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This is a picture of my family from 2 years ago over Christmas. We were in Canada if you couldn’t tell. hehe. I was searching all over for it this morning because I wanted to see it. It’s one of my favorite pictures of us just because its so funny and there are a lot of fun memories associated with that picture. My whole family is not together very often so when we are it really means a lot to me. Being pregnant really makes me miss my family that much more! I love them so much and I am sad that I don’t get to see my sisters like ever or my mom and dad. I want them to be around but at the same time I am so proud of everyone. We all have such adventurous spirits that I know my parents encouraged growing up and we are scattered about as we each follow where are dreams take us. So I wouldn’t want to change that, but would someone just invent the teleporter please!


So I have been enjoying my Friday posts lately where I share some of my favorite things from the interweb. I think I will continue doing that on Friday’s. Its sort of like show and tell when you were little except its more like “share and tell”. Hmm maybe that’s what I will call it! Yep, it’s now called Friday’s Share and Tell.

My google reader has crazily been taken over by baby blogs. I love looking at baby stuff now and I also love blogs about young couples that have babies. Its super encouraging to read others stories and experiences. My starred section in my reader is now filled with pictures of nurseries for ideas. I love it!

Anyways here are some of my favorite things this week(only a few are baby related)

1. I love this girl- The first picture with the train blows my mind. One of the best style shots ever in my opinion!

2. I am excited for a boy or a girl but this little girls nursery is just so precious I can’t even stand it. I love the pale pink with the bright yellow. So gorgeous!

3. This video had me balling, even when I was telling kev about it I was getting choked up. Its not the fact that the baby is so cute (which she is!) but its the parents reactions and what she writes underneath it. My heart is beyond filled with love listening to them because I know that is going to be Kev and me in a few months and I cant not wait to feel so much love and joy as we can hold and play with our little baby.

4. How Sweet and Simple is this birthday surprise. Its so cute and I have stored the idea away!!

5. I have to say I think it is pretty freakin’ awesome that one of my favorite magazines is called LULA. I mean that is my last name!!! (in case you didn’t know, Lula is my maiden name. I am having a hard time letting go of it, whoops!) I think kev thinks its pretty cool that their tag line is “girl of my dreams” I think he would agree. hehe.

6. I think this outfit was one of my favorites of Jessica’s. Her Alice themed outfit was just perfect! how cute is she?

7. Drooling over these TBA dresses for Urban Outfitters UK! How precious. That first dress with the peter pan collar and beaded detail is beautiful! I can I have it please!

8. This girl is beyond California cool. I mean look at her! Even her laid back days are crazy gorgeous. I love those shoes!

9. I think other than the mixed matched rugs and pillows Kev would kill to live here! That book shelf is amazing!!!

10. I love these wall hangings for the babies room. Could be really awesome since we can’t paint (or can we?? hehe jk kev don’t worry) I think I could make things like this in objects we wanted. Hmmmm. Idea stored.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

  1. Wow #1! Amazing fashion photos.

    Sorry, I got super excited about the CN tower in the background. I hate the traffic, but I do love my Toronto.
    I can totally see you having a girl and her starting her own outfit posts on here.

  3. Oh wow Congratulations! You must be so excited! That’s wonderful! Love the Friday “Share and tell” especially the Alice Outfit… so good.

  4. Such beautiful photos! What an inspiration you are!


  5. Now that you’re pregnant you should check out It’s a great baby blog!

  6. Let me just tell you…CONGRATS!!! I’ve been following your blog for a little while now. LOVE the style files. but can I tell you I am SO EXCITED you are pregnant and going to document it! I’m so anxious to see you dress “maternity” it can be so difficult at times to find affordable cute things. I’m pregnant with my 2nd one now. We just found out at Christmas time too and could not be more excited! I’m due around August 20th. I think we may be close in gestation…anywhoo….keep up the great work! Love it!

  7. I am totally crying at my desk at work right now, that video is freaking AUH-mazing! I can’t wait to have that experience of my own!

  8. W00T Toronto! I live next to the CN Tower : )

  9. That’s such a fun photo of your family!

  10. adorable family photo. it is interesting to hear you miss your family more now that you’re pregnant, but it makes sense I guess. You’re about to start a family of your own so you want to connect to the old again.

  11. Jen-

    I love the list! What a great idea to share all the beauties found! You have inspired me to start making lists of my own! xo

  12. I love the fridays share and tell. Whenever you do them I run and get myself a treat like a cup of coffee and put my feet up on the chair and just click through and look at all of them.

    The baby video was very sweet. I also got teary eyed reading the caption below the video. It’s funny how all of a sudden things like this are so entertaining when you’re expecting or a new parent. It’s like a whole new world opening up for you. It is so funny how two mature adults will talk so silly and act so silly just to hear their baby laugh. There is nothing like it. Anthony is 3 and I still LOVE to hear him talk and he tells the most rediculous stories. So it’s not just having a baby it’s having a little person who’s this combo of you and the person you love so much. It’s perfect.

    I loved the train style file picture. That was so beautiful. And the nursery ideas were really cool too. The bright yellow is so pretty. You’ll think of ways to add color. They sell vinyl wall decals in every possible theme. I liked some of the ones that potterybarn kids had. Some of them looked hand painted. In Anthony’s room I cut out and painted some big cars to put over his bed because I didn’t want to paint them on the wall. The fabric things could be so cute. And really special if you make them yourself. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you’re having and how you do the nursery.

  13. I found your blog via Calivintage. I’m so glad I did! I love your blog, it’s so down to earth and sweet. I look forward to reading more…and congrats on your pregnancy. I can say first hand – motherhood is the most rewarding experience.

  14. Oh man. So much cuteness. I can’t even get started on baby blogs. It would make my baby blues that much worse!

  15. I love babies so much! I’m way beyond excited for you! P.S. My sister-in-law has a blog and shows how much fun a super busy/ super young family of four can have 🙂

  16. nicole b. •

    Lula is one of our baby names for a girl. Note: Me and my fiance are not pregnant but we still talk about baby names from time-to-time. Anyway, I think Lula is a fine name for a baby girl! Something to think about! xoxo.

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