Week 21


We are not trying to harm baby in this picture. Kev just thinks she is super baby and is trying to contain her powerful kicks. haha

Week 21. Crazy. I can’t believe we have passed the mid way point and are on to the other half. One of my dear friends due date is today!! and one of my other friends just had her 3rd little boy when I was away in NYC last week. I am so happy and excited for them. I just wish we weren’t so far away from each other so we could all have play dates together (Hawaii, San Francisco and NY don’t really allow for easy get together). I have my next appointment next week so I have been trying to save up all my questions again to ask my midwife when I see her. I have started reading some new books. Which are giving me lots of questions to ask. I just started reading The Birth Book by Dr. Sears.

I have been struggling this week with some of the less joyous things that come along with pregnancy (accepting weight gain, changes in your body, trouble sleeping, weird dreams, constant nasal congestion and being extremely hormonal to name a few) I have been letting them get the best of me more that I would like to admit and I’m really trying to figure out the best solutions and ways to change my attitude about them, sometimes its hard thought because really you just don’t feel like yourself. Don’t get me wrong I love being pregnant, somtimes its just hard because there are a lot of things going on with you and your body that are totally out of your control. Kev is really good at keeping things in perspective for me and being there for support. He always makes me feel better and knows just what to say when I am having a bad day. I know I say it a lot but I am really proud of him!


This is me dancing to my new improved black eyed peas song “my bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump…”


Dear Baby Girl:
We have been constantly talking about names now that we know you are a girl. Its hard though because we want you to have the best name, there are just so many names out there to chose from. We have a few that we like a lot but we havent settled on anything yet. Did you know that your Grammy sends you presents in the mail every week? They are always addresed to you and inside hold little goodies, nothing huge but just little toys and things that you will like a lot. Yesterday she came back from Canada and brought you the coolest most awesome little hooded sweatshirt. It says Canada on it with a little moose. Its beyond cool. I kinda want to wear it! We also have been getting really cute girl gifts now from friends (The American Apparel onesies above is from our friend Nicole). Everyone is so sweet about it and all are friends are so excited to meet you.

I was reading this blog the other day and she was talking about a lady who was expressing how they brought up their kids and how she was sad that one of their sons was starting school. For some reason it really has stuck with me and made me think about some of the things I want to teach you. I totally loved what she wrote about being adventurous. I hope that is something we can show you as well. I want to take you on adventures and I want to go on fun outings and not be afraid for you to experience new things. Your Dad and me are pretty spontaneous people and we like having lots of fun, I really hope we can pass that free spirit on to you as well. I just want you to love life and be able to look back when you are older and think “I had a great childhood.” I want you to feel supported enough to be able to take risks and try new things. Your dad and me will always be behind you! We are actually really excited about taking you with us on our little trips and adventures. Your dad has started asking everytime we do things “now if we had the baby how would be do this?” then we try to figure out how we would work it. We are feeling more and more confident that are adventures are going to be even more fun and exciting with you along with us. You dad thinks you are super baby. He is so proud of you and he hasnt even met you yet. I just had to leave him for a day and a bit and he gets so sad when he knows he isnt going to be around you. He has been talking to you a lot lately? Do you hear him? I hope you can recongize his voice and are comforted by it.

We have started looking at nursery stuff for you now. Its a little over whelming, there is just so much stuff out there. I have some good ideas though. Your grammy is going to help me. We have only a tiny tiny room for you but you will fit in there just fine. It will be cozy and cute and I know you will love it!
Love you lots little one!
Your Mama

  1. Hi Jen –

    I am just a couple of weeks behind you (19 weeks) and just wanted to let you know that I am feeling exactly the way you described! I am struggling with my body and just feeling so many ups and downs. The dreams are so CRAZY too (last night I dreamed we had a baby boy and he had a full on mustache!) Anyway, just wanted to send a little note of support since you had said just about all of the things I am feeling. My husband is also totally awesome about making me feel better, but he travels and some days are even harder when he is not here. Hang in there and stay positive! Take care.

  2. Question for you – since you mentioned baby books, did you read any books about birth or what to expect while pregnant before deciding to have a baby? Or are you just now diving in? Do you find them informative and comforting or freaked out about what is to come?

