Over Easter Weekend

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope the weather was as beautiful for you as it was for us. It was just insane how nice it was. We had an awesome weekend. I was sitting on the couch last night with a blanket on with the window cracked and this beautiful breeze, reading thru some of my pregnancy books feeling very happy and blessed with my life. This weekend was one of those times where you just are truly reminded of the things that matter most in your life. I enjoyed every second of this weekend for so many reasons.

On Friday we were part of our churches 2 Good Friday services which were super fun to be a part of. Afterwards to went to a wine bar with 2 of our other couple friends and hung out for the rest of the night (I sucked down my giant Shirley temples- hehe). Since we have moved out to Albany we have meet so many amazing and genuinely awesome people and I love every chance we have to get to know everyone better and just laugh and have a good time.


Saturday it was like 80 degrees. Kev and me threw the bikes in the car and headed out to try to find the bike path that runs along 787 and the Hudson River. I thought I knew where the entrance was but I was completely wrong and we ended up biking all thru troy. From the Green Island Bridge down to 378 and then on to an off ramp of the highway, because we could see the path below us and couldn’t figure out a better way to get down there. Haha. We ended up biking around all day on this adventure to find the bike path. I think we were gone for like 4.5 hours. Of course because my skin hasn’t seen the sun all winter- when I got home that night I was super burnt. whoops. I’ll have a style file of my bike adventure outfit tomorrow.


Yesterday was Easter. I just love Easter. I woke up that morning early to get ready and while I was painting my nails Kev locked me in the computer room for a little while and when he let me back out he had this amazing breakfast with flowers and smoothies all ready for me. Mmmm Smoothies are my favorite. He made strawberry waffles with Strawberry+banana Smoothies. There was some beautiful spring flowers and this awesome handmade card. I love Kev’s handmade cards, I keep them all. They always have some crazy drawing on the front with some nonsense message or pun on the inside about the drawing on the front. They make me laugh and are so sweet. This bunny is one of my favorites. Its smile is so funny. I had made an Easter basket for him and had written little poems as clues to the basket and hid them all over the apartment. I made him hop from place to place to find everything.


Kev’s parents came out for the day and it was nice to spend time with them and show them our church and all around Albany on such a nice day. So that was our weekend in a nutshell. What did you do for your Holiday Weekend?

  1. That sounds wonderful 🙂
    Out here it was raining all the time… So I baked all afternoon to make presents for the birthday party I had to go to that evening. I wish I could have gone outside too though.

  2. I had a really strange easter this year…we had family plans but they were canceled last minute. So we just stayed home, but then there was this crazy earthquake! It was in Baja California, a 6.9. I was a little scared because it lasted for 45 seconds and some things fell from shelves.

  3. Awwww.. I love all of the sweet things you and Kev do for each other. No wonder you have such an amazing marriage! This post is too sweet.

  4. Sounds like you had the best weekend.

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