Week 16 and Baby thoughts

Hi Guys.
Here we are a week later. I can’t believe it’s been a week already since we shared our first pictures. I think by doing a weekly photo shoot it’s going to make the time go by so fast. I don’t really think my belly has changed all that much- it all depends how I am standing, what I have eaten and what time of day it is. haha. It’s really funny because right now it kinda just looks like I have gained weight (which I have- 8 pounds to be exact/ YIKES!) more so than being pregnant and when we touch my stomach I think we both think it’s going to be kinda squishy but its crazy how firm it feels. Kev thinks its crazy how firm and likes to tell people to touch it. I usually then have to look at the person he just told and shake my head like “no, please dont.” haha. He is cute. He rubs my stomach for a while every night before we go to bed.

I think the weight gain at the beg. of pregnancy has been a hard thing to adjust to for me. Its a weird feeling because things don’t fit but at the same time you don’t really look pregnant. So its hard to keep remembering this is suppose to be happening. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week still, which I really enjoy and of course helps the mental game of gaining weight. No, I am not trying to lose weight but I want to keep going to the gym through out because it makes me feel good and I know it will be really good for me and baby. I had to give up running now, which was sad. No marathons for me this year, but I have been walking for 40 mins every time at varying speeds and inclines. Its a good work out.

We are dying to find out the sex of the baby. I have my next appointment on April 1st and I am hoping that we will be able to find out soon after that. I am counting down the days till the next appointment. I want (need) to hear the heart beat again. Its so hard to go a month between your visits when there is nothing really apparently pregnant happening to you. There is not a giant belly or little kicks that are telling you “hey I am still in here and doing ok” so the farther I get away from my last appointment the more worried I get that everything is going ok. I mean I know I have past the crucial time period but still, all you want is the best for this little baby growing inside of you and its nice to hear some reassurance. The last time we were at the doctor the midwife was going to use the doppler thing to listen to the heartbeat and said “it might take a minute” as soon as she touched that thing to my stomach you could hear this strong super fast little heart beat. It is the cutest most heart warming sound ever. Kev is always so cute at the appointment. Afterwards, he was like “I am so proud of you. Did you hear how strong it is” He always tells me that he is proud of me because of how healthy I am trying to be and how well I am taking care of myself for the baby. Its very sweet.


Ok on to my last point. As you can see I feel like I have a lot to say and share about this journey. I am thinking of starting a separate blog for baby. I know jenloveskev is already more of a lifestyle blog than just fashion, but I feel like I have so much more to share about pregnancy that I am not because it just makes too much for one blog. I really like the focus of jenloveskev right now. Yes, some things will overlap. I will still talk about us and baby on this blog as it comes up, but I like the idea of a more focused baby blog as well. Any thoughts? I’d love to know what you think!!!

  1. I for one would be interested in hearing more baby updates. So crossover as you please.

  2. the first part of pregnancy is very hard. especially that awkward point right before you start to show when you feel out of sorts like you describe. trust me, you look AMAZING! 8 lbs at 16 weeks is a fantastic number, and jf you are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan like you sound like you are, your body will gain just exactly what it needs. and i totally remember feeling that stressful “i need to hear the heartbeat!!” feeling between visits.
    i think a baby blog would be fun! i love hearing your excitement over your pregnancy. since i think i am done having babies now i just have to live vicariously through other pregnant women (which is why i think i am a birth attendent…i just can’t get enough of pregnant ladies and babies), so i would definitely read both blogs.

  3. i love that you are photographing weekly – these photos are so adorable – it makes me just want to hug the crap out of you and kev! haha! i like the idea of a baby blog – but i love your blog because it includes so much of you guys and not just fashion. either way – im sure i will read both daily still 🙂 XOX

  4. You know what? You should do whatever you like, but I kind of like how you have included parts of your life which don’t always exactly pertain to fashion, etc. And, I know some of women who have have trouble during/after their pregnancy with what they are wearing so i think it could be helpful. A lot of my girlfriends curbed their shopping a lot after they had the baby, because their was a bit of a priority shift, and then felt woefully out of style when we would go have dinner or whatever (even they looked great!).

