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Yay!! Its Friday! and I woke up this morning with a fresh new outlook and feeling ready for the day and the weekend!! Thanks to everyone who left a comment yesterday it was really inspiring to read them all and think about what each of you said. I am glad that it seemed like others maybe found comfort in the dialogue as well. I really do LOVE THIS BLOG and I know the reason I do it and that is why I do it in the first place. Kev was right when he said. If you are doing something you love than you are successful. So true!!!

I wanted to share a few random things with you…
I know Couturious.com has been up on other blogs but I have just been slow to post about it. When I got an email a while back asking if I could try it out and make some looks, I wasnt really sure what I was getting myself into. Lets just say, when I logged on for the first time I was thinking I would sit down and do something really quick but ended up playing around for like an hour because it is so fun. Seriously, it is like playing dolls with cool clothes. I can’t stop. I am totally addicted. Have you played around with it yet?


Also are you part of Weardrobe? They are having an awesome new contest that lets you win some beautiful spring clothes from Pac Sun and to be a part of the Spring Break Crew. The crew is made up of me, Julie, Indiana and other awesome bloggin’ ladies. Its going to be lots of fun so upload your best spring break outfit to weardrobe today!


Also I wanted to share a few of my favorite links from this week…
1. Tieka styled my Rainbow Raw Honey Modcloth dress this week for the Delightful Dozen and she looks amazing!!!

2. I am totally in love with this artist. Every painting she post instantly makes me want to get out my water colors and try to paint something as beautiful. I just love this maid picture she posted…

3. Trashy! Who doesn’t love recycled clothing? This party seemed like a blast and totally inspired me to make a senior art project out of it!

4. Spring! Spring! Spring! Can I please look as cool as this girl. I need those yellow shoes!

5. Can I also please have matching hunter boots with an adorable little girl…

6. Boy by Band of Outsiders always melts my heart. The want to wear everything!

Happy Weekend my Friends. Make sure you hug someone that is special to you. Or even not. I love hugs. I like hugging as a greeting instead of handshakes. Way better in my mind.

I have a date to night with a special someone and we are going to try try try to sneak our way into Alice and Wonderland. Here’s hoping!

Also one last thing. There has been some exciting things going on for jenloveskev. Monday I have some really great stuff I can finally share!!!

  1. Greta •


    I love posts like this where you link to cool content that shows your personality and fun things you find on the web your readers might not see otherwise (like the illustration blog – adore!). I think this makes you unique in the fashion blogger niche and gives me even more reasons to read!

    If your other readers are anything like me, we see all of the Delightful Dozen posts etc without all 12 of you relinking and shouting out. It’s refreshing to get different “what’ I think is da bomb” links/interviews/guest posts! Keep it up!

  2. I’m so excited to hear what’s coming up for Jenloveskev! These little updates were so great to read! 🙂

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