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I got an email from Melissa sharing with me she just got her very first teaching interview at an Elementary school and she needed some help with an outfit. I was really excited about this one because yay! I love teachers. I also hate typical teacher clothes. I definitely dress more casual as an art teacher but if I was going for an interview I would want to look very professional without being unfashionable, but still showcasing my own personal style. I love all the new spring looks from J Crew and Anne Taylor LOFT. They are so soft and feminine and the colors are just gorgeous.

I would wear a pencil skirt just because I love them. This one from LOFT has cute gathering details at the pockets which set it apart from your standard pencil skirt. I love the vibrant coral color of the blouse from J Crew and the ruffles on the front are just too pretty. If you felt uncomfortable with having your arms bare or if it was still chilly out you could wear a cardigan. I also paired the outfit with a super bright yellow belt. I love the punch it adds to the outfit. If it was too much for you, you could always wear no belt or just wear something toned down a bit. Last but not least…. Who doesn’t want a pair of Seychelles t straps? They make the most adorable shoes and really anything they make would be awesome with this outfit.
What do you think? Is this a good Interview outfit?


Pencil Skirt: Anne Taylor LOFT $69.50
Blouse: J Crew $88.00
Belt: J Crew $39.50
Necklace: Modcloth $17.99
T-Strap Heels: Seychelles $85.00

Hey P.S LOFT gives teacher a %15 discount everytime they shop!! Just mention it at check out or you can sign up online if you are online shopping!!

  1. Great interview outfit! So cute and professional. The best part is LOFT gives discounts to teachers, so she could save on that skirt. One of the many reasons I love LOFT!

  2. I think this is perfect! Neutral but with some color. Conservative but fun. Love those heels too!

  3. Super cute, but I would recommend a cardigan or blazer on top, because some people feel like bare arm (sleeveless tops) are unprofessional.

    Love that skirt though! I really need to build up my collection of different colored pencil skirts for my office wear.

  4. I hate to say it, but a black suit is the only okay outfit for an interview. I would never wear one otherwise, however, I’ve always seen negative comments (for myself, and for others) if they wear anything else. It’s the safest bet.

  5. Dear Allison:
    With all due respect I would have to disagree with you 100%. I do not think anyone has to think that a black suit is the only outfit one could wear on an interview. I have never worn a black suit. I own black blazers and skirts but why does your sense of style have to be hidden just because you are going on an interview? There is definitely a difference between looking professional or not, but I don’t think that has to do with a black suit. When I went on my interview for my job I did not wear any black. I looked professional and I looked like myself. Why would I want to project something that wasn’t true. I think a black suit is a very old school way of thinking of going on an interview. If it works for you, that is totally ok. That is your opinion but it is by no means what everyone has to do.

  6. Melissa •

    Oh my goodness! This is wonderful! I love the colors so much! And the skirt is great, I love the gathering on the skirt and that it has pockets! Thanks so much Jen, I’m definitely heading out to see if I can find some of these pieces!

  7. I really like this, but I would probably suggest wearing a cardigan or blazer to cover your arms…I think it has less to do with bare arms/shoulders and more with arm pits, hahaha.

  8. I love this outfit! 🙂 I’m actually going back to school to be a teacher now after working in business for the last 2 years… at my office now, I can pretty much wear anything that I want that’s business-like. I love this outfit despite the fact that it is a bit out of my price range. Great pick though!

  9. I agree with Jen in that a black suit is not the only appropriate attire for an interview. You can look just as polished and possibly more so in something else. I do think there are some guidelines. Such as I don’t think sleeveless or open shoes are appropriate. But I think the above outfit with a fun blazer is gorgeous and would make you look nice and confidant while being yourself. I think the only other rule would be to not wear something too wild because you want them to focus on your skills and experience and not on what type of dresser you are.

  10. I also disagree 100% with the black suit comment. Unless you are going for some corporate banking or extremely conservative law firm job, that is a super outmoded way to think of interview wear. The is no reason to shy away from color or pattern, as long as you look pulled together and clean. Especially in this economy, anything that helps you stand out (positively) at an interview is a plus.

