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Who’s excited it’s Spring?? I am, I am!!! I feel like I have a different mentality now that it is officially spring. This winter was brutal! That is why I was pretty excited to hear about the Weardrobe contest with Pacsun for the best Spring look. When they asked me to be part of the Spring break crew I was psyched because the thought of having to dress up in spring looks was a much needed source of inspiration. When this BB Dakota dress came in the mail I couldn’t wait to wear it. It was pretty mild this weekend and I knew this was a day to sport this cute dress. I loved the color combo of my bright orange sweater with light blue the so I knew it would look great over this sort of Chambray dress. These are by far my favorite shoes and have been in the closet since last fall- they were begging to come out for a walk. What do you guys think? Is this a good Spring look?

One of the best things about the weather turning warmer is the return of our “Hooded Sweatshirt walks”!!!! Anyone a fan of Bright Eyes? The line is from a song we like and we always seem to walk with sweatshirts on, so now that is what we call them. It is one of my favorite things to do together. They are always after work, sometime late, sometimes right when we both get home. They always lead to great conversation, adventures and laughter and sometimes just a good time to share frustrations about work or whatnot and each other being able to listen and share advice. Not that we dont talk at home about the same stuff but on these walks it always seems special. I think its the holding hands. hehe. Maybe we just need to walk around our apartment holding hands and wearing sweatshirts and see if its the same? Sometimes if its still chilly we will make homemade hot chocolate and take it travel mugs as we walk. They are seriously like the best thing. Its such a simple thing we do together but yet these walks mean so much to each of us.

Dress: BB Dakota, Courtesy of PacSun
Orange Cardigan: NY&Co.
Hat: Forever 21
Galdiator Wedges: Forever 21

  1. Love that orange cardi – definitely a spring look.

  2. ohhh i love the dress and i LOVE the cardigan! super cute!
    i really want this sweater – strike that – i really want this outfit!

  3. Oh my gosh, the hooded sweatshirt walk is too cute! So is your outfit. πŸ™‚

  4. Sweet. I love this color combo and the hat!

  5. this is a perfect spring look. i love the whole thing: the dress with the bright orange sweater and the hat! so cute. great job!

  6. I love the light chambray with the bold orange – such a great combo for spring! And that hat with the braid makes you seem like a cool laid back Cuban girl!

  7. super cute look, jen! i love the sweetness of the cardi and dress with the tougher sandals!

    we love to take walks, too, almost always with zelda in tow, and last week when we were walking, i said to seth, “wow…we don’t have very much longer to do stuff like this just the two of us (or three if the z. is with us).” as excited as i am for the twins to come, i kind of got choked up a little bit when i said that. as awesome as it’s going to be to be a “family,” part of me will also miss being “us.” is that selfish of me?

  8. you look gorgeous as usual my dear. but yes, the colours together are lovely and the black thick straps on your sandals go wonderfully with the thick ribbon your hat. super cute!! i want your wardrobe…grrrr!!

    also. have i mentioned that i cannot wait until you can’t hide your belly? hehe, not being mean but i just love love love baby bellies!!

  9. It is a perfect spring outfit. That is such a cute thing you two do. That makes me want to go listen to more Bright eyes!

  10. I love the color combination.

  11. I wish I had this outfit for the tigerts game I am going to next month, blue and orange are the colors and these shades have to be the prettiest that I have seen.

  12. aww, a page out of my own books. We have been doing sweatshirt walks lately too. On st. Pattys day we walked to the nearest mcdonalds for ice cream, We felt like old people, but it was sweet.

  13. This is an absolutely adorable spring look. I’m loving the dress and cardi combo, and that hat is pure spring. I’ve been wearing my very similar hat like a mad woman lately. Sweatshirt walks sound fun, we usually do porch dates all summer long.

  14. little outings inspired by bright eyes lyrics! i love it. you’re very lucky!

  15. great outfit! and those ‘hooded sweatshirt walks’ sound great! i love walking around the neighboorhood.

