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So I woke up Sunday morning and decided I needed to wear a big bow in my hair that day. I plugged in my glue gun and made this ridiculous headband. I felt like Minnie Mouse all day but I think I love it. I asked Kev if I could still wear a bow like this if we had a kid. hehe. I don’t want to feel like I have to change the way I dress to fit a “mom” style. hehe I will just make the same headband for my kid and we can match. hehe.

I wore this to church and out to lunch with friends on Sunday. Our church is in a bar/concert hall called Revolution Hall. Its pretty sweet. There is the most Amazing Brewery next door called Browns Brewery. They have some of the best beer!! Mmmm. I love all the decorative beer taps for their beer in Rev. hall. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day and every year Brown’s asks our Pastor Ed to do a blessing of the bar. Its pretty awesome. Like 300 people come out from around Troy and Albany. The news is there, the Major and lots of bag pipes. I can’t wait!! I am just bummed I can’t have some beer along with everyone else. (Don’t worry little baby you are totally worth the wait to drink some again).

Peach Top: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Headband: Handmade
Flats: Steve Madden

The Last nights dinner recipe will be posted late tonight. We had no power last night so we went out for dinner instead, so I am cooking it tonight for dinner. I am pretty excited. It has to do with maple syrup in honor this up coming Maple Weekend here in upstate NY. Mmmmm!!!

and all I have to say after taking the birth center tour last night is, wow we still have lot to learn! and oh yeah to private rooms!! We are getting more and more excited everyday. I love this little baby! As we were laying in bed last night Kev leaned over and said I am really excited about being a Dad. Hearing that warms my heart more than you know!! He is going to be the most amazing Dad ever.

  1. i kinda love the bow.

  2. Stephanie •

    You guys are too cute. You’re going to be such great parents! : )

  3. How exciting! Love the outfit!

  4. I just let out a big AWWWW at work over that last paragraph.

  5. Totally rock the matching outfits! You both deserve big bows!

  6. Rebekah Peters •

    Oh my word I LOVE the bow!
    NEVER change who you are cause your awesome! 🙂

  7. Aww, this post made me smile. Actually all your posts do. 🙂
    I wish I was brave enough to wear a big bow, you look adorable!

  8. Such a cute outfit!! Don’t worry, you don’t need to change your style when you become a mom! And I agree, a matching little bow for your little one would be so adorable! Glad you enjoyed the birth centre tour, it’s amazing how great the hospitals are. xoxo

  9. sooo cute! i just got that skirt back from my sister, so i am looking at your posts for inspiration!

  10. LOVE it!!! and YES, you can totally still wear a bow and be a mom. no way am i giving up my bow headbands once the twins get here!!!

  11. kev is the sweetest dad-to-be! and you’ll be the cutest mom&baby – let’s just hope if it’s sporting a bow, it’s not a boy : )

  12. your bow is adorable and there should be no reason for changing your style once you become a mom. you’ll be the most stylish mom out there

    wow your church sounds really cool. a blessing at a bar! awesome!

  13. Haha…sometimes I ask my husband “when is one too old to wear headbands & bows?” But I wear them regardless because they’re fun.

    I thought of you yesterday, while reading about Gisele Bundchen birth experience. Apparently she meditated through her whole birth, which took place in a bathtub. Can you imagine?

  14. I just hope you don’t have a boy if you plan on making it a huge purple bow to wear. You just wear whatever you want when you’re a mom. It just gets hard when you don’t really have to go anywhere to get dressed up every day. So make sure you always have something to do as long as you can handle it. How cute that Kev is excited. You’re both going to be awesome parents. Just make sure if you share a room with someone in the hospital that you don’t nurse the wrong baby. 😉 xo

  15. And ps, i still wear a bow in my hair as a mom. It’s just a little smaller than that one.

  16. What a lovely little post! It’s so full of charming intimate details and sweet baby planning. Thank you for sharing and your outfit is so pretty and you make the process of having a baby seem like the most magical thing.

    xo Jenny

  17. The bow is absolutely darling! And don’t change a thing just because you’re a mom! That’s so exciting that you two are so happy about the baby! Congrats!

  18. That bow is adorable! I too am a fan of looking like Minnie Mouse and I get made fun of all the time, but I love it! Don’t change a single thing just because you’re becoming a mom, your lucky baby is going to have the best dressed Mommy around!

  19. You are so sweet, and so is your outfit! I love the bow and believe you HAVE to continue dressing like that after the baby or else you’ll lose touch with yourself and your style.

  20. Your baby stories are adorable. So very, very pleased for you! And I love the bow!

  21. Super sweet outfit! Love your DIY bow.. I acutally just made one very similar to that one! I love headbands with a passion. 🙂

    xx Love & Aloha

  22. Ahhh I love & miss Brown’s dearly! Post-baby I’ll have to come up that way and grab a brew with you. And, the bow is mighty fancy–I adore it, Jen!

  23. Brittany •

    You are just too adorable. I am so happy for you and your husband, and all of the exciting things happening in your life!

  24. oh man. that last photo of you is seriously the cutest and most hilarious thing i have seen today. xx

  25. I love the bow! and your courage to wear it. It looks great on you, though. :]
    Congrats on the pregnancy. I’m sure you’ll be the most stylish family on the planet. haha.

  26. Congrats again on the bundle of joy. I love random breweries myself. It’s a fantastic way to support local business and… well.. get a good buzz with a good beer.

  27. This is beyond darling.

  28. Ah! I did not realize that you were so close to Troy- I LOVE Brown’s Pub and Rev Hall, and have spent many wonderful evenings there- including tonight- weird… My Uncle plays there often and I have been going since I was a kid… so many great memories and DELICIOUS beer! Of course you are pregnant now (congrats again!) but if you are near the area you should definitely check out the Beir Garden in Albany that has great brews on tap and very tasty german food as well (of course I’m a vegetarian so my experiences have been limited, but what I have had is good!) I was a little bummed about coming back to the area after I graduated, but honestly, I’m starting to realize what it has to offer- the capital district is great- and I love the proximity to Boston and NY… This was much longer than I intended, but I got really excited about the brewery- just two more things- have you ever been to the lebanese restaurant in Troy? It’s fantastic AND That bow is wicked cute! Phew I’m done.

  29. You look as adorable as Minnie Mouse with the gigantic bow! Very sweet look.

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