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Happy Monday Everyone!

I just want to say a huge huge Thank you to everyone that reads this blog and leaves such sweet comments. It really means the world to me and all the congrats on our baby news really touched my heart. So much encouragement- so THANK YOU!!! I may not always be able to write back or leave comments on everyones blog but I try and I def. go and check out your blogs and see what everyone is up too. You are all such sweet girls and it means so much to me that you read jenloveskev!

Did you have a good weekend? My parents came out on Friday night till Saturday to visit. It was so good to have them around. It was kinda crappy weather out but we still went and walked around the big Boat Locks in Waterford and checked out the Cohoes Falls. Then they helped us finish up some stuff in the apartment (shelves, pictures hung, etc…) It was sad when they left.


My outfit post might be more of a mix of non teacher outfits and teacher outfits coming up because I have lots of things I want to wear and share before my baby bump gets out of control. Like this outfit. Not a teacher outfit! hehe. But I love it just the same. I feel a little sandalous but I think wearing thigh highs just make me feel like that and who says you can’t feel fabulous at 4 months pregnant right? This lace tunic is suppose to be a dress. I saw it on the forever 21 website worn as a dress and I fell in love with it but when I went to try it on at the store it didnt even cover my bum. I am not that tall am I? Oh well, I just wore it with a cotton black mini to help cover my behind.

This necklace was sent to me special by Courtney of Dolly and Boy Jewelry. I had told her about how one of our wedding songs is a Mates and State song who’s chorus is “and I will be your anchor, drop my in the bay and I will hold you steady.” When I got my package and opened it to see the anchor and ship helm made out of recycled bullets. I was beyond excited!! I have been wearing it non stop since.

Lace Tunic/Dress: Forever 21
Cotton Mini: H&M
Anchor Necklace: Courtesy of Dolly and Boy
Thigh Highs: Target
Heels: Chinese Laundry

p.s. We are doing our first big baby thing tonight! We are going to an open house and tour of the child birth center at the hospital. I am pretty excited. haha is that weird? oh well. Its fun! We get to meet all the midwives as well. We have only had appointments with 2 of them so far.

  1. You look beautiful, not scandalous at all! Good luck with your tour tonight :o)

  2. Ohhh, so jealous of your tunic! I’ve been scouring the forever 21s in nyc for it since it’s no longer on the site. I’d be wearing it with a skirt or leggings as well – everything they label a “dress” is usually a shirt on me : )

  3. You look amazing! When I saw the first pictures I was like, OMG is she wearing thigh highs in her second trimester – she is my idol! Haha. I lived in a comfy jersey dress during my pregnancy. I say rock the sexy outfits!

  4. it is fun! i love birth stuff. i am a doula (birth attendent) and i love that shit. very exciting! giving birth to my sons was the most badass thing i have ever done, and having a good support team is important! you look amazing.

  5. Um…wow! You look freaking fabulous (as clinton kelly would say)! I saw the dress at F21 too and wondered at it bum covering abilities but you did a fine job covering the problem. Hot, hot, hot!

  6. I love this dress! The whole outfit is one of my faves.

  7. I have some sock thigh highs, and I always feel scandalized by myself when I wear them! lol. I’m not really sure why, but thigh highs are just automatically risque. Even if they’re sock thickness and they’re so tall they end under a skirt.

  8. Jen you are too cute! I love how sassy you are while being preggers! Who made up the rule you can’t!? You look great and I am so glad you loved the necklace!! Happy Monday darling! xoxx

  9. hot mama!! literally 🙂

  10. Alisha •

    Gosh Jen, as usual, you look absolutely amazing. I know you’re gonna remain stylish throughout your entire pregnancy. 🙂

  11. I LOVE this outfit, it is so cute and ultra feminine. I also really love the knee highs with those heels, I seriously want to go out and duplicate this outfit exactly it is the perfect going out look.

    Congratulations on being pregnant! I bet you will dominate maternity style!

  12. Wow, I think I might have to fly to the east coast and steal those shoes…they are AWESOME!!! What a great outfit!!

  13. Sexy mama! You look amazing Jen. I love this outfit so much. I think I’m going to copy it. I knew you were going to be the most stylish pregnant woman.

  14. I seriously love that outfit. You should feel really bad-a wearing that while preggers. you look amazing.

  15. I love the layering of this outfit and the tall socks! I work at a school too so I know what you mean about this not being a teacher outfit! What a cool necklace and even better because old bullets = secretly badass!

  16. Brittany •

    Great outfit! I am in love with the lace tunic and shoes!

  17. I am in love with this look. I mean, you really nailed it! Funny, I have very similar shoes to these, but I got them at Kohl’s. I’m 5’6 & I have the same complaint about F21 ‘dresses’, so you’re not alone. Oh, and by the way…a while back you visited my blog & commented about these lovely high-waisted wide leg pants from Anthropologie that I posted. I ended up finding an amazing pair that was similar at H&M for $34. They fit great, even with hips!

  18. You are rocking this pregnancy! Love the lace and killer heels.

  19. You look fantastic! That lace top is AMAZING and so are those heels!!!

  20. emily finch •

    Love Love Lovin’ your outfit Jen! You look like a supa model here!

  21. you look hot! lol great for date night I really love this look a lot actually. 🙂 Oh and congrats on the baby!!! 😀

  22. I love this outfit! And the thigh highs make you look like you have legs a mile long. Jealous.

    Congrats on the baby!

  23. Hey Jen, I hadn’t got the time to congratulate you and Kev for the baby… it’s such an awesome news!!!! Through your posts and pictures we can feel your excitement over this new adventure! Your baby will be just as stylish and as beautiful as you are and I can’t wait to see your baby bump outfits, I’m pretty sure you will amaze us! A very big virtual hug!

