Good Friday

I am going to take a little break today from our usually Friday Share and Tell to showcase one of my favorite artists… My friend Sarah. She is a beyond talented printmaker and I am in love with all the work she creates. You should definitely go check out her website to see all the other amazing things she has done. Last year our church asked her to create artwork for each of the 15 Stations of the Cross for Easter. She gives me lots of hope because she had enough energy to create all these pieces while she was pregnant (she might be super women!).

I am not going to write a lot about them because I think the artwork is so full of emotion and beauty that they themselves really captures what today and this weekend is all about. So whether you celebrate Easter or not I wish you a wonderful weekend spent with loved ones and I hope we all can spend some time reflecting on our lives and be grateful for the things we have and the love that is in them! Happy Weekend + Happy Easter!

All Artwork Created by Sarah Gorss

  1. These are amazing. They gave me goosebumps as I scrolled through them.

  2. Love the illustrations.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Jessica •

    These are so moving – thank you for sharing. Happy Easter!

  4. Wow. They’re haunting and beautiful in a way that catches you off guard. I love it.

  5. I always love seeing printmaking. These are gorgeous.

  6. wow…these are incredibly moving.

  7. Laura •

    So amazing. That must have took forever!

  8. Thanks for sharing these. I love religious art and these are no exception.

    Happy Easter!

  9. I am so glad that you shared these beautiful pieces that Sarah created with us all. God certainly has given her a wonderful gift and I just want to thank Sarah for making these – they are all very moving and inspiring.
    Happy Easter and God bless.

  10. Jen, These are really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these especially during this week. These are very powerful and beautiful. 🙂

  11. these are very powerful images – thank you for sharing. happy easter, God bless you & Kev & the little baby!

  12. they are awesome 🙂
    but I also love your art! have been lurking around here for quite a while and finally came up with the courage to comment!
    happy easter and enjoy every day of your pregnancy!!!

  13. Jen, your friend’s work is amazing. Your blog has been taking on many new directions lately, and I am really loving it! Thanks for being so wonderful. I just nominated you for a sunshine award! Come on over and pick it up.

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