behind!!

5. I don’t think Keiko could be any more adorable or beautiful in these pictures. I just love them!!

6. I laughed so hard at this post Indiana had over on The Wonder Love. I totally agree with everything she said. Although, I am sure when the 3d ultrasound is of your baby it might be awesome. Kev and me totally forgot about Manbabies. We laid in bed the other night laughing hysterical at the manbabies website.

7. How cool is polka dot cheese cake? Yes please!

8. So Cute! Dad and baby

9. Now this girl takes it to the next level, drawing a picture of her outfit as well. So sweet!

10. I can not get enough of Lulu Letty!! Maria is definitely one of my favorite bloggers!!

11. How amazing is this second birthday party? Can this be my next birthday party please!!

12. Haha these plates are awful clever!! They are so fun and cute- I kinda of want them!

Well, that’s it everyone! Happy Weekend!!

Baby Post: Week 24 hope this post isn’t too honest but it is what is on my heart this morning as I write this and one thing I am not is fake. Jenloveskev is a true story of my life and days so today the honest truth is that I feel like I am struggling kinda with this pregnancy. I hate to burst every one’s bubble that its all joys and rainbows but for me its been sort of difficult. I know its different for everyone but it just been really emotional and hard for me to adjust. It has nothing to do with our little baby girl coming. That part I am over joyed with- it is what is getting thru the pregnant part. I honestly CAN NOT WAIT for her to be here. I wish it was going to be tomorrow. Its just so hard for me to wrap my mind around being totally out of control of what’s going on with my body and to be taking pictures of myself everyday. It has honestly been a little hard for me.

I have always been an emotional girl but being pregnant is just over the top for me. I just want to be around my family and super close friends all the time. My family is so scattered around that its hard- I don’t get to see them and I miss them. My is also pregnant with her second little boy and it is so so exciting to be going thru this together but she lives in GA. I wish more than anything that we could be during the week and chatting and sharing stories with each other about how we are feeling and just laughing like we always do. I miss her a lot. She has been so supportive thru this whole thing though. I love her. She is always the first to call me the day of my doctors appointments, she is always there to listen and she is just so encouraging to me. I know she is there for me no matter what.

So that is what I am thankful for and really just wanted to write about today. I am so thankful for my husband, family and close friends. I appreciate you all so much. You mean the world to me and really are so supportive. I am also so grateful that we have moved to Albany. It was hard to leave Mass. We love it there but the friends that we are making here are genuine, caring and well just plain awesome and I know that we moved here for that reason. And to Kev thank you for taking care of me. You are the best husband and you are continually there to pick me up when I am down. You are my safe place, my comfort, and I always know everything is ok when you are near me. I love you.

Dear Baby Girl:
Only 5 more weeks till this school year is over! Then it will be you and me all summer. Daddy and me will be so much less stressed and will be able to spend even more time getting ready for you to come. This is my last week in my 2nd trimester. Crazy! I feel like we are over the hill and on the downward slope now till you come. The home stretch. I mean I know we still have a while but thinking back to the beginning we are a whole heck of a lot closer. We are getting closer to picking your name too I think. There is one we really like that we keep talking about. I want to tell everyone but it’s going to be our little secret until you arrive.

I have been really busy this week at school. Next week is the annual school art show and I have had so much work to do to get ready for it. Also Prom is in 2 weeks and have been doing all the decoration and invitations for that. It’s a lot of work but it will be fun. Your mom needs to find a dress that fits over you to wear!

Oooh we got you a super special present this week!!! I brought it home last night. We found the most perfect, most beautiful vintage pram for you. Its 50+ years old. Its so pretty. The lady that I bought it from has had it the whole time. She has strolled all 4 of her children in it and her grandkids. It is such a special and touching story, she was the sweetest lady. She gave me a hug yesterday when I took it from her and I told her I would sent her a picture of us with it when you were born. I hope to still have it when you have kids one day.

Your dad started playing this counting game with you. He likes to say “one” then poke my belly one time and see if you will kick back once. Then say “two” poke 2 times and then see if you kick back 2 times. He read it in the Expectant Father book. haha. Do you feel him playing it with you. Its pretty funny. You have been pretty good at kicking back, but then again I would kick back too if I was getting poked. haha. I hope I didn’t rough you up to bad when I fell this week. Sorry if you were scared. Just know that your Dad took extra good care of me and you to make sure we were all ok.
Ok I have written way to much in this post and letter.
Write again next week!
love you,
your mamma

Vol. 25 Giveaway!!