  16. erykah •

    I LOVE that cardi…it lookes perfect with that dress!!
    I had that same kind of vision with this chambray dress I got recently from Marshalls..its by Maz Azria and adorable..and I invisioned a orange/coral like sweater with it…and BAM you created a look that gives me an idea now..annnd its GREAT!
    Thanks Jen

  17. i love the bright orange paired with chambray! i definitely think you are ready for spring!

  18. Today I’m wearing a cardigan that’s the same color! Although I paired with a b&w stripe top, jeans & flats. It’s a great color…especially on brunettes πŸ™‚

    It’s funny, my husband mentioned a while back that we should start doing evening walks. We live in such a nice place with lots of trees & hiking trails (a rarity on Orange County these days). I just brought it back up last night that we should really do this! Hot coco sounds like a good idea too.

  19. love the color of your cardigan! dinner looks delish

  20. the way you styled the dress is gorgeous! i love the color of the cardi and the shoes! i need to take more walks with my sweetie, thanks for the inspiration.

  21. love the idea of the “hooded sweatshirt walks” – that’s definitely my favorite part about spring and fall – that it’s warm enough to wear sandals, but you need the sweatshirt at night cause it gets colder…and the hot chocolate sounds like a fabulous addition.

  22. The walks sound absolutely lovely. And this outfit is great! I especially like the way your sandal straps are reflected by the black band on your hat.

  23. I adore this cardigan! It’s so so pretty πŸ™‚

  24. love the colour combo!! definitely a great spring outfit!

  25. what an adorable tradition. just think soon you can take a stroller on your walks too!!! that orange cardi really brightens up my day. i also love how the leather straps on your sandals really toughen up the look <3


  26. I absolutely adore this colour combination. the orange is amazing. and great accessorizing! the hat and shoes go perfectly together.

    your walks are such a cute idea!

  27. Bonnie •

    I love this outfit! I have the same sweater in yellow and it’s so much fun to wear. I always get comments about the flowers on the side πŸ™‚ I was just looking in my closet the other day trying to think of how to wear that sweater for spring… thanks for the inspiration!

  28. amazing! you look great! dont you just love bb dakota?

  29. awww… the idea of hooded sweatshirt walks is so sweet and perfect. and yes, i love bright eyes as well!

  30. Adorable colour combo! Love that bright organge cardie.

  31. love the cardi! Adorable.

  32. I am OBSESSED with this look. Absolutely perfectly springtastic!

  33. Brianne •

    I love it! The cardigan is amazing πŸ™‚ I love the way the black stripe on your hat balances the black straps of your shoes. Very pretty and Springy outfit!

  34. Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. Your style files are amazing! Congrats on your pregnancy!

  35. LOVE that dress! I posted it on a wishlist a while ago and since then I feel like I’ve seen so many of my favorite bloggers wearing it…so jealous! Really love your hat too. I bought a similar one recently. I used to think they looked funny on me but I always loved them on other girls, so I finally gave in and bought one. So glad I did!

  36. I lovelovelovelovelove the braid! Your hair looks lovely like that & you can totally carry the hat… I am in love with BRIGHT EYES… we are planning our wedding right now and getting into the wedding music realm… so fun… our plan is to have regular parties so that this is the beginning of a lifetime of parties (i put the link to our wedding planning blog up) – i am feeling excited about dress shopping and music choosing and frankly — i ADORE your wedding story… it makes me joyful! anyhoo, the point of this post was to say, do you think you will cut off your hair when it is baby time? i think you would look fabulous with shorter hair and i have been reading the vain salon blog and man oh man do they have some inspiring ‘do’s… just curious about baby time & la long hair! hee! loves!

  37. I Love everything about this look! You hair, your outfit, and locations!! Just beautiful.. stunning momma to be!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  38. Love how you’ve paired the dress with the orange cardi. I was sent the same dress too and will probably post it soon. Btw I’ve features your blog in my latest ‘love your look’ post πŸ˜‰ x Sushi

  39. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I love everything about it! The color combo is great, and the fedora hat was such a perfect finishing touch!

  40. I know I’m a bit late with this comment – but I’ve been making my way through your archives and I completely adore this outfit! That dress is so gorgeous and I love it with the hat and cardi.

    I also adore that Bright Eyes song! As soon as I read ‘hooded sweatshirt walks’ that song popped into my head πŸ™‚

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