Style File 04.21.10

Yay! More delightful dozen swaps!! I got a package in the mail last week with some goodies from Mel and I was super excited because she was kind enough to find and send some things that would accommodate the baby bump that I have growing in front. One thing I particularly loved was this sweater vest. I always try things on like this at stores but have never bought one. So I was excited to style this up.

I also felt the need to show you more of my maternity clothes. haha. This is a jean skirt I picked up at the clearance section at H&M. I actually like this kind of full coverage band rather than the shorts I showed off the other week. Its more comfortable and I also like the feeling that the baby is covered and protected or something. I don’t know what it is but its comforting. The band just pulls right up from the skirt. The front is all fake, fake button, fake zipper, haha its just the illusion of real pants.

Flutter Sleeve Blouse: Forever 21
Sweater Vest: Delightful Dozen Swap (Via Idee Geniale )
Maternity Jean Skirt: H&M
TIghts: H&M
Flats: Steve Madden
Flower Brooches: Black one gifted and handmade from my darling friend Suz and Peach one I made (Visit Etsy Shop)

I am off to my parents house tonight for the rest of the week. I am pretty excited to go and visit them. Well, it will just be my mom, my dad is still stuck out in Germany. Hopefully he will be home soon though. Kev is coming out on Friday to join me. We have some fun plans for the weekend. Boston here we come!!

Also, I am excited to share the new baby photos tomorrow. We got a really cute onesie in the mail from a friend that made it into the pictures. I can’t believe tomorrow is thursday already. Vacation weeks always go by tooo fast!

  1. Very cute! I love how you tied the cardi above your little baby bump. I loved a lot of Target maternity clothing when I was pregnant. I felt like it was a little bit more fashionable than just the run of the mill stuff. Plus, the fabrics were all so lightweight and comfy for summer.

  2. Very cute – I love how you wore the vest and the shirt underneath is too cute.

  3. Oh Jen, this is such a wonderful outfit. The subtle colors really pull it all together. You truly are glowing. Congrats again to you and Kev!

  4. I love the baby bump!!! so cute! I adore your frilly lacy shirt…. 🙂

  5. this outfit is super cute! id like to be wearing it right now! (i hate what i am wearing today! hah!) you look fabulous!

    and YAY for the broach i gave you! <3

    ps – we will be in boston saturday night too!!!

  6. Very pretty top. Love the flowers too. Have fun with the rents!

  7. ps – you dont look pregnant at ALL from the front, then you turn to the side and show us the band to the skirt and there is that adorable baby belly! I LOVE IT!

  8. That blouse is so pretty!

  9. Did that blouse really come from Forever 21? It’s so nice!

  10. You look so pretty Jen. I love your broaches with this outfit. I’m also lusting after that vest, it’s adorable!

  11. Way cute! Really wish I’d known that H&M made maternity wear…

  12. Lovin the flowers!

  13. Oh you’re too adorable! I’m happy to see that vest put into good use. It’s really cute tied that way and I would’ve never thought of adding cute little brooches!! I got some preggers denim capris from Target for my sis (from the LIz Lange line) and she loves them. Such cute stuff they had there, i spent an awfully embarrassingly long time in the maternity section…

  14. Oh you are such a chic mother-to-be! I love the flower brooches on the vest! 🙂

  15. you make being pregnant so stylish! you look adorable and i love how you styled the sweater vest. so cute!

  16. oo cute flower pins!

  17. ooooooo! too cute. my favorite is that white shirt. so romantic! also, cute bump!

  18. This is so soft and pretty! Happy spring!

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