Week 17 and a letter to Baby


Dear Baby:
How are you in there? I can’t feel you yet and you aren’t making me feel sick anymore which is good, but it makes me feel sort of disconnected from you. Like if I didn’t think about being pregnant that I could go all day feeling like I wasn’t. I don’t like that. Not that I don’t think of you because I constantly am, I am just dying to feel you roll around (or as we like to say dance because that is what it looked like on the last ultrasound). I can’t wait. Every night when I am laying in bed and I feel something, anything I wonder, was that it? was that you? I know you are growing fast and soon enough you will be kicking me. hehe but I honestly can’t wait.

This week has been sort of tough on us. We have been very busy and have been going to bed very very late. I am sorry that I haven’t been resting up enough for you. I have been trying to make up for it by eating extra healthy but if I am so tired do you feel that too? I hope not. I have been listening to tons of music lately. Do you hear it? Maybe you can, maybe you can’t. But in my head I think if I am enjoying what I am listening to and its making me feel good than you must be calm and happy too. I also hope that when you arrive into this world that the music I like will calm you and make you feel safe and warm because the sounds will be familiar. My ipod has been glued to my side because I always want to play it when I have a chance. In the car, at work, at home. I want music to be a big part of your life, like it has been for mine.

I just want you to know that I am so proud of your Dad (hehe its funny to write that to talk about Kev- its the first time I have written that) He really has stepped up to this whole idea of being a parent. He has been taking such good care of me. He is always making sure I am feeling good, eating enough, not stressed, and relaxed. He makes me laugh when I am sad and can comfort me like no one else when I am upset or scared. I know he is going to be the best dad to you. I can’t wait to see him hold you for the first time. I have been thinking a lot about the moment you arrive and we get to see you for the very first time. It makes me all teary thinking about that exact moment. The range of emotions and love that will be there and the looks on our faces as we look at each other and at you. I hope you know how loved you are going to be and how loved you all ready are.

On a funnier note. We have one picture of you so far. Its from a long time ago. You don’t look like much (hehe I know that’s not your fault though). We made a song up about you- we like to sing it to ourselves. It makes us laugh, it’s pretty funny. We also have an impression of your ultrasound dance moves and your dad likes to talk to me in your heartbeat sound. We have your next appointment on Wednesday. I am hoping we can find out if you are a Boy or a Girl shortly after. I can’t wait!! I am so so excited!!! I will love your the same either way but the anticipation is killing me. You have grown so much lately that I can not wear my regular pants any more. Well I can but I don’t really enjoy wearing my pants unbuttoned/unzipped. Its not a natural feeling and it makes me feel uncomfortable all day. I bought my first pair of maternity pants the other day. They are awesome!!! I got them at H&M, they are a skinny, dark wash pair of jeans. They are honestly the best fitting jeans I have ever owned, also the most comfortable. Why aren’t all pants made with a thick, soft and stretchy cotton band at the top??

Well for my first letter to you baby I sure have written a book! I could go on forever because well, I think of you all day long and our days are forever changed (in a good way) because of you. I just have lots to tell you and share, but I will stop here for now and write some more next week.

(also the first time I have written that about myself, crazy!)

p.s. please have hazel eyes like your dad because I love them. (photo by our friend Jon)

  1. I just want to say Congratulations! And, from my experience with two pregnancies – I bet you are feeling that little baby kick! It wasn’t until my second pregnancy but by then I *knew* what it felt like and I felt kicks right around week 17. The first pregnancy it wasn’t until about week 21 or 22 but that was only b/c I didn’t know what they felt like (so very, very small and soft and fluttery – at first! LOL, later they are hard and literally jolt you and you can physically see them)

    So fun and so fascinating! Congratulations! You will look back and be thankful for these pictures and letters.

  2. You look incredible. And so, so happy. I love that you’re playing music and dancing for your peanut. Congratulations again! This is such a wonderful time. 🙂

  3. So sweet, Jen. My mom wrote me letters before I was born and they are one of my most treasured possessions; between the letters and these pictures, Baby will know they are loved!

  4. this is the cutest thing I have ever read. I am so excited and happy for you two. you obviously have so much love between you; you must share it with someone else!

  5. I’ve always known I don’t want children…but you just made me want a baby! So sweet. You’re going to be a great mom.

  6. Alisha •

    This is such a wonderful letter. 🙂

  7. this is beautiful and special. i know that i will want to write to my baby if/when andrew and i decide its time.

    you two are inspiring and beautiful and special people and i cannot wait to meet the amazingness you have created together.


  8. Jen, this is absolutely lovely and brought tears to my eyes. Your baby is lucky to have such wonderful parents 🙂

  9. Thanks for making me cry 🙂 Hehe. It makes me even more ready to be married. Sigh.

  10. I’m excited to know the results on Wednesday too! And I’m not even a baby person. And I do not even know you, haha. Ah, the powers of the internet.
    This has been a lovely read Jen, I only have one picture of my mom when she was pregnant with me, but it’s in a polka dot dress too 🙂

  11. This is some of the cutest stuff I’ve ever read. 🙂

  12. That was really awesome. I would love to see those baby dance moves. Can’t wait to find out who’s in there! xo

  13. Awww- that is the sweetest. Seriously tearing up. Your baby is so lucky to have you and Kev as parents. xo

  14. This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing your lovely letter to your baby with us. 🙂

  15. aaaawwww…i’m all teary now!!! trust me–feeling the baby move will be the most exciting thing EVER!!! i’m feeling the twins all the time now, and i can’t get over how cool it is. i feel one way more than the other (which was scaring me for a few days, but we did some research and apparently it’s really common). i’ve started calling the one i feel the most “the fighting irish” b/c he/she is super active and rough in there, so it feels like i’m constantly getting beat up! i feel the other just occasionally–except for during seth’s music sessions with the twins. once the headphones go on my belly and the music starts, the quiet twin starts dancing up a storm!!! i’ve started calling that one “thundercrack” after the bruce song of the same name about a girl who is a really, really awesome dancer…it’s my favorite bruce song and every time we listen to it, i tell seth i want a t-shirt with the lyrics “she’s got the heart of a ballerina” on it…so maybe i’ll have to make a onesie that says that for my dancing twin to wear!!! lol

    anyway…looking lovely, mama!!!