    And you seem to be pretty conscientious about not turning Jenloveskev into something totally different, so I think you will be able to find a nice balance. Plus, I don’t have kids and am not pregnant but I can appreciate an adorable baby outfit or maternity fashion that leaves the rest of us wishing we had a baby bump to accessorize. 😉

    Having said that, if you want to share more about your pregnancy, a separate blog would be awesome! Congrats on the baby to be!

  5. Tina B •

    I can’t imagine you adding more to your plate with a whole different blog! It may sound like a good idea now, but I think if you feel like you are just too tired or too busy you’ll feel bad for your readers if you can’t keep up. I would definitely love to hear and see more of what you would say though. It is tough to find the right balance. I think all your readers here love you so much that it doesn’t matter what you do. Just sharing who you are and keeping the right balance would be perfect here.
    With that said, have you checked the Chinese calender to check the sex of your baby? It is a fun thing to do. I have heard most people say it has been accurate. It is just fun….
    Another myth is that if you crave salty things you are having a boy and if you love sweets, it is a girl. It worked for me..I had to have a bag of Lays chips with me at all times! LOL

  6. Jen, you are so likable. And such a cute mom-to-be. Bring on all the baby updates!

  7. man! this really brings back memories of early pregnancy. it’s such a weird time, like that all you can think about is this baby, but you don’t look it on the outside and don’t feel it too much yet either. and way to go on continuing to excercise! i did yoga throughout my pregnancy and i know it helped so much. i remember still feeling kick-ass even up to my due date, which was great.

    i think its totally great to make a separate blog, if you want to! i will be interested to see how your blog changes as you move through pregnancy and have a child. I feel pretty lame because after my son was born I stopped making art and posting photos online and stuff. it’s just really hard to find a balance. i have to remind myself that i won’t have a small child forever and that there are just different seasons in life. whatever happens with you, i wish you the best!

  8. Starting a family focused blog is something that you’ll have forever. I think you really would like it. That way in the future you can print out the entires and photographs and paste them into a real journal to give to your child or perhaps just to have as a family keepsake.

    I say go for a separate blog for your family. That way it’s all nicely kept together : )
    And you look adorable – don’t worry about the belly….that will come sooner than you think!

  9. I don’t think you should start a new blog…I like all of your “life updates” in one place!

  10. You look so strong, beautiful, and full of joy in those pictures! I just want to squeeze your cheeks because you and Kevin are so cute and in love. I think it’s so important that you continue to work out through your pregnancy. Not only does it keep your baby healthy while it’s cooking in your belly but I think most importantly, It will keep YOU feeling happy and strong. Women have the tendency to put their families before themselves so I think it’s AMAZING that you are doing something for yourself, like working out. Keep it up! Plus, I’ve heard it makes your labor easier!
    I would love to know more about your pregnancy and baby life on a blog. I would just be worried having 2 blogs to update would stress you out. I wouldn’t mind one bit if you just switched this blog to be more baby focused. It’s where your life is at right now and that’s why most of us read this, to see your life. I think it’s perfectly fine to switch the direction. But it’s up to you! If you have a baby blog I’ll be over there reading away!

    Congrats again, you look beautiful!

  11. I would prefer that you just keep the one blog and blog away about the baby and whatever else suits you!! It’s just easier to follow only one blog and not two, and not read posts that are repeats of the other blog. I love seeing and reading how you are trying to incorporate your style into the pregnancy and vice versa and I adore the pictures!!
    The blog should be all about you, and right now pregnancy is part of you, so just keep being you here on JenLoveskev!! 🙂

  12. Charlotte W •

    Hi Jen, this pic is really nice!
    Maybe you could create another section within this blog which is for baby stuff? It could sit at the top (with Blog, Gallery etc) and I’m not sure which blogging platform you are using, but if you set up a new category for baby posts you can probably use it for Baby posts and make it just pull through a tiny extract on the JenLovesKev homepage, and the full one on the Baby page. That way people who want to read the baby stuff (which sounds like most of us anyway!) will know when you update the baby section?
    I’m a web editor in my day job and spend ages thinking about how to divide content up so people get to see the bits that interest them. I tend to find it’s easier having a load of stuff on one site, and then to segment it a bit, otherwise you run the risk of having lots of little bits of info on different sites.
    Anyway, hope that helps in some way! x

  13. There is always that point where you are thinking, does it look like I have a baby in there or like I’ve been eating a lot of icecream. It is an amazing journey though. My daughter is 2 1/2 and I’m still amazed at the fact that I MADE that little person.

