Week 19


So we decided to change up the style just a little. Today we have some outside shots instead of our wall backdrop. It was so nice the other night we just had to go outside for a walk with the camera and tripod in tow. There are so many cool places to go for walks around our place. I went for a run/walk outside yesterday instead of the gym because it was just so beautiful. I passed a few ladies pushing baby’s in strollers and it made me so excited. I love going for walks and I can’t wait for the nights after the baby is born to go for family strolls with Kev. Or even this summer, I can’t wait for walks in the warm nights. They might be more like summer waddles, hehe but I want walks to be something that we continue to do. When our kiddo grows up I hope that is something they will remember -always going on family walks together at night. Is that silly?

I have had a few comments about baby names and well I hate to disappoint but that is something that we will not be sharing until after the baby is born. We will def. be spilling the beans next Thursday on the sex of the baby if everything goes well at the sonogram, but names we will be kept to ourselves. Everyone seems to have an opinion they need to share when you tell them names you like. So we just decided we will decide on the name we like and we will name our kid that and then when we introduce him/her to everyone no one will say anything mean about the name because then they are insulting the baby and not just the name. Besides we have some AWESOME names picked out. We haven’t narrowed it down yet but we have a few for each boy or girl.


Dear Baby:
I have become as round in front as I am from behind. hehe. These pictures make me laugh. Your dad can’t seem to stop rubbing my belly now talking to you. You seem to have just popped out a lot lately. When ever we are leaving each other he always kisses me goodbye and then rubs my belly and says goodbye to you as well. I had my very first person ask me if I was pregnant this week that didn’t know me. It was funny because I dont think I look all that pregnant most days but I was glad that she was at least so confident that I was and hadnt just put on a lot of weight that she would ask.

I also felt you a ton this week!! You have been break dancing like crazy!! and I havent even had to be laying down totally concentrating. I have been in the middle of doing things and I feel little kicks. It blows my mind everytime I feel it. I really just wish that your Dad could feel it as well. I know he feels left out. Soon enough. Just keep growing healthy and strong and I know he will feel you soon.

Did you know you grew fingerprints this week?? How crazy is that?? Last week you could have robbed a bank, but this week I am not so sure it would be a good idea. hehe. I cant wait till they print your little hands and feet when you come out and we can see how cute your little finger prints are.

You also got your first piece of mail this week. I got a package in the mail yesterday and it was addressed to: Baby Richardson (Kev’s last name- I never changed mine from Lula in case you were wondering) and the Return address said: Grammy. How cute is that? I like that my mom has decided that Grammy is going to be the name you call her.

This week has also been a very tough emotional week for me. There has been a lot of very sad, sad things going on at school this week and it just makes me nervous to bring you into this world and for you to become a teenager. I don’t want you to have to deal with such adult situtations at such a young age. It’s sad to me the state of our high schools now a days. I just hope that me and your dad can always have a very open and honest relationship with you, and that you will feel comfortable to come to us about things that may seem uncomfortable to talk about. I just want you to have such a happy life and I don’t want you to get bogged down with all the negative and bad in this world.

We love you more and more everyday little baby. You are already the joy in our lives.
Talk to you more next week.
Love your,

  1. Oh, I love these!

  2. These posts make me smile–they are so wonderful!

  3. Goodness, you almost bring me to tears every time with these!

    Love these photos, your hat is so cute. I think the family walks are such a sweet idea for the baby – makes me wish I had something like that with my family growing up.

  4. These are beautiful photos! I’m happy that you’re going to tell us the baby’s sex! I know you’re not going to tell names, but do you think you’ll have the name picked out before the baby is born? Or are you going to go the route of choosing a selection of names that you like, and see what fits best when you actually meet Baby Richardson? Congratulations, I look forward to these Thursday posts!

  5. I so look forward to your Thursday posts! I love talking about baby names, but have the same approach as you – the last thing I need to hear is that someone’s aunt once had a farting dog with the same name as the perfect one we’ve picked out for our baby.

    Sorry to hear things have been tough at school. Already my husband and I lament the fact that our baby-to-be will have to go to high school someday. Sigh…

  6. Laura •

    Another beautiful letter. I think it’s a good idea to keep the names to yourselves. You’re right that people always have opinions. And the truth is they will love any name once it is your baby’s name. I don’t think the walk thing is silly at all. It’s SUCH a good idea. It is good because it will help your baby sleep better to have some fresh air and it will encourage quality family time which is always important. How funny about the fingerprints. Are you going to change your name after you become a citizen so you will all match? I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl in there! Looks like they want the world to know they’re in there this week. You def have a cute little pregnant belly for sure.

  7. nicole b. •

    What a stylish mama you are. I love your letters-to-baby, too. Guard your baby name! I have heard of baby-name stealers. (My mom’s neighbor stole my name, 26 years ago. My mom named me Nicole Marie; the neighbor-lady named her daughter Marie Nicole – um, WEIRD.)

  8. I totally agree with keeping the name private. Peeps judge baby names like they judge your wedding planning.

    Where is your striped tunic from? I’ve been looking for something similar.