  16. So sweet. I’ve always thought about writing letters to my future kids. You’re made me put it on my life to-do list.


  17. I love reading about your prego-ness! What have you been doing with your running since you found out you’re pregnant?



  18. I have put running on the back burner for now. I was still running at the beginning but now it gets uncomfortable and I get so winded so fast. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week still and walking at various speeds and inclines for 40 mins instead. Its a better work out for me. My goal for 2 marathons this year will have to be pushed off till next year but i am looking forward to it for help to lose baby weight and also just a mental excerise of something I am will be doing for myself once baby comes along. I am due in september and will start running agin hopefully in October. I will start training again hard early spring 2011 for I am hoping a marathon in june/july and another one oct/nov. That is my goal as of now. Fingers crossed.

  19. I love the photos. The one things that looks a little weird is the hair that comes in the front under the glasses. As always you take magnificent photos.

    You seem to be a healthy parent and I expect that will transfer to your child. Do you think you will be a parent who introduce their child into technology early on. I do not want the generations upcoming to be dependent on that, if you promise me this one thing.

    Hope everything turns out the way you expect it.

  20. I LOVE your head wrap! This post made me all teary. Can you have two days of the week dedicated to baby!?

  21. emily f. •

    So exciting Jen! I love reading your posts! Is it too soon to ask if when your baby is old enough, they can come visit us in Cali? 😉

  22. I look forward to your baby posts each week! They’re the high light of my blog reading!

  23. Rebekah •

    I love this post!
    I think its awesome that you wrote this note!
    Of course I love the pictures and I think you look awesome!
    If I could look that good pregnant I would totally do it again 🙂

  24. This is adorable. I just love that you’re telling your little baby about your pregnancy fashion! Too cute. xx

  25. This is such a sweet post! I got teary reading your note to babyjenloveskev!

    And by the way, except in your pregnancy post, I can hardly tell you are pregnant! The photo totally shocked me this week! You look so great and so healthy and so cute in all your posts! You will be (and are already) an adorable mom!

  26. I have to be honest Jen.. I’m not a kid/baby person. I don’t actually plan to have them myself, but I definitely don’t hold it against others who choose to. But I just wanted to let you know that you are by far the CUTEST preggo with an eggo lady I have ever seen! I’m going to blame it on the pms, but I’m choking back tears at how unbelievably adorable that letter to your bebe was. You two are going to be the best parents, and I’m almost jealous of your kid.. Let me know when you want to adopt a 25 year old.. I’m already house broken so the hard part is over! 😉

  27. You guys are to freakin cute! And that letter…that letter. Thank you for putting your feelings out there and sharing that with the world. It’s because of posts like this, that I view your blog everyday!


  28. Jenni Smith •

    You look AMAZING!!! Can you believe you are already 17 weeks!? I love your pregnancy photos, the coolest ones I’ve seen, looking forward to seeing more! Love and miss you!

  29. Tina B •

    The music part of your letter brought back a memory of when I was just weeks from delivery and I always use to put headphones on my tummy with classical music.
    I decided to crank the bass a little while Steve and I sat on our bed and Evan kicked me so hard I lurched! It was like he was saying “come on, mom, I’m not deaf!” Loved those days! Cherish every moment!

  30. I have a feeling I’m going to love Thursdays from now on.
    you should post a video of the baby dance moves impressions!

  31. Oh my gosh.. I’m getting teary!! Seriously! This was so amazing to read, Jen. I’m so excited for you and Kev. It makes me so excited for Brett and my future!

  32. You two are too cute, or rather you 2 and 1/2. 😉

  33. What a cute letter! I can tell you both are going to be such great parents! 🙂

  34. Very cute. I’m getting excited for you!

  35. Cute cute cute. You and your hubby are such cuties.

    This is such a sweet letter to your baby. 🙂 How excitng!! Will you be finding out the sex of the baby?? I think it would be sooo much better if you waited till baby’s birthday! pregnancy is such a wonderful and special gift, why would you want to spoil the surprise!! hee hee.. just my take.. All of my friends (but one) found out what they were having before baby arrived… when the time comes for me and my hubby, we decided we want to wait.. and be surprised!! hope you two are doing well……

    xx Love & Aloha

  36. That dress is gorgeous! You look amazing! Gorgeous! STUNNING!

  37. Okay, so this comment is waaaay late but I’ve been totally disconnected from the blog world for a few weeks. So better late than never– Congratulations!! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and even though I don’t really know you I’m so very utterly happy for you (actually got a little teared up when I read the news). So Congrats again and happy pregnancy!

  38. This is such a cute letter and I love the pictures of you and Kev.

  39. This is definitely the sweetest thing I have ever read……you guys are going to be such amazing parents!
    Also, you look so adorable in these photos…love them 🙂

  40. I almost cried reading that letter…. soooo utterly adorable!!! 🙂 That picture of you and Kev with your heads together is just the cutest thing too!!!!

  41. This letter is so sweet. First time at your blog and I love it. Look forward to reading more! xx

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