It’s the week of giveaways my friends!! and why not right? Vol. 25 is one of jenloveskev’s newest sponsors and a very lovely one at that!!

Vol. 25 would like to give away ANY $20 print you would like to the lucky winner!! You get to choose!! I think that is pretty awesome, the hardest part would be to pick your favorite. hehe. They have over 96 prints that are $20. They are all amazingly awesome.


All you need to do for this giveaway is visit Vol. 25 and pick your favorite print and leave the link in a comment below, so if you win we know which one you would like. Simple, Simple, Simple. Giveaway will go from now until Sunday Evening (5/16). Winner will be randomly chosen and annouced on Monday.

Which one are you going to chose?

Weekend Style File 05.12.10

So it was freezing on Sunday. Like really cold. Can you see my red nose in the pictures? I felt like it was winter again. Anways, I have a funny story about this outfit. Well its not really funny but maybe a little more funny now that it is over.


So Sunday morning we got up early to go to the 10am service at our church. There are 2 services a 10am and a 12am. I wanted to go to the 10am because I wanted to go to TulipFest in Albany afterwards. It was mothers day so I dressed up a little more than normal for a Sunday. Kev gave me the sweetest mom to be card and got me an awesome basket for my bike as a gift. I was wearing this really pretty skirt, blouse, cardigan and my new amazing shoes. Off we went to the car to leave when I totally tripped. Not over anything other than air. Now I have read about how pregnant ladies have an off sense of balance and shouldn’t wear heels. I knew all this and well I guess I had to found out for myself the hard way. It was bare skin on pavement. Skinned knees and palms- it was 4th grade all over again. I wasn’t a very good mom to be that day. I was really shaken up and hurting so we went back inside and climbed back in to bed so I could rest and make sure baby was ok. Anyways, everything is totally fine- just a bruised ego. When we finally got back up to head out for our day I ended up wearing this instead, my trusty flat sandals and some jeans.

Cardigan: Banana Republic
Tunic: Forever 21
Jeans: H&M Maternity
Sandals: Sears
Necklaces: Forever 21

Teacher Style File 05.11.10


Its offically, unoffically Breton Blogger Stripe Day! (say that 10 times fast!)
Thanks to the lovely Jessica, bloggers from all over where wearing stripes today. I had to jump on the band wagon as well of course. I just got this fitted stripped dress this weekend when I was out at the swapaholics and thifting with Julie (lots more to come on that later).

I think I enjoy wearing more fitted stuff now that I am pregnant. It makes me feel better than wearing really flowy things. Well thats for me anyways. When I wear flowy things it just makes me feel huge because I am like 3 times as wide, at least when its fitted there is a very clear baby growing.
Did you where stripes today? Leave me a link below so I can check out your breton stripes!

Dress: thrifted
Trench: Old Navy
Wedges: Steve Madden (eBay)
Headband: from my mom

Last Nights Dinner

Spicy Arugula-Pistachio Pesto


So does any one shop at Hannafords? I not really sure how far reaching this supermarket is, but since we moved to NY that is where I have been shopping. I def. miss Stop and Shop a lot though. Its hard to switch grocery stores. You get use to brands and where everything is. Ok but back to Hannafords, every month they have this cooking magazine that is free if you buy $25. Its wicked nice and has great recipes in it. Anyways, I found this recipe in the last one but the pesto was to put over steak. I decided to make it a pasta dish and mix in tomatoes and avocados. Mmmm!
It was delicious and so easy to make. I love anything that has more of a Mexican flare to it.


Whole Wheat Pasta
1 clove garlic
1 jalapeno pepper
1/4 black pepper
1/4 salt
2 cups tightly packed arugula
1/3 cup unsalted pistachios
1/2 cup of grated manchego cheese (I will say I didn’t have this and used Asiago)
3 Tsp. Fresh lime juice
3 Tsp. Extra Virgin olive oil
Small cherry tomatoes, quartered
2 Avocados

1. Cook pasta as directed
2. meanwhile in food processor add garlic, quartered jalapeno, arugula and pistachios. Pulse a few times. Scrape down side and pulse again till blended.
3. Add cheese, salt and pepper. Pulse
4. Add olive oil and lime juice. Can add a little more of each if you want. It gets pretty thick.
5. Slice tomatoes and avocados. Set aside.
6. When you drain pasta save a little of the pasta water to help mix in pesto to make it a little more creamy.
7. Mix everything together (pasta, pesto, tomatoes, avocados) Add water as desired.
8. Serve and enjoy!

