LOFT Fall 2010 Preview Party

So the last 2 days have been a blast! I love going to NYC and I love it even more when it involves fashion, food and good company. I took the train from Albany Wednesday morning and arrived at the Bowery Hotel by noonish. The hotel is gorgeous! It has such charm and character. My favorite part were the bellhops, in their red vests and bowler hats. I got to check in and do a little bit of shopping before I headed over to LOFT in Time Square. Summer is in full bloom there with beautiful printed dresses and brightly colored jewelry. There we got to meet with some lovely LOFT ladies and do a little bit of shopping. I always love meeting people face to face after emailing back and forth for so long. It’s so much fun! The time square store is huge and has a lot of great energy in it!

After, I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Party and to meet Rich and Jess for dinner. I love these 2! I am so glad that they were going to the party as well because I get so nervous in situations like that. I am pretty shy so its hard to be overly social at such a large party. I was beyond relieved that we all got to go together. The Party was AWESOME!!! The location at the Bowery Hotel was beautiful!! When you walked in all the new fall fashion was styled on mannequins and backed with a video projection of a runway show with the new clothes. It was styled perfect. Every piece was so classic yet so fun. I really feel like they are embodying how I feel about dressing lately as I settle into my late 20’s- I love it!

Alexa Chung was DJing the party and lets just say I was a little star struck, I mean who’da thought I would ever be at a party where Alexa Chung was. She totally smiled at me and Jess one time when we walked by her. She is super cute! and she played Sleater Kinney during the night! Guess who else was there?? Maggie Maggie Gyllenhaal and Alexis Bledel!! It was pretty cool I wont lie. The band Ra Ra Riot was also awesome- they are super good live. I definitely need to get some of their music.

I have to say LOFT put on an awesome party. It was a very fun night.
Thank you to LOFT and Lucky for setting it all up for me to come.

A couple photos above from LOFT Facebook
All Transportation and Accommodations courtesy of LOFT

Full Party Style File will be up on Monday!
Happy Weekend Everyone!!

  1. i’m amazed at how cute LOFT has gotten in the last few years. there were several things i really wanted this spring–but, you know, the belly prevented me from ordering!!! i’m loving all the masculine nods blended with the softer faux fur for fall (do you think it will be hard to get spit-up out of faux fur? lol).

    also–SLEATER KINNEY!!! they had been completely off my radar screen for years until two weeks ago i stumbled upon one of their cds in a pile of junk in my basement and then last week heard them on the radio. isn’t it funny when that happens?

    so glad you had a great time…your ensemble, as always, was adorable!

  2. Ashley J •

    I am completely jealous of your trip…looked like a blast!

  3. you looked so cute at the party!! so glad i got to meet you in person. ~joelle

  4. The clothes look amazing! You are so lucky that you get these opportunities. Clearly all your hard work on your blog is truly paying off.

    I remember you mentioning at some point that you didn’t dress very fashion-forward in high school. One of the things I love about being in my late 20s is the confidence to wear what I want without feeling like I have to conform to the norm.

  5. FUNNNNNNNNNNN! Sounds like a great party- Loft is my absolute favorite because they sell things for the super, super tiny aka me!

  6. P.S. – I really like your outfit. The necklace works perfectly with the soft colors.

  7. This is AMAZING! You look so, so glamorous and glowing!

  8. I just bought that same dress for a wedding… nice to see how you are wearing it, gives me some ideas!

  9. Looks like fun! You guys looked great. The venue looks cool, but I’ve always been creeped out by manequins. They remind me of this creepy Canadian kids tv show from the early 80’s that i watched growing up where mannequins came alive! *shudder*

  10. I’m so bummed! I was supposed to come to this but couldn’t because of scheduling conflicts. Looks like it was a blast, and Maggie Gyllenhaal? She’s my favorite! You looked fabulous by the way! (Saw your full outfit on What I Wore). Wish I could I have met you in real life! And congratulations on the little girl news! You’ll get to dress her up in the cutest clothes!

  11. Aww, this is the neatest thing! Adorable clothes, I’m starting to LOVE LOFT now all of a sudden.
    But seriously? Being at a party with Maggie and Alexis, jeez, I would have wet my pants and hidden in a corner the whole time- that’s awesome!

  12. I saw Jessica’s post about this – you ladies both looked adorable. Not gonna lie – super amazed/jealous that you were at a party with Alexa and MAGGIE. I kind of worship them both. So cool!

  13. OH, sounds like you had such an amazing time. The party and clothes look gorgeous. Swoon on the celeb sighting.

    Lulu Letty

  14. That looks like such a fun party! And it sounds like you had a great time! Alexis Bladell is so adorable! (I would have been tuggin on my friends shirt wispering “omg rory gilmore!” over and over again)

  15. Can you or anyone tell me who made Alexa’s button down, crochet top and shorts she wore that night? Thanks!

  16. Can’t get enough LOFT! Looks like an awesome trip between yours and Jessica’s posts 🙂

  17. Jen, this is soo amazing! It looks like an absolutely blast! Ah, what fun!! 😀

  18. Fun! Great pics of the event. I also saw your full outfit on WIW (it’s that link that led me to your blog ) and you looked great! very stylish mom-to-be 🙂

  19. Love all these clothes. what a fun time that must have been. Glad you got to do that. I miss NYC so bad!!!

  20. I’m loving that flower pattern dress in the last mannequin shot. Would wear it already instead of waiting for fall. Isn’t that blonde girl next to Alexis the one from American Beauty?

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