  9. That paragraph about robbing a bank literally made me laugh out loud. Mostly because I was thinking that a baby would be the best candidate to rob a bank. No one would ever suspect him/her. hmm…

  10. aww these photos are adorable. you two are officially the most adorable couple ever. My family goes on nightly walks and it is something I will always remember

    ps Jen, I read a great article the other day about how expecting moms who exercise actually benefit their baby in the future! apparently larger babies have a higher rate of obesity, so a fit mom prevents future weight problems! yay

  11. erykah •

    awwwww again..this is fun to read =)
    we have baby names already too for our future baby!
    hahah wooooooooohoooooooo

  12. finger prints! that is so cool.
    I totally agree with what you’re doing about the names, I would do that too. that way no one else influences you and you have the perfect name for your baby!

    you look so lovely.

  13. Awww what fun shots.. and beautiful letter to baby. 🙂 You are going to be such a wonderful mom.. and I’m sure your hubby will be a fabulous dad too!

    xx Love & Aloha

  14. Jen, I totally support your decision to keep the name private! I feel the same way about my wedding dress… even if the comments are positive, its all about you and your choice.

    Also you can tell that Jen loves Kev and Kev loves Jen in these photos. You’re gonna be great parents!!!

  15. I wore the exact same thing today (almost) we’re on a roll! I love the outdoor shots of your guys! thanks for putting up with my crazy-face emails!

  16. Bonnie •

    That was the sweetest post. You are already such a good mommy to your little baby! He or she will appreciate these photos and letters so much one day.
    These pictures are beautiful and you look so radiant in the official week 19 shot.
    Ah! I just love reading all about the baby 🙂 (And the bank paragraph was adorable! Something about that just puts the cutest image ever in my mind!)
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  17. Hi!I look forward to these posts, I am a pretty cynical person, but even I find them so sweet 🙂
    My partner and I hope to try for a baby sometime in the near future, and I love the “letter to baby” idea. I agree, what you choose to name your baby is your decision, i’m sure the name will be awesome!

  18. Your letters to your baby are the sweetest and make me all nostalgic. I kept a little journal for each of my kids when I was pregnant with them, and I still write from time to time – record milestones, etc.

    Keeping the name secret is a good idea. Best of luck to you, and take care. 🙂

  19. Melissa •

    Not only am I so touched by your personality and your gentle excitement over your impending parenthood, but also by your concern for your students. I, too, am a teacher and also a parent. My students break my heart everyday…I worry so much for them. Their lives outside of school are, at worst, scary and at best, sad. My older daughter, Emma, will be entering high school next year and I am already nervous about what the psychological environment will be like. My younger, Tula, will be starting kindergarten. What will be when she gets to high school?
    I feel your fears with all too much familiarity, but ultimately, I just hold onto the hope that everything will be alright.
    You and your husband will be beautiful, loving parents: that much is clear and that alone is 90% of the battle.
    This is one lucky baby <3

  20. AH! You’re starting to see a real baby bump now! So cute!


  21. You two are such a cute couple. And you’ll be an even cuter family. Your baby is so lucky to have you both.

  22. Ok, I’m going to overshare…
    I think one of the most frightening things about parenthood is the part when kids grow into teens. You see it at your school and I think about it a lot. Your example and guidance (and God’s guidance as well) will shape what kind of adult your child becomes. I just pray that my future child has empathy for others.
    Anyways, holy deepness for a blog comment. I’m sure you and Kev will be great parents, your love is obvious…

  23. Cute photos and outfit! Your baby is going to be adorable!

  24. Jen, your baby posts bring me a lot of joy every week and your letters to your baby always bring a tear to my eye. I am very young now, but I know that i will have children someday and though i know I don’t want this to happen until i’m a certain age, I CANNOT WAIT! I even have the names picked out hehe, and I dont plan on telling people the names either for the exact same reasons are you!

    It seems like you guys are going to make absolutely amazing parents. Not to mention your baby will be super stylish 😉 Keep these posts coming, they’re so lovely <3

  25. Your letter to your baby is the most amazing and touching thing. And you’re the first Christian blogger I’ve come across… it’s encouraging and to be honest I truly see a difference in the way that you present yourself and your whole attitude.:)

  26. you are going to be the best mom. your little letters are so sweet… they make me want to cry! you are also an adorable pregnant lady. i used to teach preschool and nanny and the most exciting time was when my mommies were expecting. such a happy beautiful time. thank you for sharing so much with us! it’s so uplifting. sad about your work/school situation. it is a scary world but you two are so in love and seem so strong and grounded… your baby will have the best of footsteps to follow!

  27. you are just a doll! i wish i took pictures like these while i was pregnant with my lil baby cadence!

    you look so amazing preggers! and i would definitely suggest nursing too – it literally melts the pounds away while you are sitting there!

    i hope you hav ea girl so you can dress her up super cute! i love having a girl…its so fun!

  28. Shreya •

    This was beautiful! This was the first baby letter I read and it nearly made me cry! I truly hope that your baby will have an open relationship with you guys–it’s very important! Thank you for doing these! Good luck! 😀

    p.s. you and kev are TOOO cute! it kills me everytime 😀

  29. I really enjoy reading your letters to baby…they are so precious! love your posts girl! 🙂

  30. These posts are so gorgeous! Your baby is going to be so lucky to have these to look back on when he/she is old enough.

  31. These pictures are so adorable. You guys are going to be the cutest, happiest little family. Ah! I’m so excited for you guys!

  32. Angela •

    I love your blog and congrats on the amazing news and chapter in your life. I was wanting to know where your lovely tunic came from, I am needing one for May 22nd and hopefully I can still buy it.

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