Delightful Dozen Style!

So I have been really excited for this day to come! The always amazing Modcloth sent the Delightful Dozen this Dynamite Dress to style up and I have been looking forward to seeing everyones take on it for sometime now. I think it is so so fun to see how everyone is styling it. Everyone got their own dress so we could all style it and then post about it today (a few will be posting soon, if not today). How cool right? I love the contrast of colors in the dress. I cant wait for it to be a bit warmer so I can wear it without a jacket. It was pretty cool the day I styled it for this post. Let’s just hope it fits over my growing belly then. Anyways, I just love this dress- its seriously perfect for the warmer months that our on their way.

Make sure you check out the other delightful dozen girls take on the Dynamite Dress today as well!! If you have this dress or are thinking of getting it, I would love to see your take on the dress as well. Send me your pictures! Happy weekend everyone!

Dynamite Dress: Courtesy of Modcloth
Wedges: Steve Madden (ebay)
Jean Jacket: Gap (thrifted)
Bracelets: The amazing Veau & Emily!
Belt: Thrifted

  1. so cute! i love how you styled it as a tunic. i gather this dress is pretty short? anyway, i love this look on you especially with the denim jacket and super adorable wedges!

  2. This is so cute. Krystal wore it yesterday and mentioned how short it was. The slightly contrasting skirt was a great solution.

  3. great dress!

    so … who gets to keep the new goods permanently? or do they have to be sent back?

  4. This dress was generously given to each of us to keep from modcloth, but the blouse that is travelling around from Ruche will be given away as a giveaway to a lucky reader when we each have styled it because there is only one of those blouses being used.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Love that! Did you style it over another skirt/tunic or does the dress come with the under-layer thing? haha. Anyway, I love it on you

  6. Its actually a tank top. I had a tank top that matched the color in the dress and I just took it off my shoulders and pulled it way down so it was like a skirt because I am 5’9″ and that dress was a little more like a tunic for me. You can tell the taller girls from the ones that are shorter in the delightful dozen- They have all styled it more as a tunic- hehe.

  7. LOVE that dress.. How fabulous of Modcloth!! I need a delightful dozen crew. haha! My favorite part is that you added the skirt under it. L-O-V-E! And those Steve Madden shoes, super cute and actually look pretty comfy. Happy Friday!

  8. emily f. •

    I love this dress Jen!… and not just cuz you gave us an awesome shout -out! 😉 Preggo is lookin’ gorgeous on you!

  9. I love the outfit! Those shoes are a great buy for spring! They’ll go with everything!

  10. I loved seeing everyone’s take on styling this dress. Someone else just recently styled it on her blog too.


  11. love your heels, all of these posts have been a lot of fun today

  12. nice dress! love the way you wore it.

  13. I love this look. The jean jacket adds a nice touch.

  14. Sophie •

    Love this!
    I just discovered your blog and I will be back 🙂
    I also just clicked through you wedding pics (It must be weird to have strangers do that!) and they were lovely! Absolutely beautiful

  15. Yeahh it would look lovely too if you wear it when it is a bit warmer.but the jacket also go well with the dress.Overall Perfect 😉

  16. I’m loving all the versions of this dress!

  17. just read your baby post from the day before that I missed. that letter was so sweet and made me tear up a little (and I am not a crier). you are already such a loving and conscientious mother that I cannot wait to see/hear what happens when he/she finally arrives! And although I know you worry about not sleeping enough, it is okay Jen, you cannot be perfect every minute of the day. It sounds like you’re doing everything for your baby anyway and really in the end, love is the most important and you and Kev have no shortage of that!

  18. I love your denim jacket

  19. Just wanted to say that your blog makes me happy! xo claudia

  20. oh isnt it funny how you visit a blog and love it but then forget about it only to find out about it somewhere else and realize how much you loved it?? definitely bookmarking your blog this time!

    ps- those shoes are super cute!

  21. This looks so good on you! You’re seriously so so pretty 🙂

  22. so gorgeous! i love the denim and heels!

  23. Gorgeous dress Jen!! You always look so pretty. 🙂 Adore your shoes too! I have them.. got them years ago at Macys.. and they’re still in tack. Love them.

    xx Love & Aloha

  24. Wow the dress looks great! Love it with the denim jacket 🙂


  25. I very much like how you paired it up. The dress alone looks a little overwhelming, but you’ve toned it down a tad so you can wear it just about anyway. It looks great.

  26. I love those shoes!

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