    I do think going sleeveless might be a tad unprofessional for an interview, though (unless it’s 80+ degrees out!). I would recommend a cardi, lightweight blazer or even a shrug to layer over the sleeveless blouse.

  11. I love my Seychelles! I have a light pink/nude colored pair and they were well worth the price tag. They are actually comfortable too.

    FYI – J Crew also offers teacher and student discounts. Just show them your teacher/student ID card.

  12. P.S. – I think incorporating color is a fabulous way to make a LASTING impression on an interview. Wearing color can also influence the mood of your interviewer, which can definitely work in your favor, right? I agree the other comment here, a black suit would probably better for an ultra conservative job like lawyer or business exec type.

  13. Yeah! I just got me a pair of those same shoes only in yellow! I’m going to wear them to my wedding. They are SUPER comfy.

  14. […] I debated wearing my new skirt from Anthropologie with my suit jacket, but chickened out. I love Jen of JenLovesKev’s teacher intervew outfit from today, but without a suit jacket or cardigan I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it. […]

  15. cute look, I would def. add a blazer or cardi on top since the shirt is sleeveless. Also, probably with some nylons. Otherwise I think you hit the nail on the head. Those heels are great, too!

  16. I think this is a really great outfit!

    I definitely disagree with the idea that a black suit is the only thing people should be wearing to an interview. I think a lot has to go into what makes a great interview outfit. There are a lot of things to consider, first the kind of job you are applying for (creative vs. corporate), then the type of attire people in your field would be expected to wear on a day to day basis, the climate, the season, etc. Also, you want to wear something that is comfortable because that is going to project well onto the interviewer!

    Other than adding a jacket or a cardigan (as others suggested), I would totally wear this outfit to an interview!

  17. j crew gives an educator’s discount, too! just show your school ID when you shop!

    i think this is a great interview look … the t-straps really seal the deal.

  18. I really like this outfit. However, as a teacher myself, I wouldn’t wear bare arms or open toed shoes to an interview. I don’t think a black suit is required, although it would be fine, but I think that wearing no sleeves and open toes could violate the dress code of some of the more conservative districts.

  19. I covet everything in this outfit. I think it’s appropriate for the field and it’s creative!

  20. super cute interview outfit! i agree completely, the old black suit rule is totally outdated. i am also a teacher and have never worn a black suit on an interview!

  21. Aw, isn’t there a lonely female IT’er discount somewhere?
    I love that blouse, I’ve been looking into ‘office lady chic’ lately and this look is exactly what I want to achieve.

  22. This is darling! I’d love to have this exact outfit to wear to work.
    And I totally agree that you want to portray some of your personality and style in you interview outfit.

  23. No way! I am so loving Loft for that!

  24. Okay, I know everyone disagrees with me on the suit thing, however, I am a teacher, and I have been to many interviews before I gained my current job. Let me tell you what happened to me. I didn’t start out by wearing a black suit. I actually wore a pretty black shirt dress to one of my interviews. I was actually interviewing at my old high school! I was able to get some feedback from one of the teachers not on the interview committee. They main negative comment the teachers had about me was that I was not wearing a black suit. I wore a black suit to my next interview, and I got the job. They next year, switched schools, and I work a black suit again to the new interview. I got that job also. I know it didn’t have everything to do with the suit, however, you need to think about who you’re interviewing with. Although we as younger teachers might find it acceptable to wear something else, many of the people we’re interviewing are older, and then want to see a suit. I’ve been on interview committees, and I’ve seen comments from people who were older, and people my age about what those interviewing were wearing. I’ve not worn it since, and I actually dress pretty casually at work, however, it’s just better to be safe in the interview process, especially when there are so few jobs around nowadays.

  25. This is such a great interview outfit! I always wear a pair of professional dark pants and a cute top with a sweater or blazer. I try to add a pop of color, I used to work for the HR department at a newspaper and my boss always told me that people who don’t look like they’re going to a funeral but aren’t screaming color were the one’s she remembered.

    J. Crew also has a 15% discount for teachers, you just have to bring in your school ID or you can even use a Barnes and Noble Teachers card.


  26. LOVE this outfit combo! Those heels are too cute…I kind of want to buy them now! 🙂

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