Ruche Giveaway!

We all know how much I love Ruche! So I am super excited to be having a giveaway for this beautiful braided lei necklace from Ruche. How fun would this be to wear with a summer sundress? I think it would just be darling. Yep, that’s right I used the word darling. hehe

necklace copy

The Giveaway is open from now until Thursday evening (5/13). Winner will be randomly picked and announced on Friday.

All you need to do to enter is visit Ruche find your favorite item there (it can be anything- doesnt have to be jewelry) and let me know what it is in a comment below. That’s it- super simple and I know it won’t be hard to find something you love over at Ruche.
Good Luck everyone!

June Issue

Have you looked thru the June issue of Lucky yet? Did you see a familiar face? haha. Well if you passed by page 66 you would see this ad…

Crazy huh? I am not going to lie its pretty darn exciting and surreal. I picked out my summer must haves for them back in the winter and have been keeping it quiet since then. I really like how the whole page came together. It was pretty fun getting my copy in the mail the other day.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!! I have some great things to share about saturday but I am just waiting on some pcitures. I can’t wait!

Week 23

So we are a little late with the post this week. Life has just been so busy. I say that every week but we are always just so busy. I get worried that I am not doing enough to prepare for the baby to come. I have stacks of books I want to read but when do I find the time? I am really excited for school to be over so that I can spend my summer reading and relaxing and taking bike rides to the pool. This leads me to what I wanted to talk about for today though. I got an email last week asking what I was doing about school after the baby was born. Well I haven’t yet told all you guys but I will not be going back to teaching after she gets here. June 16th will be my last day at my high school. I have resigned from my position as the Art teacher there. It was a hard decision and one that we didn’t take lightly, but we figured out that since I have to already drive an hour to school since we moved to NY and as a teacher I do not get paid a whole heck of a lot, the ratio between all that and then having to pay someone to watch her was not worth it. It will be an adjustment for sure going from being dinks (haha double income no kids) to 1 income but we are going to make it work. I think the time spent at home with her is well worth the sacrifice for us. Now I know this can’t be the case for everyone and I am not saying this is the right way to do it but for us this is what we want and what will work best for us. I am really excited to stay home but also to be honest a little sacred. I am not much of a home body. I love “home” but for me Kev is home so as long as he is with me then I would much rather be out on adventures with him then sitting on the couch. I am in no ways saying that being a stay at home mom is like sitting on the couch but I am a little worried about the adjustment from going from working to staying home knowing my personality.

I am really excited that I do have this blog though. It surrounds me with community and inspiration and gives me something to do that I really really love. I am excited to be a full time blogger and mom starting in september. The baby is due September 3rd the day before my 28th birthday. Now will I always just stay home? What are my thoughts for the future? I am going to focus on being a mom for a while and figuring that all out because lets face it I really don’t know what the heck I am doing but after that I would really like to focus more on making more stuff for my etsy shop, making artwork, getting more into making wedding invitations (have I ever mentioned that before? I make them all the time for friends and I just love it!) and then starting and finishing up my MFA. I would like to be able to take classes here and there and then maybe one day start to teach art at a college. I am not sure if I will go back to a public high school. You never know though? I am totally open to what the future holds for us. This is a time of great change, there is a lot going on for us and lots of new opportunities presenting themselves. I sang kev a song this morning that I remembered from my childhood (it included actions-hehe) but it is based on Proverbs3:5-6, I think that needs to be our courage as we go thru all these changes and be excited as we move on to this next chapter.

week 23

Dear Sweet Baby Girl:
Let me first just say Holy Cow! you have a strong kick. You even made our midwife chuckle on tuesday at the doctors appointment as we were listening to your heart beat. I have been day dreaming a lot about you this week. The weather is getting warmer and all I can picture is going for walks as a family and your dad and me talking about our days and then looking down at you and giggling at how cute you are and how much you have touched our lives. I can’t stop picturing your dad holding you and giving you kisses either. He is going to kiss you a lot you know. Haha. He already kisses are kitties a lot. It is very sweet- he is so endearing with affection and I can’t even imagine how much love he is going to give you. The students at school are all trying to get me to name you after them. It is very cute and they are all excited that you are coming. It will be sad to leave them but I couldn’t be more excited for our new journey with you. I got my very first mother’s day card in the mail from Grammy this week. It was a Mother-to-be mothers day card. It’s still funny to think that I am going to be a mom. Sometimes its a little overwhelming because I don’t feel like I am going to know what to do and I don’t want to screw things up but I hope you will always know that we love you and when we do screw up hope that the love will shine thru and we wont traumatize you to much. hehe
ok, back to day dreaming about going for walks. I have been obsessively searching for a vintage pram on eBay so that we can push you around in style. lol. I just love them and can only imagine how adorable you will look in it as we stroll you around the park. I am going to find the perfect one for you!


