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Did everyone have a good week? I did. It was nice to have a day off in the middle. I think every week should be like that. Anyone have any good plans for the weekend? I think we are heading out to explore Maple Weekend around NY state. I am pretty excited! I love real maple syrup!! It’s also suppose to be beautiful out tomorrow so it will be a good day out and about farms in the area. I also found this awesome sounding crepe restaurant that I want to try out in Saratoga. Maybe we could fit that in? We will have to see.

The last 2 days I have been dying to paint something- anything! I have always had a fascination with medical illustrations and old botany illustrations/etchings (I have always wanted a floral tattoo styled after those etchings) I think I want to mix the two and do some small paintings that maybe I will put up in my etsy shop to sell. I just need to do something!!


Anyways, here are some of my starred posts this week from my google reader. There is just so much inspiration out there. I love it!!!

1. There is nothing that impresses me more than things that are letterpressed and that are amazing. Look how wonderful these wedding invitations are!!! I love every single detail about them. I love how they are roped together, how they addressed each envelope, even the vintage cactus and flower stamps they used. So good!!!

2. I hope when our kid is old enough to sit at a table our table will be like this. I hope we pass on our creative spirit to our kids! How awesome to have colored pencils at the table!! I can picture our table always covered in white paper with little drawings all over it. I get so excited now as a 27 year old when we are at a restaurant with white paper and crayons to draw. I know we always give the waiter or waitress a good laugh after kev and me leave one of those places. We cover that entire thing with ridiculous drawings.

3. Man, I wish I would look this cute in a pair of trousers rolled up. What a great outfit!

4. I saw this on another blog this week and I starred it because it was so cute, but then I saw it being used on Making it Lovely and knew I needed to have this for our baby things once the baby arrives. It would totally match our kitchen and look super adorable! What a great idea for a baby dish rack.

5. Next time I am in Boston (which I hope is very soon) I want to find this homegoods store. It looks so fun!

6. When I see this picture it reminds me of how much I want to live in Paris. This girl is absolutely adorable. I don’t even know if she is from France, but in my head she is and if I lived there I could look as cute too! haha. I love it there! I love this girl!

7. I love these pregnancy photos that bluebird vintage has been taking. They are just so cute!!

8. I love looking at interior design sites and I found this bathroom picture this week and really just fell in love with it. Its so fun and modern looking. I think Kev would like this a lot too. I really like the fish bowl with the toilet paper in it. Its a cute detail!

9. Umm Cats spinning above your head? YES PLEASE!!!! haha I love this!!

10. Last but not least… This artist I am in love with!!! I was so inspired by this artwork that I instantly wished I was at my parents house around band saws and drill presses because I want to get to work!!

p.s I do know how to spell “tell” in the title I dont know why it is cutting off the letters?

  1. Ravenous – It’s good, I haven’t been there in a while, but last time I was there it was very yummy. If you ever need any restaurant tips for Saratoga, I’ve been practically everywhere there.


  2. OMG–RAVENOUS IS MY FAVE RESTAURANT OF ALL TIME!!! seriously…the crepes are INCREDIBLE!!! i have two that i like: one that has apples, strawberries and rhubarb, and another that has broccoli, tomato, cheddar, and something else that i’m forgetting. and the horseradish sauce for the pomme frites is just beyond awesome!!! i’m so jealous…in fact part of me wants to make seth drive up there tomorrow just so we can join you!!! lol

  3. I’ve done something like #2 at our house before, you just get brown wrapping paper (we got ours from Target), cut out a nice piece and put it on your table with markers as your centerpiece. I put my markers in cleaned out aluminum food cans!! I’ve done it for quite some time and everyone loves it!! You can get started on your craft table now.

  4. Love the pregnancy photos! they did such a great job with it, they look so delicate!

  5. I’d definitely be interested in those paintings, I’m into that stuff too. Have been looking for old prints of botannical drawings for a while.
    Sounds like your headed for a great weekend. I’m celebrating my birthday tonight by going to see Alice in Wonderland, I hope it lives up to the hype.
    Oh, and for craft tables, Ikea used to have this thing to attach a big roll of paper to your table, so the kids could roll and tear of a piece or do huge drawings. I kinda liked that for myself even 🙂

  6. I went to school in Saratoga – Ravenous is SO good. You’ll love it 🙂

  7. Ravenous is wonderful! When we go, in order to avoid having to make tough decisions, we always spit and order of fries, spilt a savory crepe, and split a sweet crepe for dessert– perfect!

  8. If you end up going to the crepe place, please post the name! We’re heading to our house on Saratoga Lake for a family reunion this summer and I’d love to hit some yummy restaurants while we’re there!!

  9. what a great post!! I love botanical prints. My dad and I scored a book of them not too long ago. We divided them up and framed many of them. I also found a beautiful hand-tinted, signed orchid print a while ago that I just LOVE!! I’d love to see what you come up with.

    I’m pretty much loving everything you posted today. Wish I could also look cute in rolled-up trousers!

  10. i love that cityscape shower curtain! enjoy your weekend! 😉

  11. rebecca •

    you will love the crepe restaurant! it is so fun! Saratoga is so fun! hopefully you will have some time to check out the town! there is a great farmers market there on Saturdays. Have fun!

  12. wow that bathroom is amazing, love the yellow them in it

  13. thanks for the “love list.” have a great weekend! xo claudia

  14. Love these links! Oh and I fixed this so it links back to my blog now!

  15. I love your blog…first time commenting…congrats on your pregnancy what a blessing and your style files are amazing…cant wait to see the maternity version!

  16. Jen, you and Kev ought to swing through Schenectady if you have time today, it’s Art Weekend downtown and today is also the Greenmarket, which has a few different vendors than Troy’s Farmer’s Market. There’s also a creperie across from Proctor’s Theater which doesn’t have pomme frites but does have AMAZING crepes and sandwiches! It’s also a little cozier than Ravenous, so it’s extra nice for a date night (and cheap!). Enjoy your day, should be beautiful!

  17. Meredith •

    I love Ravenous! If you didn’t make it there this weekend, you should definitely visit another weekend. Our farmer’s market in Saratoga is also really fun. Lots of flowers, fresh veggies, and all sorts of other fresh, local stuff. Hope you had a lovely sunny weekend 🙂

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