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I have a habit of buying things from the goodwill with the intentions of hemming or reworking them but then when they get home they just hang in my closet for months. Well I actually decided this weekend that I would finish up 2 of those dresses so that I could actually wear them. One of which was this dress. It used to be super long- very Laura Ashley like. I thought it was super cute when I saw it and knew if I shortened it I would really really like it a lot, and you know what I do! The dress is really comfy to wear and of course I love the little puff in the shoulders. There were some massive shoulder pads in there but I took them out. It looked better with out them.

Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Socks: Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx)
T-Strap Wedges: Steve Madden (ebay)
Panda Necklace: Paper Sparrow on etsy

  1. I always pick dresses like this up, walk around with them for a bit, then put them back because I’m scared I’ll look 90 in them. You look awesome though. Perhaps I should change my ways!

  2. I love your t-straps!

  3. So amazing that a popular style like floral print, can be purchased without guilt at the goodwill. This looks like something you could have overpaid for at Urban Outfitters.

  4. I’m loving this dress, such a throw back to a 90s baby doll dress. I’m also loving the socks and sandals look. I want to try the look out and you give me faith that I can do it. Looking awesome as always Jen!

  5. what an amazing find. It looks so fresh and youthful, I never would have guessed at one time it was floor length. your panda necklace looks really cute as well.


  6. You look really cute in this. I like how you changed it up and put the belt on.

  7. Amazing find! I love what you’ve done to it and how cute + sunny + happy you look!

  8. I do the exact same thing. Or I’ll hang on to old garments that no longer fit to practice tailoring. Yeah, doesn’t happen.

    Good for you getting this project done. It looks adorable!

  9. Love this outfit, your dress looks great! I have so many clothes to fix too.. the pile just keeps growing!

    Thank you for the good luck wishes :o)

  10. i love the dress! someone already said something about overpaying for a dress identical to this one at uo and i thought the very same thing when i saw it. i love how you wore your socks with those adorable shoes too. basically i think this outfit is awesome!
    and, to comment on your comment to me, running has been so great for me in keeping my sanity and my waistline 🙂 i am always excited to encourage others (especially women) to keep running!

  11. I always have a pile of “to be fixed / altered” clothes, but it rarely happens! I’m so glad you got around to this dress. The print is awesome, and the new hemline makes it totally current. You look great! Also, a totally belated CONGRATULATIONS on your baby news. So exciting!!! 🙂

  12. love the socks and shoes combination.

  13. the socks are a very sweet touch. Your side swept bangs are looking awesome, btw

  14. Hi Jen! I am Kristin’s best friend (Read: Coffee, Calculations, and Columbia) and I saw your blog a while ago and haven’t been able to stop reading it! I love your positivity and your style…I wish that I was that creative. I wanted to ask your advice on Mocloth; I love dresses in a way that’s unhealthy, especially vintage style! Do you have any advice for sizings? I don’t have a tape measurer…I was just wondering if there was any correlation to normal dress sizes. Although, dress sizing is pretty arbitrary too…


  15. I do that too! I have a big bag of clothes under the sewing table just waiting to be reworked. =] I love your nail polish color.

  16. You look great! I am going to have to try this~Sara

  17. This looks fabulous!!! 🙂 Sooo chic!

  18. Adore the little pink socks – they really bring out the pink flowers in the dress. Oh so pretty! 🙂

  19. Awww, this dress is so sweet and I juxtaposition of love the cute dress with the pile of bricks! I do the same thing – I have a whole “to sew” pile and by the time I get around to sewing it I’ve forgotten what was in there! It’s a surprise every time!

  20. awww this really is the sweetest dress and i’m loving it with the hem changes and without the shoulder pads. perfect and just in time for spring 🙂

  21. I really like this dress, it’s so summery and that’s exactly what I’ve been craving, even though spring has just begun.

  22. Chelsea M •

    LOVE the dress!!! I do the same thing but I am thinking its time to have a sewing party!!

  23. I do the exact same thing! I have about 25 dresses and skirts to hem over spring break.

  24. This dress is so so cute! I love the floral print!

  25. I do that too! Thrift clothes that I think I will shorten or change somehow and then don’t. I actually took some scissors to a nice nautical stripe skirt I bought last summer and I kind of like the raw edge I ended up with by my laziness.

  26. Thank god for the 90s. This pattern is so cute!

  27. I love that style of dress and the socks with it are just too cute!

  28. You look adorable Jen 🙂

  29. i am guilty of this as well! i looove the colors in this dress! the pink is just perfect.

  30. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! If you ever wanna sell….haha
    Sometimes you just have to buy something because you cannot walk away from the fabric, and that is the feeling I get when I see this dress. Perfection!

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