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Well its Friday! This week has been long and I am just exhausted. I think I could sleep this entire weekend if I wanted to. I am going to try to paint a little this weekend and make some more stuff for my etsy shop. Its been awhile and I am starting to miss creating goodies for my shop. I think this time I will include some of my little paintings I have been making. Here is a snippet of a painting I made the other day.


Later today I will be posting an awesome Delightful Dozen outfit along with the other girls that are in it. So check back soon!
For now enjoy some of my favorites from around my google reader this week…

1. Could Jennine look any more beautiful? I think not! Gorgeous with the red lips and yellow dress.

2. This story cracks me up, but I was instantly drawn to that drawing. LOVE IT!

3. Oh groups of color you are so beautiful!

4. Can I please be friends with these 4 girls?!?!?!!!! Dressed so lovely and having so much fun!

5. Don’t these little pudding cakes look adorable and delicious. I think I will make some for dessert this weekend!

6. This inspiration outfit post single handedly made me go out and get a pair of jean overall shorts from savers. Look for my take on Lulu Letty’s 2 outfits next week!

7. I know everyone loves this girl, but seriously how could you not? So adorable!

8. I really love this guys artwork.

9. How cute are these Save the Dates?

10. I think by far this is the cutest girl on the internet. I just love her, her vintage store and her outfit posts.

  1. I love this feature! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Am really curious about the paintings! Are you making some for the baby’s room too?
    I love the colour-coded bookcases. But I’ve found I have to many multi-coloured bookspines, sorting it is hopeless.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for including my post! I’m so glad you liked it. XOXO

  4. Claire •

    Great links! And I felt the same way when I read Lulu Letty’s post the other day! I visited Goodwill the other day to no avail though. : /

    Oh, and now I am really thinking about going and rearranging my books by color! So pretty!


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