Teacher Style File 03.11.10

Yay! Its Thursday! I look forward to the weekends so much now a days. Being pregnant and having to get up extra early and then drive an hour to work, teach all day and then drive an hour home makes for a really really long week. I am so exhausted by the end of the day. I find myself being in bed with Kev and falling asleep while he is in mid sentence telling me something. Remember because we posted about the baby stuff on Monday this week, I will not be making a baby post today. Thursdays will generally be dedicated “baby day” on jenloveskev.

On to clothes! I recieved in the mail a couple weeks ago the new LOFT lookbook as well as some of their spring goodies including this beautiful scarf and gold cuff. I was pretty excited to open the package and find out what as inside. The scarf is so so pretty. Perfect for spring! I couldn’t wait to put together an outfit to wear with it. I wore my orange pinstripe button up and some wool brown shorts. It’s still chilly out so I wore some brown tights and then added my favorite shoes. I got them at platos closet a couple months ago. I have loved platos closet for a while now but the other day made me want to boycott them.

I decided to clean out my closets because they were becoming a jungle. I filled 2 garbage bags full of lightly worn, brand name clothes (just like platos closet says) that I was sure they would take all of. I dropped them off and came back 3o mins later to find out they were only going to give me $30bucks and could only take like 5 things. I honestly was a little pissed. Their exucses were so lame and then were like do you want to donate the rest of the stuff to the goodwill. I of course said yes because I really didnt want the clothes back. As I was driving home I was convinced that is the game they play because of course people are going to donate clothes and then I bet they sell the clothes anyways now that they didnt have to shell out cash for them. Ok thats my rant. Sorry for being negative.
Lets look at how pretty the scarf is…


Button Up: Old Navy
Scarf: Anne Taylor Loft (Courtesy of Lucky)
Wool Shorts: H&M
Tights: Target
Wedges: Platos Closet
Gold Cuff: Anne Taylor LOFT (Courtesy of Lucky)

  1. I have the same beef with Plato’s Closet! I had a Guess purse that was still in it’s designer/protective bag that I had NEVER used (not my style) and they wouldn’t take it. It’s one of those things- I know it was a little outdated, but only by a year or two and I KNOW they could have sold it… I was just there last night and not everything looked this season…
    ok, now I’M done being negative, 🙂

    all that being said, while I was there, I got 2 skirts, sunglasses, and a Polo button up for my husband, all for under $40!

  2. I’ve had the stories about Plato’s Closet so I refuse to take my stuff there. I’d rather just donate my clothes to Goodwill and claim them on my taxes. You might be better off just selling your stuff online…lol.

  3. I’ve heard the stories about Plato’s Closet so I refuse to take my stuff there. I’d rather just donate my clothes to Goodwill and claim them on my taxes. You might be better off just selling your stuff online…lol.

    P.S. So excited about the baby posts!

  4. This outfit looks so springy and yet still winter appropriate. Very pretty. Your wedges are beauties but the picture beside the nail makes me nervous because of Kevin’s little mishap the other day.
    I know what you mean about consigning… I’m very lucky, I go to a small consignment store that has really strict standards but sells their stuff for really good prices. The first time I went and they rejected almost all of my stuff, I was shocked, haha and hurt. Apparently, my clothes rejection is personal.

  5. I have had the same experiences with Plato’s Closet and have taken to just donating my clothes straight to the Boys & Girls Club. I figure that way the nicer things I donate will be found by some girl in need of some cute clothes and make her day.

    Love that gold cuff!

  6. You should sell your clothes on your blog or etsy or something, because you have some really cute stuff!! I’d love to buy some of your clothes, and I swear I won’t rip you off like Plato’s haha! Anyway, congrats on the baby, love your blog!

  7. One of my close friends works at Plato’s Closet as a buyer, and she says the employees don’t set the standard of what to choose/reject, the district and regional management does! so whatever happens don’t be mad at the employees, they don’t have much say!

    you look super cute! i love the pink and brown combo.

  8. Love this outfit! The scarf and shoes are absolutely my favorite!

    Too bad about Plato’s. Buffalo Exchange is apparently the same way. =( But I agree with the above comment. Etsy or e-bay. =] Even a separate blog.

