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Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope you had beautiful weather. We had gorgeous weather Friday and Saturday and then an ok Sunday. Friday night we had a laid back night hanging out with friends. I love nights like that! Saturday we woke up and got ready to drive out and explore Maple Weekend. Since Maple Syrup is the first harvest of the year there is a whole weekend for it in NY. Maple Farms all over the state open for tours and tastings and lots of good farm cooked food. Kev and me drove up north a little big to a farm called Nightingale’s Maple Farm. We meet the owner and his son and got a tour of the whole production. It was awesome!!! Its so much more advanced now a days- hehe. All the trees are tapped and lined together with tubes that collect all the syrup- no more pails. It was really cool to see all the syrup running thru all the tubes into the sugar shack.

After we spent sometime at the farm we drove into Saratoga to walk around and explore. What a cool town! I had never been there before but I am looking forward to going back a lot as the weather gets warmer. We ate at an awesome crepe restaurant called Ravenous. We ordered to share a Large Pomme Frites, the daily special crepe (which was a falafel in crepe form- MMMM) and then a dessert crepe with strawberries, nutella and powdered sugar. It was so delicious. I loved it there.


  1. YUM Maple syrup! Sounds like an awesome trip 🙂

  2. The weekends are the greatest : ) I’m glad you had a good one!

  3. They even served the fries the proper Belgian way (only the mayo is missing). Sounds (and looks) like you guys had a wonderful time, I wish they had something like the maple farms out here too. The apple harvest thing you guys have also made me a bit jealous before. You live in such a nice area.

  4. ooh i love ravenous – i think i definitely have to make a stop there on my next visit to my parents!

  5. You guys are so cute going on your little adventures. Looks like it was a nice day. I love NY, there are so many different areas with different things to offer. It’s great that you take advantage of them and try to go to new places.

  6. Wow, what an awesome trip! I agree with Laura about how cute you guys are on your little adventures.

    I certainly wish that I had the same weekend, but the stress of finals last week has unleashed an unspeakable disease on me. I’m cooped up while I recover. =\ It had to be over Spring Break.

  7. Hooray, you made it to Ravenous (where I neeeeeeed to go soon, yum). Saratoga is the best, I love it in the spring before all the racing madness.

  8. your weekend trip sounds amazing (making me hungry though) I recently tried falafel for the first time & now I’m obsessed. I especially like it in a wrap with cucumbers & mint.

    Your photos came out really cool! I love the polaroid look.

  9. Where are those awesome glasses from? I love them!

  10. Jen&Kev >>>

    Looks like a fun filled weekend! My hubby will finally be home soon after months apart and I already cannot wait to share adventures such as this!

    While he’s been gone I have created a little “love jar” for us. I repurposed a glass almond butter jar and put piece of paper in it where we can jot down things we want to do together. xo claudia

    PS: What program do you edit your photos down to this cute little square sequence?

  11. Aw, looks like an amazing time! Brett and I need to take more adventures like this..!

  12. Those pictures are awesome, especially the ones of you and your husband. And that food looks great! Now I’m hungry!

  13. what a fun weekend! i have always wanted to visit the northeast and see how maple syrup is produced … i’m a little bit sad there are no more pails! 🙁

    i loove your glasses! they suit you just perfectly!

  14. Ravenous is awesome, reminds me of spending many a day off up in Toga… Next time you should go to Circus Cafe on Broadway! There’s also a great little vintage shop called Reruns at the top of Phila street in a basement. Usually there’s some furniture sitting outside to let people know it’s open. Maple fest looks fun this year!

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