Style File 03.31.10

So first let me say this has been a crazy school morning. I never like when fights happen at school but this morning was like nothing I have been apart of before. It was crazy. I def. had to back off at one point because well I care more about being pregnant then breaking up a fight. Some teachers got pretty hurt and have since gone home. It was like 4 fights in one. It was mayhem. Whew!

OK, on to overall’s!! So as I posted on Friday I fell in love with Lulu Letty’s Styling ideas for a pair of jean overalls last week. Then on Monday she posted an outfit post where she was wearing one of the outfits and of course she rocked it. So amazing! Anyways, I was determined to try to style my jean overalls too. I just loved how cute she had styled “The Dandy” set so that was where I started. Its fun to try to recreate something with your own wardrobe. I think it came out pretty cute. If I didn’t feel so uncomfortable and large wearing jean overalls while being pregnant I might have worn this a lot longer than I did on Saturday. I have since tucked them away to save till after baby comes. I love jean overalls!

Jean Overalls: Savers
Blouse: Target
BowTie: Self made
Belt: H&M
Purse: Vintage
Flats: Payless (like 6 years ago- hehe)
Hat: H&M

p.s. I love my fake glasses. They are like my alter ego.

  1. What a cute looking mommy-to-be!

  2. Chelsea •

    JEN!!! Be careful around those school fights, that one sounded so scary. I am sure your blood pressure is through the roof. On to the outfit. I heart overalls. As a matter-a-fact overalls were a HUGE part of my wordrobe in middle school and high school. I loved seeing the overalls hanging in Old Navy…dark ones, ligh ones, short ones….I wish they would come back with a vengenace one day!!! You rock them so well 🙂

  3. absolutely adorable!

  4. the cutest! i love how you paired it with that adorable little bow shirt and the tights. i didn’t realize school was so brutal! glad you stepped back and are unscathed, definitely NOT worth it. take care!

  5. Oh my gosh, so cuteeeeeeee! 🙂 You totally rocked it!

  6. So cute the way you paired all of the details like the lacy top and the bow and hat. I definitely love overalls but right now all of my pairs are completely stained from gardening. Now I have a new thrift mission!

    Be careful with fights- we have three teachers out on extended leave from breaking up fights or being taken out by students! Glad you thought to step out. I know it’s a hard call to make in the moment!

  7. Oh, Jen you did the Dandy look proud! Love this on you and if I didn’t know, I would never have thought you were pregnant. You look wonderful.

  8. This is an ADORABLE outfit! I love the little bow, the hat, and the glasses. I think those are my favorite parts of the outfit : )

  9. Oh, I loved those flats! Haha, guess I’ll have to build a hottubtimemachine or something to go back and get ’em. I like the little heel they have on them, not quite a kitten heel, not quite a wedge.

  10. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! jean overalls (both long and short) were one of my staples in high school. when i saw the cute overall looks in the RL spring 2010 collection last fall (loved the “grapes of wrath”/great depression styling–so sweet and tomboyish at the same time!), i was determined to find a nice faded out pair that would potentially accommodate a giant belly, but so far i’ve struck out. =(

  11. Good job! I think you nailed this look. I would have never thought that overalls would come back again after their short lived popularity in the early 90’s – remember wearing them ‘bib down’ and with a single strap fastened? haha. But your look very cute & it looks comfortable. Glad you’re okay after this morning. So scary.

  12. This looks so cute on you. I dont think you look big at all. I’m glad you stayed back during the fight. That is so crazy! Glad you’re ok. xo

  13. glad you did not get involved in the fight.

    this outfit is amazing. i love it so much. i am glad overalls and rompers as well as socks and sandals seem to be coming back around. great post.

  14. It is absolutely amazing to me that you made denim overalls look so cute and wearable. You totally rock this outfit! Also, I love your fake glasses! 🙂

  15. OMG you’re too freaking cute, this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! Pregnant or not, you look amazing! Sorry to hear about the fight at school, I’m glad you backed off- not worth it getting hurt.

  16. sooo cute!

    i am glad you played it safe and stepped away from the fights! definitely not something i’m looking forward to when it comes to teaching!

  17. cute, jen.
    sorry you had a rough day. that sounds awful.

  18. I’ve never seen a fight at school, but this one sounds epic and awful. Sorry you had to witness it and that people had to go home wow!

    but you look great, you pull the overalls off well

  19. This is your cutest pregnancy outfit yet, Jen!

  20. My fake glasses are MY altar ego 🙂 dont tell.

  21. This is cute! Who knew overalls could be so chic?

  22. I’ve gone off of overals ever since my mom made me wear red paisley patterned overalls when I was eleven (major trauma there) but these look very cute on you.
    Maybe your school should invest in a high pressure water hose. Easier to break up the fights and it will cool them down at once 🙂

  23. Oh I saw this on chictopia, so cute!
    The hat and glasses are a really sweet touch.

    the school fights sound scary, definitely have to look after yourself first!

  24. Wow, so glad you didn’t get too involved and that you are safe and sound! And I love checking your blog everyday and seeing your belly grow, so anxious to see that little one someday soon! This look is adorable and you are seriously the most stylin pregnant woman out there!

  25. dang, who knew overalls could be rocked so hard?! you look great!

  26. Clair •

    tres cute! Reminds me of Madeline ( Well, kind of.

    Regarding the fight. As an art teacher is there a way you could create an assignment that gets the students to channel their feelings (fear, anger, etc) about the incident artistically? It would be really interesting to see what they come up with.

  27. I love the collar on this top! So perfect with the overalls, which are damn cute by the way

  28. You have totally inspired me to get fake glasses!! It is on my to-do list for this weekend!!

  29. This is adorable! The white blouse/bowtie combo is always so cute…I need to add both to my wardrobe!

  30. I about died over the inspiration pics when you posted about them before and your execution is awesome! I definitely would love to give this a try. I had a HUGE addiction to overalls circa 1993-1995 (you know, the Blossom years) and I don’t know if I’m mentally capable of doing it again. But man, your look sure is convincing!

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