Over the Weekend

Dear: NY
We may live in you now and we really love the people that live here with us but I have to say our hearts will always side with Boston. We just love it there. It is our home. Boston is definitely our favorite city!

It was such a beautiful day and we had the most amazing time just holding hands and walking around the city. We didn’t really have an agenda other than we just wanted to go wander around to all our favorite spots.
We ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants (The Parish Cafe) where I had Mmm the Veggie Corn Cakes. So Good!! We spent some time at lounging around the Common. The Swan boat rides will forever remind me of my cousins. Its so pretty down there with all the willow trees and tulips. It was the perfect spring day! It may have also included playing around and drooling over some ipads and kicking (not really) some canadian geese who were bullying the cute ducks. Typical day in boston right? hehe
What did you do this weekend?


Happy Monday Everyone! Today marks the end of spring vacation for me but the count down till summer vacation is on. 7 Weeks!!!

  1. Great pictures! Sounds you had a wonderful time in Boston….I’ve never visited there before, but now I want to!

  2. Spring breaks are always awesome : ) I’m so glad that I’m almost done with school. Two more weeks of classes and then finals week and then out!

  3. I lived in Beacon Hill for two years and truly loved it. Boston is the city, aside from London that I love the most. It’s so unbelievably charming with it’s beautiful architecture and history waiting on every corner.

    Lulu Letty

  4. I love your collection of photos here, so cute! I love Boston; as a self-proclaimed “Country Mouse” I’d say Boston is my favorite metropolis.

  5. My boss was also crazy about Boston after the one trip he made there. Apparently it’s the most ‘European’ of American cities?
    I’ve had a wondeful weekend in my hometown – Antwerp 🙂 Elephant watching in the zoo was on the menu, as well as a heritage day (=free museum day) on Sunday. And the first milkshake of the year (I failed to locate the icecream truck so settled happily for milkshake instead)

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