  14. i think you should keep blogging about the baby on this blog because once the baby is born, you will have to deal with all the changes that will affect the way you dress (losing the baby weight, adjusting to a busier lifestyle, etc). i like that you already incorporate things unrelated to fashion on your blog; that it’s jenlovekev not jenlovesgettingdressed! however, if you do create a separate baby blog, i’ll definitely keep reading! 😀

  15. Brianne •

    You are so sweet and likable, and I love you blog! I have a 20mo, and I remember feeling exactly how you are right now. Not knowing what’s going on in your belly is hard between dr visits. It’s so amazing once you start feeling the baby kick! At least then, you’ve got something to go by.
    I would love to read more about your baby journey! I would read both blogs, for sure. It might be easier for you in the long run, to combine everything into one blog. Babies take up a LOT of time 🙂 Keeping up with two separate blogs might be tricky. Either way, I support you and wish you the best!

  16. NatalieW •

    I think having a separate section/blog for the baby stuff is a great idea. I am pregnant with my first and am looking for fashion ideas for me and nursery ideas and other stuff for the baby.

  17. I dont think you should have to start a new blog to talk about your baby. Sure, we all starting following this blog for fashion or something like that, but for the people that follow your blog, we kept following it because we like and care about you. It sounds creepy for someone that doesnt not know you, to feel like they know you. But I feel like at this point, you are like one of my friends (even though its one sided). So with your friends, you want to hear about what they are going through and see them go through it. I do not think that you should separate parts of your life to fit into a certain kind of catagory. For people who dont want to see a bunch of baby stuff, they can just scroll past it.
    Sorry, I feel like I should step down from the soap box now… heh

  18. Love the pictures, of course, and the sentiments. As someone who is nowhere near being pregnant anytime soon, though, I kinda hate the idea of you spinning off a “baby blog” — why shouldn’t all these wonderful thoughts and photos stay right here? I don’t think it’s annoying to the non-mommies among us 😛 And I for one feel like it’s a topic that deserves just as much billing as style and food and life and everything else I’ve come to enjoy on your blog over the last few months. [I mean, thematically, it works, right? — there’s a baby coming ’cause “Jen Loves Kev!”]

  19. I too like the idea of a separate section for baby stuff. I love reading your life updates as well as fashion, and I know that having a baby is a HUGE part of your life, but as someone who doesn’t have children and doesn’t really plan to have them (I do love them though, I promise I’m not a baby hater!), it can get overwhelming when you are just reading about tons and tons of baby related stuff that goes into a bit too much detail. But at the same time I totally understand you wanting to share all of that, since it is new and exciting. It’s always hard to find the right balance, but I know you will!

  20. loving the baby bump pictures! xo

  21. These are amazing! I did not take ONE picture of myself when I was pregnant because I felt “icky” it was so stupid, I really regret it, but these are inspiring for the next one!

  22. i LOVE THE flicking hair picture. Super cute! You should start a separate blog, much like this one did….

    I’m addicted to that blog.

  23. I love the idea of you guys doing these photoshoots. They are so cute! I’m in love with the photos, especially the one where Kevin is poking your stomach. haha You two are adorable and look so genuinely happy.
    As for making a separate blog, I think it would be great to maybe add a separate page, almost as an extension of your blog now, just so you can add all those details that you wish to share and I’m sure so many would love to hear!

  24. That’s a toughie! I love having your baby stuff on this blog, but I understand why you’d want to start a baby/family focused blog. A good example to look at would be Melissa from Without Melissa and Dear Baby. I think for a while she had trouble keeping up her “normal” blog and felt a bit guilty about it. Blogs are a lot of maintenance! Whichever you choose I am so excited to watch your family grow. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  25. P.s. How are your bras fitting? YOWZA!