So I just have to say I am so so excited to see these 2 lovely ladies tomorrow for a day of fun, swapping and shopping!! I have missed my dear blogging friends!!

girls night out- julie and me

Julie and me at NYC Girls Night Out.


Punky and me at the Boston Blogger Meet up!

If you live around the Worcester, MA area you should totally come out to the Swap it is going to be fantastic!! Come and say hi!!

May Sponsors

Happy Friday everyone!
I just wanted to take a moment and share with you some of my favorite things from my May Sponsors. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet- you should definitely hop on over and explore what each one has much to offer!

Modcloth: My go to store for all things dresses- its so easy to create a spring/summer look over there. I have been obsessed with wedges lately and these ones would work so well with so many outfits. Plus with those socks! oooh they are just perfect!

Line After Line Dress $83.99 | Wicker-ish Wedges $34.99 | Heart Socks $11.99

Roll and Tumble Press: I saw all these “You are all I need” posters in different colors and thought how great would it be to get all of them and have them arranged in nice black frames in a row on the wall. It would look awesome. Roll and tumble is quickly taking over even our own art work in our house. If just fits our style so well.

You are all I need (Blue Sky) $15 | You are all I need (Olive Green) $15 | You are all I need (Tomato Red) $15

Ruche: This website always makes me feel like running away on a last minute vacation to wine country and laying in a bed outside in the country with birds chirping and a warm wind blowy. haha! The clothes are always so beautiful and romantic. I just can’t get enough!

Play Date with Polka Dots $39.99 | Mail Carrier’s Dream Bag $55.99 | 80%20 Jazz Sneakers $54.99

Vol. 25: I’d like to introduce you to a new sponsor!! I am so excited to be working with Vol. 25!! Their prints are incredible fun, warm and full of love. I have seriously added like everyone to my favorites on etsy. They are perfect gifts for friends, hubby’s, BF’s, or even for mothers day! I just love the spirit each one has!

Remember Happiness $20 | LOVE $20 | Heart Can Build A Home $20

Paper Sparrow: I don’t think there is art out there that is more enchanting them Paper Sparrow. I love thinking of fairytales and disney movies when I look at this etsy shop. its like she has captured a particular moment in a far off land where animals run wild and go on adventures all day. hehe! I just love it!

Panda Love Tree $6 | Foxes in Love $6 | Fox in the Forest $15

Finders Keepers: Another new sponsor to jenloveskev! Brittany does a wonderful job finding fabulous vintage pieces for her shop. She has fantastic Hats in there all the time, be quick though because they disappear fast! I love going and browsing thru all the dresses she puts up. Check it out!

50’s Pearl of Feathers Hat $44 | 70’s Buttons and Symmetry Dress $26 | Connect the Dot Heels $32

Style File 05.06.10

Just a note: Baby Post will be up later tonight or tomorrow sometime. Life is busy.

Remember when I wore this dress Well it was time to bring it out into the summer light. It was a million degrees on sunday and this flowly light weight dress was perfect to wear and stay cool. Don’t you think? We hung out with friends in the afternoon and went to a farmers market. I love farmers markets in the spring and summer. Its such a good thing to support all your local farmers and businesses. Its my goal to try to buy all my produce this summer at the farmers market. Have you found your local market in your town?


Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted (Savers)
Belt: Forever 21

Couturious Winner!

Remember that Couturious Scholarship contest I was juding? Well we chose a winner for the $2000 dollar prize!!

CONNIE CHANG from Otis College of Art and Design!

Here is her winning look!


“Hello, my name is Connie Chang and I am currently a Fashion Design student at Otis College of Art & Design. Fashion and fine art has always been my favorite subjects since I was very young and am continually educating myself to grow to become a bridal designer someday. I enjoy expressing myself through creating art and I love exploring those who create their own. I admire genuine people with kind hearts and passion, and believe success simply comes from hard work and determination. As much as I love traveling, “Travel Chic” is a perfect way of expressing the style of outfit I prefer to dress while I am on the road.”