  9. this outfit is just adorable! i love it. how exciting to get fun stuff like that in the mail!

    thats frustrating about plato’s – you can always donate to me 🙂 haha!

  10. ps: your bangs are looking fabulous!

  11. Morgan •

    That scarf is really pretty. The whole color combonation compliments you so well!

  12. I love ATL! Very nicely styled. I used to work there and I am thinking of going back to get my discount.

  13. Girl, I hear ya on Plato’s Closet! They are always so rude and always pay WAY less than what they should and jack up the prices. Last time I went in, they told me it would be a 30 min wait so I stayed in the store and it ended up being 1 hr 15 min!!!

    Anyways, you are simply glowing in these photos Jen! You seriously look beyond gorgeous.

  14. You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos, and the scarf is adorable!
    but i totally 100% understand about plato’s closet, they did the same thing to me at buffalo exchange a month ago and i didn’t donate my clothes there because i thought the same thing you did! they only took like 6 things out of a bag full of like 20-30 items and told me all my stuff was nice “but not what they were looking to sell” yet while I shopped to use my credit, i found things in much worse condition than my clothes and things that looked almost exactly like some of the things i’d brought in. soo frustrating, i don’t blame you for going on your rant at all!

  15. you look very nice. I love the soft color of the scarf. I had the same thing happen to me at platos closet. I brought in 1 huge black garbage bag and 2 boxes of accessories. They gave me 7 bucks for two things! I guess the stuff was kind of old but it wasn’t terrible! I had to take back all the stuff and dropped it off at goodwill around the block. It was like a joke.

  16. When I lived in Texas, I had a really silly method. I would take my bags of clothes and throw them in the back of my car. I would then go to Buffalo Exchange in Dallas and have them sort, and then when I would go visit my parents in Austin I would visit the Buffalo Exchange there and have them sort and buy, and then take the rest to plato’s closet. Whatever they didn’t take, I never left it there. I always took it to goodwill myself or let my friends pick through whatever they wanted.

  17. We have a store that has a similar attitude of snobbiness. The worst part is that they used to let you stand there and actually watch them make faces at your stuff. I honestly don’t shop there just for that reason. I generally do much better at my Salvation Army than I do there.

    You are making me want to wear earrings quite badly now.

  18. Erykah •

    I donate clothes to the goodwill, but most of the clothes I don’t want anymore I sell on Ebay..I have been doing that for about 7ish years, and it gives me extra side cash of my own which the hubby def appreciates and helpes out of course if we need to put it towards a bill or two!
    Think about it 😉
    and you look great as always!

  19. I have the same scarf! It’s wonderfully feminine & I love seeing your take on it.

    Here’s how I styled it: http://stephanieisgettingmarried.blogspot.com/2010/02/style-parade-11510.html

  20. I’ve been wearing my scarf this week too.

    And you should be saving those clothes for the Swapaholic Swaps, SILLY!!

  21. Those shoes *are* super cute! One quick question, do you still feel authoritative when teaching in shorts + tights? just curious.

  22. I guess every person is different and for me I do not feel any different, neither do the kids see me any different. I am still dressed nice, respectful and professional for what I do.

  23. Jen–I think that’s really what matters, that your image/outfit/whatever is within the parameters of where you are and that its not distracting. I was just curious, thanks!

  24. I haven’t tried Plato’s Closet so I don’t know much about them, but I can say you look great. That is a gorgeous scarf, and you look so happy!

  25. I love the outfit! SOOOO Spring, yet still warm enough for the north’s weather! I feel the exact same way about Buffalo’s Breathe (essentially the same as Plato’s closet) They offer you money for barely anything, and then I always wonder will they really put the Gap button down or Nike dunks out on the floor…..Any who, getting rid always makes me feel better too!

  26. I love this combination! The scarf is absolutely beautiful, and the wedges in the contrasting color is the perfect end touch.

  27. I like Buffalo Exchange much more than Plato’s Closet. They are picky, sure, but if I am honest with myself the stuff that I take in that they don’t buy is understandable. The last time I took two big garbage bags in to Buffalo Exchange. They didn’t take a lot of stuff, but I got 100 dollars in story credit. They pay well for what they want.