  26. i tried to do two separate blogs and got overwhelmed and stopped doing the baby’s blog altogether. i understand if you want to protect jenloveskev–i barely talk about baby on my blog, almost because it’s really easy to get defined solely by motherhood and it’s an accountability to pursue my own passions outside of her, that way i’m a more whole person and mother. i am a huge fan of that. but i must admit, i like the baby talk on here. (: i guess for it’s subtlety. i don’t know if everything we think through in a season of pregnancy needs to be processed on the internet. it’s really fragile. just make sure you are careful with yourself, love.

  27. I’ve seen pregnant women with blogs do it both ways – either one is fine with me, it’s really up to you if you want to segment them like that… especially because once the baby comes, it’s not like that’s it. You’ll still have tons of newborn/baby/toddler/etc stuff to keep sharing for years – the baby will be a huge part of your life obviously! These photos are adorable, and Kev sounds so sweet – I think he will be a phenomenal dad!

  28. First off, I love these new photo shoots of you two. All your stories about Kev being so sweet and enthusiastic only affirms you two will make amazing parents! I really don’t mind hearing more about the baby on this blog. personally, I enjoy life style blogs more than pure fashion blogs anyway. I like to know there is a real woman behind every outfit, so learning about how you spend your weekend, get dressed, and what you cook is equally as fascinating and fun to me as your new pair of shoes or whatever. I’d totally read a separate baby blog, but if you choose to keep everything on JLK I’d still read too!

  29. Jennifer •

    If it means sharing more stories and thoughts on the baby, then I would love if you started a separate baby blog. I’m kind of obsessed with reading baby blogs!

  30. Like I said before.. I’m looking to you for future advice! I always thought I’d change Selective Potential with whatever I’m focusing on at the moment. I’m sure it’ll contain fashion for a long time yet, but when I’m pregnant/having babies I think I’ll just put that right into the blog.. IDK. That’s so tough! I feel like maintaining one blog is hard enough work.. two would kill me!

  31. Hi, there! I love reading your blog. I, too, am pregnant…13w3d today. I could relate to much of what you are saying…esp. the part of being pregnant but not looking the part and not being at a point where you can feel the baby move. I had my first ultrasound in my 9th week, then I had another this week (13wks) for genetic testing. It felt so good to see the baby after not seeing or hearing it for 4 weeks. I am so ready to get big and look pregnant. I also have a blog and thought about doing a separate one. It changed my mind, though. Because my pregnancy/baby is part of my life that I already blog about, so I decided just to keep one. Take care of yourself! Sending good wishes your way for you and baby!

  32. erykah •

    i’m very happy for you guys =)
    There has been baby talk in our house for a year now…but waiting on the Lord’s timing because that’s best..and when that time comes I can’t wait!

  33. Jen, you look really beautiful. I love the 3rd pic of you, in a very simple tank. I think black & white pregnancy photos are a great way to document. You are very lucky to have such an amazing husband who truly appreciates the physically toll that pregnancy takes on your body.

  34. I say keep them together. Your blog is more about you than any oen subject and right now you means pregnancy. Not sure if you read or have read OhBrooke blog but she is a few staps ahead of you on the baby train!


  35. Jacqueline •

    I’m 10 weeks pregnant, so I’d love a separate pregnancy/baby blog!

  36. the photographs are just awesome! i just love the weekly updates! separate blog sounds good to me, but if you want to add more baby into jenloveskev – i will definitely read! take care, xo.

  37. Alisha •

    I don’t mind reading about baby stuff on this blog at all! I think you should keep the baby stuff here, because this blog is about your life, and obviously your baby is part of that! I know I’m not alone in saying that I adore all of your posts, whether they are style files, recipes, over the weekend, etc. Baby posts, even if there are a lot of them, will just enrich your blog and add another dimension to it. But even if you decide to start a separate blog, I’ll be reading that one, too!

    I also wanted to say that I really, really admire your positive and healthy attitude about your body. Weight gain is a normal part of pregnancy, and I’m glad you realize that and are focusing on keeping yourself healthy for the baby, even though you don’t look very pregnant right now. That must be really hard, but you know what? Soon you’ll have an even bigger (and beautiful!) baby bump, and then a wonderful, healthy baby thanks to your efforts! Besides, the people that matter know that your body is changing because you’re pregnant, not because you’re randomly gaining weight. You’re doing everything right, Jen; keep it up.