Congrats to Connie and Thank you to Couturious for letting me help with the judging!

Teacher Style File 05.05.10

So one of the biggest challenges for me being pregnant is dressing for work. It’s easy enough at home and things, but finding things that will work for school is a little more difficult. I have mostly been relying on dresses that have more of an empire elastic waist or will stretch out over my stomach. I got this dress on eBay and I love the simplicty of the black dress but yet it has really cute details. The wide rounded collar is pretty with the covered buttons up the front. It makes it a little more than just a plain black dress. It is also comfortable and I feel good in it which helps.

Dress: eBay
Sandals: Chinese Laundry
Bracelets: Forever 21
Vintage Brooch: Flea Market

Id Wear That…

So Chelsea wrote me about how her and her husband were going on a cruise and was wondering if I had any thoughts on what she could wear on her formal nights. She wanted to make sure it would be something that would match her husband who would be wearing a black/white 3 piece suit. I loved the idea of wearing a very bold black and white dress and then adding a punch of color and since I am in love with Coral this spring thats what I went with. It’s great dressing casual and cool but there is something so special about dressing up fancy for a special event. This dress is a little on the pricey side but I just fell in love with it- its so beautiful!! I would feel so so glamorous if I was wearing this outfit. I am kind of really in love with it!
Hope you had a great cruise Chelsea!


Dress: Bianca Nero (Neiman Marcus) $265
Shoes: Kelly&Kate (DSW) $39.95
Coral Bracelet: Nine West $34
Silver Bracelet: Forever 21 $5.80
Clutch: Forever 21 $12.80

Weekend Style File 05.04.10

So this weekend was HOT! oh man I hate to complain because I was complaining last week it was so cold, but is there ever any middle ground? haha. I got a taste of what this summer will be like being pregnant. Did you know that when you are pregnant you body temperature is higher than normal already. So when its hot its just that much more uncomfortable. I guess you do really have a bun in the oven. Anyways, we had to get our cars oil changed Sat. morning (fun right?) and while we waited decided to wonder around central ave. in albany. I felt a little like we were in high school causing trouble in back alleys and run down businesses and sitting outside the gas station drinking ice tea. We had fun though as we waited.

I think this week is going to be the week that I can’t really hide being pregnant in photos anymore. I feel like every morning I wake up I am like “holy cow!” I think my stomach gets bigger every night. As you can see in these pictures there is quite a bump going on!

Tanks: 1 is a maternity tank from Target and top one with ruffle is from Walmart
Chambray Skirt: Maternity skirt from Old Navy (eBay)
Red Flats: Hand-me-up from my sis
Necklaces: thirfted and c/o Dolly and boy
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Last Nights Dinner 05.04.10

Simple Vegetarian Refried Beans and Avocado Tostadas

So it’s been a few weeks for one of these posts. Life has been busy and the first thing thats usually goes is time to create super awesome dinners. We have been having friends over for dinner a lot and I always feel more comfortable cooking sometime known and loved than trying something new on those nights. Anyways this week is pretty calm and its also Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!! Mmmm Mexican food is my favorite so in honor of this holiday I decided to cook us a little mexican last night.

Mmm its only 8:51am right now but loading this pictures are making me hungry again for dinner. They are really simple to make and you could load them really with what ever you wanted. I was going to make some tex-mex tofu for mine but I was feeling sort of lazy I guess and decided to cook some ground beef for kev’s instead.

2 cans pinto beans, drained and washed
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp mexican oregano
small red onion, chopped
jalapeno pepper, diced and seeded
2/3 bottle of Beer (a mexican brand if you will but anything would work)
Olive Oil

Tostada Shells
Arugula or any kind of green
Chopped Tomatoes
sliced Avocados
Shredded Cheese (easy to not use for vegan option)

(Homemade Salsa)
3ish chopped tomatoes or can of whole peeled
lots of cilantro
half a red onion
salt and pepper

1. For the beans. Rinse and wash and set aside. In a pan sautee onions in a little oil until softened. Then add cumin and oregano, stir and cook for another min. Then add beans, jalapeno and beer.
2. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for about 20 mins. Beans will absorb liquid and get thicker. I even mashed mine a little at the end.
3. While beans simmer. Throw all salsa ingredients in a food processor and blend to make salsa.
4. Chop rest of ingredients for actual tostadas. Heat up some shells in a warm oven for a few mins.
5. When beans are done, load all ingredients on top of shell and top with homemade salsa.
Super easy and delicious!

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