Id Wear That: Weekend Edition

If you live in the northeast you may have been complaining last week about the amount of rain we had been getting, but then when I got this email from Jessica explaining her frustrations with dressing for the raining Vancouver season, I was at least glad that we get the sunshine most days here in NY and MA. Jessica asked if I could put an I’d Wear That together for her and those readers that are rain plagued this time of year.

I really like this kinda laid back weekend look. I love the ease of the JCrew vest. I would totally wear it open/unzipped with the floral button up underneath, even the button up could be left open with a henely underneath. I love this floral necklace from modcloth as well, I think it adds the perfect touch. Depending on the type of rain outside, I included 2 pairs of shoes. If it is a downpour and really the only thing suitable are a pair of wellies, there you go- super awesome navy ones! Now, if it is a light rain day, say a drizzle, I might opt for these fringed boots. I would def. recommend that they were sprayed and treated with a water proof spray before wearing them out, but other than that I think they are great to keep toes dry and still super stylish with the outfit.

I am also head over heels for these clear umbrellas from Target- so cute and the shape of them is just slightly different then your regular umbrella, which I think just adds to the cuteness of the umbrella. If it still is chilly out you could always throw on a pair of over the knee socks. I really like these ones from American Apparel.
So what do you think? Would this outfit work for the Northeast?


Utility Vest: J Crew $98
Floral Button Up: Forever 21 $15.80
Denim Skirt: Forever 21 $14.80
Hunter Wellies: Zappos $115
In Full Bloom Necklace: Modcloth $27.99
Fringed Boots: J Crew $158
Umbrella: Target $16.99

  1. that skirt is adorable

  2. This outfit is soo cute, and would make any girl love those rainy days.

  3. I have that umbrella love it 🙂 cute outfit! i would wear it on rainy days as long as there isnt any wind, dont want to flash anybody lol…. love the fringe booties

  4. I am saving this post, because I am moving to London in the fall and all I hear is that it rains, so I will need many a cute rainy day outfits. So thank you for this!


  5. The next rainy day this is the outfit I will be wearing! Great job, Jen.

  6. I love this look! Now I’m wishing for rain in SoCal – but it looks like I might get my wish tomorrow!! I especially love the Hunter boots which I keep debating and talking myself out of getting. They make silver ones that I think are amazing!!

  7. Looks excellent, Jenn! This weekend Vancouver has been exceptionally beautiful and unseasonably warm, but the rain is supposed to be back on Tuesday – and I’ll be ready! Lucky for me, I already have this skirt and the Hunter boots (albeit, in black); how’d you know!?

  8. I live in vancouver, and it’s all of a sudden gotten rainy. I love the outfit (I’ve recently developed a J.Crew fetish) but presonally I can’t go outside without thick tights/skirt or jeans since October. I love the wellies and umbrella-since I live in Canada my houndstooth wellies are probably my most-used shoes!

  9. i have always wanted one of those umbrella’s! they are so cute and they would make a fun photography prop. happy to see it is from target! this whole outfit is way cute!

  10. I love this outfit so much. The skirt and mocs are super adorable!

  11. I love that skirt! Super cute and casual 🙂

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