  38. Andrea •

    I just came across your blog this week and I must say, I’m just in love. Then I found out you’re having a baby! Wowee, how exciting. I for one love fashion and babies so if there is any cross over, I’d be happy, but if you do start another blog, I’d probably read that too =)
    Good luck and I’m totally playing catch up with all your previous posts!

  39. awww i never properly said congratulations, so…congratulations!! 🙂
    this is so amazing how you’re sharing your experience with us and these pictures are just so inspiring and gorgeous. can’t wait to read more over the weeks.

  40. I love hearing about the baby! And those are possibly the cutest photos I’ve ever seen.

  41. I’m going to have to agree with Jamie who said that even if we started reading your blog for one reason, we’re reading everyday because we like you, not just because you have cute clothes and make nice dinners! Being pregnant is part of your world now and I think it’s great to have all the baby thoughts you might want to share right here. But that being said, if you do start up a new blog dedicated to baby things, I will read that as well.

  42. A dedicated baby blog would be great for fellow expectant mums to really share your experience fully… and maybe you could update all us fashion followers every few weeks too?

    You and Kev look radiant! x

  43. You guys look so happy! And you’re apartment looks a little windy. You might want to have Kev caulk those windows b4 baby arrives.

    Hey you might actually be able to find out next appointment. Becky found out one of the babies was a boy at 12 weeks. Crazy I know, but you might actually be able to see. I for one don’t think you need to do a totally separate blog. This is a huge part of you life and I think that most women like to read about it. Even if they’re not in that same stage of their lives. You could always do a separate page where you could just do quick posts of things you see that you like (to give us friends an idea of what to buy you) or things you are thinking or feeling. I wouldn’t put something else on your plate if it might be too much to maintain. Maybe if it’s just another page off here you won’t feel obligated to update it EVERY day if you don’t want to.

    I know how you feel about wanting to hear that little heart beat. Very soon you will probably feel little “butterflies” or “tickling” on the inside of your skin. For me it was very faint but it was Anthony’s little fingers tickling my insides. Kev is hilarious about how firm your stomach is. Abs of steel with no six pack. And how great that he’s proud and encouraging to you for taking care of yourself. xo love you guys.

  44. JEN!!! we’re one week apart!!! i’m at 17 weeks this week!!! congrats, congrats, congrats!!! isn’t it the most awesome experience??? even through my horrible first couple of months, i’m still totally in awe of the whole thing. and with twins, i’m looking soooooooo pregnant already (sadly, we gave up the photo every week thing b/c i was just too sick to keep up with it. i’m kinda sad about it, and it seems pathetic to say, but honestly for a while there, i didn’t even have the energy to stand for a photo), which is awesome. seth is completely in love with my belly and keeps saying, “babe, you’ve never been sexier!” which totally cracks me up!

    i’m so glad you’re feeling well, eating well, and exercising. all that went by the wayside for me for a bit, so now it’s a slow road to recovery. i posted yesterday about how i even tried to eat meat–EGADS!!!–again, but it was a terrible experience. but getting to 100g of protein every day is feeling daunting!!! let’s definitely share vegetarian pregnancy recipes. lol

    and a big YES!!! on the pregnancy blog. i was thinking of doing the same thing last fall when we were going through all the fertility stuff. there’s so many cool (and uncool) parts of pregnancy and fertility that you just don’t know until you’re in it. if you want a collaborator, please count me in!!!

    xoxoxo (a kiss and a hug for you, kev, and baby!!!)

  45. Oh my gosh…. You are so incredibly adorable!! And these pictures of you guys are just the cutest! This is gonna be such a cool thing when you put them all together in the future! 🙂

  46. These pictures are gorgeous! I can totally picture Kev and you doing the ‘touch her belly’ – ‘no please don’t’ thing 😀
    I’d like to see the baby stuff right here. I always enjoyed that you had so much variation here (though lately it is mostly fashion, not that I mind), it really sets you apart from other blogs.

