Welcome March Sponsors

I just wanted to take a quick minute and welcome my sponsors for March. Its a great bunch of shops and I am truly proud to talk about each one. I hope that you guys will take a minute or two and look thru their sites and see all the amazing stuff they have to offer.


1. A Shorts Story 2. Garden Edge Dress 3. The Wonder Tiers Skirt

Have you checked out Modcloth’s “Exposure your Love for Zippers” Section on their website? They have some awesome clothing items in there all with exposed zippers on them. I being a fan of zipper details had to ordered the dress in the middle (above) which came in the mail yesterday. I love it!! I had to wear it as soon as I opened the package.


1. Geodesical patterns long tube dress
2. Boutique 9 “Uziri” sandal heels 3. Pleasantly floral tank top
Ruche has so many beautiful things for spring and summer right now. I can drool over their selections all day. I am finding too that I think I can get away with a lot of regular dresses and tops well into my pregnancy without having to buy too many maternity pieces. For example the pieces above I think are adorable and would like super cute on a pregnant girl. Plus I am just loving the color of those sandals!!


1. Smile 2. Sweet Dreams 3. Cooking 101

We have 2 prints from Roll and Tumble Press but I have been eye balling these ones as well. The quality of their prints are awesome and I hope to add our collection. I really love the Sweet Dreams one. I think it would be perfect for a nursery. How cute right? Or what a perfect addition to your kitchen with the salt and pepper shaker prints.


1. Lives of Tulips’ Past 2. Dungeon Diamond 3. Build Me Up Buttercup

I really love browsing thru KDikio Vintage. There are so many different pieces. All varying in sizes, colors and themes. All I can think about it pairing each piece with different outfits. I really love the 3 pieces above. Each has its own unique feel to them.


1. Vintage Pink Ascot Blouse 2.Recycled Vintage Black Skirt 3. Vintage Woven Sandals

I just love the recycled vintage skirts at To Be Determined. They are so fun! I have a plaid one and its become my go to skirt. I just love it. I also love the vintage pieces in the shop like this Pink Blouse or the woven sandals. How perfect would these sandals be for summer? They would look darling with a flowery sun dress.

Thanks to all my sponsors!

  1. What a great list of sponsors!

  2. I’m loving all the prints you’ve been posting. I want them all! Love the salt and pepper ones.

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