  28. I had a similar experience at Buffalo Exchange yesterday and it made me so annoyed!! They told me they were “looking for something more current” and only took an H&M dress. It wouldn’t bother me as much if they didn’t give such an attitude about it. I agree that you should sell your clothes online! You look great in this outfit!

  29. I also think you should set up something to sell your gently clothes through your blog. There are so many things you wear that I would definitely buy!

  30. Carolyn •

    Until recently, I didn’t buy a lot of brand name stuff. So when I had a basket to get rid of, I’d go to Plato’s Closet first, then directly to Salvation Army. For me, it was more about just seeing if I could get something out of it before I handed it all of for a donation. I’ve always been surprised though about what they did and didn’t take.

    But I guess if I didn’t want it, I can’t assume someone else will.

  31. I am a big fan of light peach so I am loving this outfit! xo

  32. Those wedges are delicious – like berry sweeties! Gorgeous. Love the scarf too!

  33. I absolutely love those wedges. What a fantastic find!

  34. being pregnant is so exhausting. i hope you stay rested. you look beautiful!

  35. I really like the orange pinstripe shirt. orange is kind of an unexpected colour, very refreshing!

    I would hate for that to happen to me, with the clothes. here we don’t have any place like that to trade stuff in. so I have a TON of barely worn stuff that was honestly semi-expensive, but I can only donate it. it’s nice to donate clothing, but sometimes it would also be nice to get a little extra money for my really good clothes. :oS

  36. This is such a beautiful look on you…you just look amazing! Love the scarf and shoes.And I so hear you on the “rip-off” thing, it is so annoying and not even worth it.

  37. This is adorable and the scarf really adds a pretty oomph factor to your outfit!

    I really hope that Platos doesn’t mislead their customers though. That’s terrible if they do. Is there a different kind of consignment that might take your clothing? I’m thinking about going to a regular consignment store to sell my clothes, but do it the old fashioned way which is waiting till the item sells in 3 months and get the money then. Once I spent 1 1/2 hours wasting my time at Platos for $30. Not my kind of day.

  38. i LOVE this outfit – everything from the shoes to the scarves, so perfect. and yea, i hate how they do that… its so annoying and pretentious. ugh

  39. Its such a love hate relationship with them. I LOVE the shoes! I went in once with a pair of AG jeans that no longer fit me, I know they were genuine because I bought them at an AG store in Nyc, and they told me they were knock offs and they would only give me $7 for them. I ended up giving them to a friend instead. so shady shady plato.

  40. You’re beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllll 🙂

  41. Love your shoes!

    I totally agree about Plato’s closet. They choose to take the WEIRDEST things. On two occasions they have refused to buy designer bags from me but have chosen to buy my cheap t-shirts or polos. What?!

  42. You look so fabulous! I love the purple shoes! XOXO

  43. This is so pretty! I love the colour combo, it’s one of my favourites.

    Oh and congrats on the baby! (I am a littlle behind on my blogs at the moment) I’m so pleased for you guys xxx

  44. So I got home from work early and I thought “I must catch up on JenLovesKev” so I started reading…”Yay! Its Thursday! I look forward to the weekends so much now a days. Being pregnant and……….”WHAT WHAT WHAT?

    I am away from my computer and I missed the big announcement! So very excited for you both. Congratulations. You look fab! xxxx

  45. I LOVE this outfit, and love love love the shoes.
    You look great!

  46. I love these soft pinks on you and the bold purple shoes! Such an unexpected and sweet combo!

  47. that scarf is super pretty! i got a ATL coupon in the mail awhile back and was thinking I might make a stop there this weekend.

    I’m not sure if they have stores everywhere, but in my area there is a new sister store to Plato’s Closet called Clothes Mentor. It’s the same idea but it’s targeted at more “grown up” 🙂 stores (banana, ann taylor, jcrew) rather than juniors stuff. maybe they’d be willing to take different pieces? It’s worth a try if there’s one in your area.

  48. love the scarf. the color is stunning on you.

  49. I ADORE those wedges, and this whole outfit is so perfect with its muted colors!

  50. I think Buffalo Exchange does the same thing. I took a bunch of stuff to the one in Boulder once and they took about 2-3 things and said they’d take the rest to donate. Lame!

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