  47. You are such a hot momma! I love the first picture, you guys look so cute and happy.

  48. Suseth Garcia •

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and this is the first time I’ve posted on your blog. I love reading about your life journey and all the fashion bits included. I look forward to everything post. I vote for you making a separate blog for just baby stuff. I have to add that I’m 20 years old (almost 21) but I still avidly read what you have to say about the pregnancy. You write so passionately and I just wanted to compliment you on your ability to saturate your posts with wonderful emotions.

    Look forward to your next post.

  49. I would LOVE to read more about you and baby! it’s so interesting to get things from the perspective of someone close to my age. I’m curious!

  50. I’ve been reading your blog for about six months now, though I’ve never commented. I love how it’s about ALL of your life, and vote for including baby stuff here. I adore hearing about it and seeing photos. Since I hope to be going down that road myself soon, I’m interested in following all of it, from your excitement to how to deal with clothing when your size/shape is changing.

    That said, if you do a separate blog, I’ll follow the hell out of that one too. I can see how some people who just want straight-up fashion might not be a fan of baby talk, but I think that type of person might not be reading Jen Loves Kev in the first place. Seems like a lot of commenters here love the variation, so do whatever makes you happy!

  51. baby blog! baby blog! baby blog!
    i am obsessed with good baby blogs 🙂
    so you’d have at least one reader!

  52. I have a good feeling all of your baby posts are gonna make me tear up! I’m so happy for you and Kev!!

  53. Those photos are fantastic by the way! What a photographer!

    It must be strange to first be pregnant, cause you’d really only feel like you gained weight. But, I’m sure as soon as you know it, you’ll keep popping!

    Stick in there!

  54. I think a separate blog would be awesome! You could share more and it would be a lot of fun to design a new one, too! Loving the pictures, I’m sure I’ll read either way, I just LOVE your blog!!! SO excited for you and Kev! You’ll be amazing parents, I can just tell 🙂

  55. As long as it’s not too much pressure on you, definitely start a baby blog! I would love to read your baby- dedicated thoughts on a more frequent basis! By the way, these photos are so beautiful. You look so radiant, especially in the last one! 🙂

  56. I’d follow your other blog then too! I love hearing the pregnant stuff too. (maybe because I’m just a week ahead of you…) But also because It’s such a fun and exciting time and it’s fun to hear it from a first time Mommy, who is just as excited as she should be! Don’t worry about the weight gain. Your doing all you can to remain healthy, so let it ride. My first time around, I gained weight at all the wrong times, so I’d go from gaining “too much” weight one month, to “not enough” weight the next. Everyone it different and your body handles it how it should. Also….give it another week or so, sit still, or lie on your back after you eat something & see if you can feel it! I just started feeling it at random times this week. (I’m 17 weeks 4 days today) I’ve already been pregnant once & know what it feels like, but I’m pretty sure you should be able to recognize it too. a couple inches below your belly button, its a dull rolling feeling…for me at least!
    Goodluck! and enjoy it all.

  57. Dear Jen,
    Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy all of the variety you incorporate into it! I too love cooking, fashion, and art. Ceramics is one of my number one hobbies, and I love etsy! I am constantly on the site! I have an etsy shop too, I started it this year for my senior project at my high school.
    Your outift posts are always really exciting to see. I love your style, sometimes it reminds me of myself. You’re very crafty. And functional and cute at the same time.
    I haven’t gotten around to congratulate you on the baby news yet, so congratulations! It must be really happy and exciting for you and your family!
    By the way, your nose is really awesome! Hehe.
    Best of luck and God bless,

  58. Ok. So I’m totally with you on the 8lbish thing in 16ish weeks. I was something like that too. I am now at 23 weeks and have gained like at least 18lbs…prob more. I didn’t get too sick at all though so that has a lot to do with it. The weight gain did slow down eventually so hopefully it will for you too. I am totally out of my element right now. I have been thin my who life and it’s so weird to have even my arms looking chubby. But I am getting used to the idea since it’s for such a good cause! I love your blog and I think a separate baby blog is a fantastic idea!