  24. I’m a new follower.. and I’m so excited to see how you dress throughout your pregnancy. Congrats!

  25. you look absolutely lovely. and that necklace is the sweetest thing, especially with a special meaning behind it. you guys will be the cutest little family!

  26. I absolutly love everything about this look…I’m currently making a dress out of some laceish/knitted cream fabric…I’m thinking I will definatly have to try this look with it…the only thing is my dress is sleeveless…
    As for doing “baby stuff”’re doing alot better than I did…the only baby thing we did was go to ONE prenatal class…and I kept putting off booking it..and didn’t realize that there was a waiting list that we finally ended up getting booked for 2 weeks before my due date..then the lady called to say she had to more it back a there I was (with hubby of course) 9 months preggo finally learning about all the scary things that were to come…I figured if it scared me into labour at least we were already at the hospital

  27. wow, I really really love this look. I think the proper girly lace contrasts so perfectly with the “scandalous” thigh highs. well played.

  28. I’m wondering who could actually wear that as a dress- I don’t think it’s just you!! The outfit is very cute, I think the thigh highs pull in a kind of innocent but sexy look, and I like it! And I LOVE those shoes!

  29. Jen, you truly warm my heart. Seriously, I love how you wore this at 4 months pregnant! Most stylish Mama ever! Hearing about how excited you and Kev is so touching & I can’t wait to hear all of your updates on everything ( & see all of your fierce outfits! Keep ’em coming!)

  30. This is one of my favorites of yours Jen! The thigh-highs with shoes are so cute! I’m really liking the socks with shoes thing lately.

  31. i probably say this about once a week, but THIS is my favourite outfit!! haha, you just keep killing it over and over and over…but this one, is the one (haha until next week when you have another outfit i will pine over…lol) everything about it is perfect.

    also, soooo excited for the baby!! are you going to find out the sex??

  32. That top is just divine! I love it! Have fun at the tour!

  33. I absolutely love this outfit, it’s adorable and you are even more adorable in it. Love your blog!

  34. love the lace tunic! so cute and so normal for my 5’9″ frame that the “dresses” at forever21 don’t cover my bum either!

    also, so encouraged that you’re touring a birthing center at a hospital. i’ve had the experience of both a homebirth with a midwife and a planned hospital csection. both were complete extremes (csection after losing my baby during homebirth) that are so common now. . .
    if i had to do it again, from the start, i would do a midwife or a doula in a hospital birthing center. balance is key. avoidable risks are essential. high fives.

    so happy for you guys. best to that little bean. can’t wait to find out what you’re having! (:

  35. Hey Jen!
    I love this look. So, our news is officially out. I just did my first baby news post and I am so excited to be able to share the great news. I hope you are still feeling great. I am 13 weeks today! Drop me a line when you get a chance and let me know how everything is going:)

  36. You are seriously rockin this outfit Jen!! It is perfection!

    I hope all of the baby stuff went well! I just visited my best friend and her new baby girl (5 wks old) out of state this weekend!! I came home trying to talk my husband into forgetting about our 3 more years until baby plan! Ha!

  37. you are gorgeous in this outfit, prego or not!

    if i werent going into education, i’d totally be a midwife! it sounds so fascinating! and i loooove babies!

  38. thigh high stockings instantly sex up any plain old outfit, they work so well with this one! great outfit.

  39. This is such an incredible outfit! I love it! What a beautiful lace tunic! And! You totally rocked it almost 4 months pregnant! I hope I look as wonderful and glowing as you when I’m preggers!

  40. Awww. I’m so excited to hear your baby stories!

    I love the angles you took in these photos 🙂

  41. I’m late on the congratulations, but…CONGRATULATIONS! That’s wonderful news, and I’m sure that you will be so stylish throughout your pregnancy. I have simply adored motherhood, and it has given new dimension to all my pursuits, including style blogging!

  42. You look amazing.. that lace top is darling! And I love how you, Julie, Elizabeth and I all have Dolly and Boy necklaces! It’s perfect on you. So excited to continue reading about baby stories. I loved your tweet tonight about how Kev was reading art books and you were reading baby name books. Totally sounds like something Brett and I would be doing. 🙂

  43. I love this outfit! You look great

  44. isn’t it funny how scandalous and sexy a little bit of exposed thigh can be? love this outfit Jen. The lacey victorian tunic is contrasted really well with the thigh highs!

  45. I have seen this outfit pop up on so many blogs, you are certainly onto a winner here!
    The dress is so pretty, and the necklace adorable!

  46. by farrrr my favorite outfit ive ever seen on a fashion blog! wow, i must replicate.. =)

  47. I love love love this! Def not a teacher outfit though, the kids would all have crushes on you (if they dont already)…I bet all those girls you teach totally try and emulate your style (I would!). I gotta have this Forever 21 lace tunic. I hope it’s still on their website.

  48. I seriously can not take this outfit because it is so darn cute. Hands down cutest pregnant lady outfit ever!

  49. You look sooo beautiful….I just love this oufit…:) and the shoes…wow, so nice…:)

  50. Oooh, I love those shoes!

  51. I am loving the shoes! Do you know the name of the style? I would like to track down a pair for myself…

  52. Love this outfit so much! You look gorgeous. I’d love to exchange blog links with you btw. Please let me know if you’re interested x Sushi

  53. oh my I would love to steal all the things from this outfit! it’s just perfect!

  54. I LOVE your necklace!! Too cute! The shoes are fantastic, too!

  55. callie •

    Wow. You look about a million miles tall. Legs forever. Super chic. Great look!

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