Teacher Style File 03.09.10

So we are back to regular outfits. I packed my hawaii suitcase full of summer clothes because I know I wont fit in to any of it by the time summer comes around. My due date is, well they have told me 2: August 29th and Sept. 3rd (the day before my 28th b-day). So I guessing sometime in between. I am totally enjoying this sort of warmer weather lately here though. It doesnt sound like its as warm as NYC but mid-40’s is something I wont complain about either.

I am totally diggin’ thinking about dressing for spring. I love spring coats! My favorite and a classic is the trench. It’s funny how no matter what you are wearing underneath as soon as you put a trech over top you instantly feel chic. Well at least I do. I pulled this plaid shirt from Kev’s side of the closet and wore it over top a pair of Jeggings (did i really just use that word?) and then pulled out my peeptoe flats that I thrifted when we lived in Hawaii. They have been hiding away since last fall. I love this early spring look!


Trench: Old Navy
Plaid Shirt: Kev’s Closet
Jeggings: Tj Maxx
Peep Toes: Thrifted Goodwill

  1. I agree, trench coats do add an element of elegance to everything. I haven’t found one that fits me well yet.

    My birthday is in September too – yay for September birthdays :o)

  2. my favorite trench coat keeps loosing all of its button, time to grab a new one!

  3. Laura •

    You’re the only woman I know that can pull off wearing her husbands shirt to work and actually look adorable. So do your jeggins have faux pockets on the back? I saw them at bakers and thought are these for real?

  4. Yes, a trench is an instant outfit upgrade, I’m so glad that I’ve found one. And I’ve always liked those shoes 🙂 I wish bare toe season arrives here too.

  5. I love that thrifted trench!

  6. I’m still so happy to learn that you are pregnant! So many of my favorite fashion bloggers are expecting too! : P By the way – love the dark wash leggings! THey look so similar to jeans. I gotta get a pair of those.

  7. So weird to say I know, but I miss Troy so much! Saw the Tosca sign and all of a sudden I knew right where you were standing haha! I think I may have to invest in a trench…

  8. this outfit is so fab! and i love your sunglasses. i’ve been on the lookout for some like that. you look so great in them!

  9. haha… I actually find the term “jeggings” hilarious. i had never heard if before until a few weeks ago when my friend said it. It cracks me up! 🙂

  10. Your coat is gorgeous… As is your smile!

  11. Love the jeggings!!

  12. I just discovered your website and it it totally getting added to my reader. We are so similar… yet opposite. As in I my husband and I are an artist couple as well but he is the teacher and I am the designer. Kinda funny. :o)

    Hope all goes well with the pregnancy. I am excited to see how you remain stylish!

  13. Congratulations on your upcoming little baby….were you able to share the news with Toby and Jenni while you were in Hawaii??? I bet they were THRILLED!!! My 3 1/2 year old daughter was born on September 3rd..so I’ll be secretly rooting for that birth date….pregancy definitely suits you… so wonderful…. 🙂

  14. first off, i want to say congratulations! that is the most awesomely exciting thing ever! and i commend you: i never could have kept a secret that long!!!

    and also, i adore this cute transitional outfit. so classic! this is great inspiration for a weekend outfit for me! 🙂

  15. Beautiful and classic trench, looks soooo chic, especially with the big sunnies! I hate the word “jeggings” too, my friend told me that in Japan, where she is from, they are called “deggings” for “denim leggings”, I guess it’s an improvement…

  16. Such an adorable outfit! I steal Pat’s plaid shirts all the time too 🙂 I am so excited to see how you dress throughout your pregnancy..!!!! 😀

  17. fantastic combination, per usual. So cute that you take Kev’s shirt.

    I have a pink spring trench in my closet – also from Old Navy. Perhaps it needs to come out & play!

  18. very chic and tailored, perfect for early spring!

  19. Have to agree with Rachel, you are definitely brightening up downtown Troy! Love that trench – is the inside liner a different color? and Jen, I owe you a HUGE thank you . . . I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months, but you are already inspiring me to break out of my ultra-conservative style and start mixing in some fun!

  20. those shoes are so chic!

  21. OMG! You’re preggers?! Is this is your first time announcing this? (I’ve been really busy and haven’t been keeping up with my fav blogs.)

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see youroutfits. I can have some inspiration for when I decide to procreate.

  22. Congrats to you and Kev! Very cool news. 🙂

    I’m on the lookout for a good trench, I’m stalking thrift stores for them actually.

  23. Erin A. •

    I love the background on this one (and the outfit too:). Makes me wish we were experiencing the spring warm-up with you guys!

  24. That outfit is treeeeeeees chic!
    I am envious of the fact you can (could?) call Hawaii home.

  25. 1) Congratulations! You are in for SO much fun. Really, it is the best thing you will ever do, every single day – don’t let anyone freak you out! 🙂

    2) I love this outfit. I am still afraid to try jeggings but I love the way you wear them flawlessly here. So cute and you would never know your belly is expanding!

  26. Lauren •

    JEGGINGS! I just bought a pair the other day, so glad I have a name for them now

  27. Love this look. Very simple but chic.

    I also love the word “jeggings.” I keep using that word to describe them to customers at my store, but they just look at me like I made it up. Haha!

  28. We are Birthday twins! I hope to be as stylish as you in 8 years 🙂 I love the sophisticated look with the jeggings!

  29. I love the casual chic city look!

  30. hi. i just posted a crooked version of this on my blog. thanks for inspiring me. i tried a pair of jeggings on at tjmaxx and they were a definite no go for me. love how you popped the collar:)

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