    Good luck in growing that babe:)


  59. personally, i love your blog so much because it is so varied! i never know exactly what i’m going to get when i come here, but it’s all so wonderful! selfishly i would like you to keep your baby blogging with the rest of your lifestyle blog because i already have so many blogs in my reader it’s hard to keep up! when jessica (of what i wore) started blogging separately about her wedding i kind of stopped paying attention.

    it’s just really exciting to read about the changes in your life because it is such a full, happy one–it’s inspiring! congratulations on the baby 🙂

  60. Emily Moher •

    What about having a separate link for the baby stuff, kinda like what i wore has a separate link for what i wore down the aisle, that way you can keep jenloveskev true to its roots but still have a spot for our the super cool baby stuff.

  61. Leanne •

    I have two kidlets and I think the hardest part of being a new mom, back in the beginning, was trying to find some balance between the “mommy me” and the “regular me.” It was hard to go through, a little identity crisis of sorts at times. I now blend them and wouldn’t think of being annoyed with a blogger for writing about her life, even including babies. Babies are rad. Pregnancy is beautiful. Life changes and evolves and unfolds in the coolest ways. Don’t feel like you have to categorize your life to appease some blank faced “reader.”

  62. Tierra •

    i would follow you other blogs. i love hearing all your stories. I’m so excited for you guys!!!

  63. congratulations! Your pictures are just lovely! Especially the last one! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  64. Alaini •

    I love your blog, and I would love to read more about your baby and growing family, too. I have a one year old daughter, and I could go into labour any day with my second girl. You guys are already such wonderful parents. <3

  65. What great comments! Looks like the consensus is that everyone wants to keep up to date with the baby news & I can’t agree more… one question though… is there a reason to give up running? Most of my running mommy friends ran most of the way through and if it is the bump that is bugging you – you can strap it down later on… just a thought…

  66. I love that you’ve started documenting your pregnancy with photos. You look healthy, radiant, and strong in your photos. I agree with what other readers said about this blog; being pregnant is part of your life now, and since this is a lifestyle blog it only makes since to include pregnancy as part of it. That said, if you do decide to start another baby blog I will totally read it.

  67. ACK! I can’t figure out how to delete my comment/question about running and I just realized that it might be a totally personal question and I am being rude and a personal space invader… so please disregard my question from above!

    ps. I ADORE the green skirt and you look so dewy.glowy right now! lovely!

  68. oh man, jen. we’ve been out of town and i’ve just been getting caught up on your blog–congratulations! i’m so excited for you & kev. it’s just such a unique and wondrous time. i’m not sure what others have said, but if you start a new blog, i’ll totally read it. but i think everyone would be happy if you continued to post baby stuff on this blog, some of my favorite blogs cover a multitude of subjects. (think of how great it’s been to watch joanna’s belly and excitement grow on cup of jo!) anyway, don’t stress yourself out by starting a new one. your readers love you. ALL of you! including that little babe. so we’ll be psyched to read anything you have to say; be it fashion, art, baby, marriage, food, life, and on & on 🙂

  69. Megan Young •

    I would love to read a baby-related blog! Go ahead, I’m sure it would be a great way to document the pregnancy, and a lovely way for you to look back on it later!

  70. Waiting to find out the sex has got to be one of the most suspensful things to me and I’ve never had a baby.

    When one of my employees was pregnant I would ask her like every day “how far along to you have to be to know the sex? when are you 20 weeks? when is your appointment?” Haha. I don’t even know what I’ll do when I have one of my own.

  71. i’ve followed your blog for a long time, but haven’t commented really….

    first of all, congrats! as a mom to a 2yo, it is just great. great great great. second, i have been thinking about your conflict with how much to post here about pregnancy. i say — don’t worry! you represent a generation of us women who are working on careers, getting married, becoming 1st time moms and trying to keep our sense of style the entire time. it would be great to see how you balance it all! keep it up!

  72. Gina LB •

    Aw so exciting! It must be hard remembering that you are pregnant and not just packing on some winter lbs. haha. I think I mentioned this when you were here, but you should ask Sarah for her ultrasound thingy. She had it for Eliot and I think Evelyn but it is really cool to hear the heartbeat. Enjoy this awesome time~!

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