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I have to say I feel very Alice in Wonderland in these pictures. I love the vines growing up the wall behind me- I think it adds to the fairy tale in my head that I am Alice. Has everyone seen that movie yet? I was counting down the days but now its here and I have yet to find time to go see it. Some day soon hopefully.

I got this dress at Beacons Closet when I was in NYC for fashion week in February. It was below my knees when I tried it on but I loved the sleeves and peter pan collar and knew if I hemmed it it would be super cute. It just takes me forever to hem things. It came out great though. I love this little dress. I think I will only be able to wear it for like 1 more week though. haha. There is a pretty obvious baby bump under there.

This weekend was pretty low key. Friday we went out to our friends Gallery opening in Troy. Oh my gosh her stuff is so beautiful. I hope to share all the pieces with you this Friday for a special post on Good Friday. I feel so inspired lately to create art. I love my talented friends and husband and well all you artists out there on the internet. The ideas keep coming and I am getting so excited as to what is coming together in my head for a show.

I also made some stuff for my etsy shop this weekend. Not to be proud, but I made some really awesome necklaces this weekend that will be up for sale on Thursday this week. Also some brooches and headbands. I am really excited about them. Very spring like and beautiful! I got sucked into a House marathon last night on USA and could stop watching. I ended up moving a bunch of craft stuff out of my craft room to the floor of the living room so I could do both- watch House and make brooches. That show is addicting and I am not even a House fan. How was your weekend?

Dress: Beacon’s Closet
Belt: Forever 21
Brooch: Yard Sale
Socks: Target
Flats: Target

  1. michelle •

    this dress is super cute jen! how are you feeling? i cant believe your pregnant still, lol
    really makes me feel old. 🙂 so happy for you though

  2. that dress is adorable! I really love the way you belted it. I haven’t seen Alice yet, my friends have been giving it mixed reviews based on its overall lack of plot and one even said it was visually overstimulating.

    My weekend was insane, too busy socializing and not enough homework. as much as I like to be busy, this was a bit too much! haha

  3. That dress is super cute – along with the belt. yay for baby bumps 🙂

  4. This dress is so darn pretty and perfectly undated with the new sassy length and high socks…

  5. Soo cute! You should enjoy the movie. It is fun!

  6. I love Alice-esque outfits! The movie was great- I actually saw it twice! By the way– I also linked you for a Sunshine Award in my blog! <3

  7. Oh my gosh, I totally got caught watching the House Marathon as well!! That show is so addicting because you want to see what is going to happen with each patient. I have recently started following your blog and I love reading your stories and checking out your cute clothes. Thanks:)

  8. Honestly, I recommend NOT seeing Tim Burton’s Alice. I saw it yesterday and I was horrified. I wanted to walk out. I love Tim Burton, but he’s really struck out with me on his last 3 films. He pretty much used the characters from the original story & completely changed the entire plot. I think they only titled it “Alice in Wonderland” for the name recognition. It doesn’t even take place in Wonderland – they changed it to “Underland”. In fact, the whole debacle reminded me more of The Wizard of Oz, than Alice. So sad that he’s ruined yet another childhood classic.

  9. P.S. – I forgot to say that your outfit rocks!!! One thing that Alice did have going for it was incredible costume design.

  10. Love all of this! The setting and the outfit. It’s got a bit of a little girlish vibe(Alice, of course!) but you also look sophisticated at the same time. I really like how you pull off the over the knee socks without overt sexiness, too.

  11. how cute is your bump??? 😉

    i’m so glad you’re feeling energetic and creative. i so wish i could be doing something productive through this pregnancy. i’m feeling very frustrated that i’m still not feeling very well–even on the meds. work seems to take all my energy and, on top of that, my brain feels completely foggy! i wanted to be journaling and keeping track of everything that happened, but i just can’t manage it. and what’s really annoying is that i’m never someone who has trouble making decisions, etc., but honestly, we’ve been trying to get our bathroom redone for 3 months now and i just can’t make a final decision on tile! lol

  12. you made the dress look so awesome, great job! funny how as soon as an “Alice” thing comes out, peter pan collars, thigh highs, and anything blue instantly reference it. great photos too! hop[e you had a good weekend, it’s raining here 🙁

  13. This dress is so adorable. Love the vines on the walls and windows. Reminds me of my childhood house.

  14. that is one cute dress and it looks super adorable on you! love the backdrop of your pictures too 🙂

  15. Super cute dress (and baby bump)! I haven’t seen the movie yet, and I was so beyond excited to go see it and then life got in the way! =D One day soon, I hope.

  16. you look totally gorgeous in that outfit. I never thought of pairing over the knee socks with flats until now, thanks Jen.

  17. Girl, I am totally saving these photos for when I am preggers one day! You look incredible, and are showing that you don’t have to just jump right into maternity clothes (although they seem soooo comfy…my best friend just had a baby and raved about the comfort level)! I can’t wait to see how your style evolves throughout the pregnancy!

  18. This dress is adorable! I love how you paired it with OTK socks.

  19. You look great. I love seeing your baby bump! Any little baby tickles yet? The vines behind you look so cool. You have been finding the best places to shoot your photos. Can’t wait to see all the cool things you’ve made.

  20. I had been looking forward to seeing Alice so made a big fuss and got my friends to see it with me in 3D on my birthday. Burton’s Alice is meant to be a sequel, it’s not supposed to be the original story. The movie is gorgeous to look at, but boy they missed out on a lot of potential plotwise. Nothing got me excited or rooting for anyone, and Alice herself in particular was so bland! But still plenty of eye-candy and even a gorgeous dress or 4 in there.

  21. ooh, what a sweet little dress with it’s plaid print and peter pan collar. And precious over the knee socks to match!

  22. Rebekah •

    awesome dress – love the brooch!

  23. You look very cute in this dress! The bow belt finishes it off very nicely 🙂

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