  3. Chelsea •

    Oh Jen! I just love seeing you pregnant. It wasnt until recently that I started really-really wanting a baby. It’s just not the time for us, maybe in a few years…… but I cant help but feeling that my empty uteris feels more like a broken heart.. My best friend is in labor as we speak, and everytime my mind floats to the thought of her being a mother I get a little choked up…this is the same way I feel when I see your little belly bump. I cant wait till your little daughter comes 🙂

  4. Super baby! I absolutely adore the onesie! I love seeing your bump.. crazy how fast time passes, I remember when you announced you were pregnant I couldn’t tell one bit! I would kill myself over names. I almost feel like I’d have to pick out a good 10 that we liked & then when the baby is born, pick from those.. it’s so hard naming the little one when you’ve never seen them!

  5. haha! when i was seven months pregnant i went to a karaoke party and sang the same version of My Humps. 🙂

  6. You look great. I love thursdays cuz you always show off ur bump more. It’s nice to see it. I know what you mean about adjustments with your body and things, they keep happening even after your baby is born so you will get better at adjusting. I think you look beautiful and you’re a great Mommy. Don’t worry about all the weird and frustrating things they’re all so worth it. I had heard something about a vitamin you can take that helps with the bad dreams, you can ask your dr about that. I have to as well. I wake up every night screaming about spiders and weird things happening to the baby. I bet your baby does have super powers, don’t you and kev have super hero alias’?

  7. my mom and dad used to bring me everywhere when i was a baby. Some of my most cherished photos are of them with me hiking, sailing, and camping. they used to put me in this fishing basket lined with blankets that my mom would strap to her back. very hippie crunchy I know but I always liked that they weren’t afraid to take me places and allowed me to experience things with them. I really loved this week’s letter for that reason, you and Kev are going to be amazing parents. Oh and a Canada moose sweatshirt? that sounds like possibly the cutest thing ever.

  8. Aw, you look great! I know it’s tough, but it is totally worth it in the end. Hang in there!

  9. Looking great! I love that little onesie, so cute, but I love birds! I think if I were having a baby I would probably be thinking about possible names but I don’t think I would name her/him until I actually saw them. I think I’d just “know” then. I think it’s cute how you and Kev are tailoring your life to new baby, and wondering how you’ll incorporate baby into the things you already do. In my case, my man is always like “it’d be cool to do this IF we had a baby.” Basically all the fun things that are only really fun with children (or at least less embarrassing).

  10. aww Jen, these posts get me everytime! It amazes me just how caring, thoughtful, and utterly loving you and Kev are. Some people just breeze through pregnancy, but I like how you think about your daughter’s future (oo so exciting to type daughter!). Just from reading your blog, I know you two will be the most fun and awesome parents ever!

  11. You are looking so cute!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with your little honeys nursery

  12. You look great in these pics, love the one of you dancing!

  13. the sears’ books are hand’s down the best. the only pregnancy book i read–on advice from my midwife bff–was their “pregnancy book.” now i’m ready to move on to the “breastfeeding book” (skipped the birthing book b/c we’re doing hypnobirthing training, so i just read that book instead).

    please keep us in your prayers…we got some scary news on our little right twin yesterday. he has waaaaaay too much amniotic fluid, which could mean 1. nothing (he just pees a lot! lol), 2. that i have gestational diabetes (which is my guess since diabetes is quite prevalent in my family), or 3. there is a viral or chromosomal problem with him. i’m sooooo scared and upset!!! i feel like nothing can go smoothly or naturally with this pregnancy. UGH! we’re praying it will all be better when we go back in two weeks!!!

  14. Haa, that onesie is cool! And again, such great pictures. I actually really look forward to this weekly post – and I’m normally not a baby person at all. Have a great weekend!

  15. Jen..your thoughts and feelings about pregnancy bring back so many memories for me about my two little ones….but , there is something about the “first” pregnancy that cannot be explained. It is so magical and special. Of course the “rough” stuff like hormones, weight gain, not sleeping, etc. are icky but all of it is God’s way of getting you ready for your wonderful little baby. Hang in there….All of the Dr. Sears books are AWESOME! I used the Breastfeeding book like crazy and now I have the Baby Book ( birth- years) and the Discipline Book…they are amazing and so helpful.

    Oh yeah, and that onesie is to die for… too cute! 🙂

  16. I’ve always thought it would be lovely if someone would call their daughter Jentine (yentina). No pressure, kay?
    And the stinky tree,? it’s actual name is ornamental pear… I just found out and I wanted to share…

  17. Oh wow, the photos are SO cute! And I love the little “letters” you write to the baby girl, that’s such a great way to document the pregnancy 🙂

  18. I was looking at the photos which are super cute and did I notice a toilet in the background? Is that what’s under the star flare? If so, that is super funny.

  19. looking beautiful mama!

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