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Date nights are fun. Do you go on dates with your significant other? I mean, I guess if you go anywhere with your hubby it could be considered a date, but for us to make some nights out seem more special than others, we like to label them as designated “date nights.” I also like dressing up a little bit just because its fun and you get to wear things that maybe you normally wouldn’t other wise.

Shopmamie was kind enough to let me pick something from their shop and I was instantly drawn to this little black dress. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ black dress, right? Well, this one has some flare and is a little more my style than something super plain. Its really fun with the ruffled skirt and its super comfy. I dressed it like 10 different ways before I settled on this for the night. I am totally looking forward to wearing it again after baby because I know it can be styled so many different ways.

I was just on the shopmamie site and they have so many super cute dresses right now!! I kind really love this Lilly dress or the Sparkler Dress. Oh man I love summer dresses!

Dress: Courtesy of Shopmamie
Quilted Leather Bomber: Silence and Noise (Won from Weardrobe)
Tights: H&M
Booties: Anne Michelle
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Random store in mall

P.S. I am so excited to share Week 19 Baby photos tomorrow they are my FAVORITE yet!! They came out so good. We changed up the style just a little. Yay!!!

  1. I love how that dress is tiered. My parents now go on date nights now that I am at college which makes me feel slightly guilty and mildly amused haha. I would go on dates if I had a significant other, looking forward to it in the future when I meet someone as wonderful as Kev!

    ps your dinner this week looks delicious. I’m not a vegetarian, but I’ve been trying to vary the protein in my diet and your recipe sounds great!

  2. Cute outfit! I love date nights, though we call them “hot date nights” to really drive the point home. 🙂

  3. I love date nights. My man and I only get to do them every two months because they are distance but I know it’s a tradition we will carry on forever. It’s so important to set aside real romantic time for each other. Loving the outfit! PS. I can’t wait for the baby post tomorrow, wooo!

  4. ah date nights, it’s my fault we don’t do it more often. I tend to be working or involved in projects that take place in the evenings, so our free time together is sometimes limited. But they are pretty great when they happen.

    thanks so much for commenting on my blog today! I was actually going to e-mail you, since you are a young married person, I have a post today about marriage and why some people might think it’s “boring” and how we can make it not boring. I get the feeling that you and Kev have a very non-boring marriage, so if you get a chance I’d love it if you left a comment with your thoughts on the subject.

  5. Super cute date outfit! 🙂 Loveeee that dress!

  6. Veronica •

    Hello, i just came to your blog from Jessica Schroeder’s “What I Wore”. And I must say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I loe the outfits you make hey are totally wearable and completelly fashion forward . Congrats !!!!! keep up with the great work !! = )

  7. those dotted tights are the perfect addition to this outfit!!
    i can’t wait to see your week 19 photos tomorrow. 🙂

  8. You look perfect for a date night Jen. Cole and I need to plan dates more often.

  9. Wow Jen. You are one hot pregnant lady. You can’t even tell. haha. This is a very classy/edgy look. I love the black and white.

  10. I love date nights! And I think it’s great you and Kev go on them 🙂 You look so pretty. I love the dress especially with those tights!

  11. Yes! I love date night with my husband! So cute!

    I love the old-fashioned fit of this dress and the modern twist of the belt. Little touches make such a statement.

  12. ach! I love those tights. I’ve been looking for them for so long. I saw them ages ago in an H&M and thought about buying them but realized that would tip me over my budget. But, I still wanted them and everytime I go back there’s none in stock! Alas, they’ll probably go out of style before I get them now. I love swiss dots!

  13. Oh man, you totally put my date night outfits to shame haha! Last weekend Boo and I had a movie date night and we both wore hoodies!

  14. it’s always fun to get dressed up! so cute! & can’t wait to see your week 19 baby shots! yay!

  15. I hope I look this cute when I get preggers!!

  16. you look oh so sweet:-) and that belt? PERfect. my bf always stares at me from the corner of his eye waiting to see what i’ll wear. mostly out of curiosity but sometimes because it’s ridiculous. ah well.

  17. Aw, you look so amazing! I love the white/black contrast! The dress is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the new baby belly photos! Eee!

  18. you look so super stylish! I love how you put outfits together!

  19. I don’t know how, but you are the chicest damn preggo with an eggo person I’ve ever seen. Don’t tell my best friend whose baby is a year and some change old.. I mean.. You look cuter than I do most days, and the only thing I’m dealing with is excessive cat hair, not a constantly changing body. Thank god I’m not premenstrual, otherwise I’m sure your newest bebe pics tomorrow would make me cry again 😉

  20. You are the sexiest pregnant lady around! Love your tights.

  21. cute!

    we try to make an effort to go on date nights, I like it when it’s just the two of us and no one else bothering us (must indulge in this as much as possible before children!)

  22. Love that peplum dress! You’re so well put together 🙂

  23. Great outfit, and your hair looks so great. I have those thights too but small holes are starting to form, I fear it may be from where my boots touched them.

    I regret not having a special date night with my ex, we figured that living together would mean that we’d spent enough time together anyway… but quality time is really something else (not me watching SATC while he’s playing counterstrike or something). A lesson learned and I’ll make sure to make more effort next time. I hope you guys continue this tradition even after the baby arrives.

  24. Nice look!

  25. hi – i know you posted this forever ago – i love that lilly dress – do you now if shopmamie does the “notify when things come back into stock” thingie?! i want the lilly dress for my bridal shower and honeymoooooon!

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