Style File 03.01.10

So something that I have been in love with lately is plastic jewelry. I just love the Lucite like pieces, especially when they are in bright colors. Julie found this necklace at H&M when we were shopping in NYC. We both ended up getting it because, well it’s awesome! I will say the next time I wear it it wont be against my skin because it’s a little pokey. The points kept stabbing me. Pain for fashion right? haha


I was also really happy I got to wear this little flutter shoulder shirt in Hawaii. I saw it at forever 21 and thought it was just really adorable, but didn’t want to have to wait till it was warmer to wear it. Spring will you please come to New England!!! Well it is March 1st, so I guess it’s right around the corner right? Last week didn’t feel like it so much but I have high hopes for March.

Did you watch the Hockey game yesterday? I am not a sports girl. I really hate all professional sport (sorry) but hockey is another thing all together. Can you blame me? I am from Canada! Anyways, Kev’s Dad went out in the morning on a mission to find us little American and Canadian flags. It was really sweet and we had a blast watching the game with them. I got to wave my Canadian flag proudly in the end! It was such an AMAZING GAME!!! I can’t even believe it. The announcer was cracking us up right before OT started. He was so worked up and excited. So good!

Shirt: Forever 21
Gray Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Sears
Necklace: H&M

p.s. a little picture from yesterday…


  1. The H&M necklace is AMAZING. I love it and need one.
    A worthy sacrifice of comfort : )

  2. I love this top Jen! It is so delicate, and if you could hear me whispering the word delicate, that’s what I’m doing… The necklace is so pretty as well.

  3. what a gorgeous look! makes me want summer soooo badly!

    i’m not a huge sports gal, but it is REALLY hard to resist getting sucked into a good hockey game!

  4. I love how you styled the necklace, I haven’t really figured out how to wear it yet! That shirt is so cute too! Looks like you guys had a great time in Hawaii!

  5. I LOVED IT! The streets of Downtown Toronto were INSANE! Thank you for continuing to be such a proud Canadian!

  6. Ooo that necklace is so unique! Lovely 🙂

  7. Oh man I LOVE that necklace. Also this post reminded me that I had planned to go to H&M this weekend but it totally slipped my mind. Whoops.

  8. Laura •

    This is a very pretty outfit, i love the whole thing. You look very nice. Miss u

  9. I am doing my ‘yeah Canada won dance’ right now!!!

  10. I lurve that necklace! I am not a hockey fan, but it was a really exciting game. I wanted the US to win, but I’m happy for my husband because he is such a big hockey fan and from Canada.

  11. You look so pretty, as usual! What a great game that was! It was fitting for Canada to win on their home turf!

  12. that necklace is fantastic

  13. I find it great that you still cheer for Canada while living in the US!! I made sure to wear some gold in my outfit today to celebrate Canadas Gold Metal win in hockey. I will have to say I did hold my breath a few times while watching the game..but now I can breath easy!!
    Love the lace details on the shirt!!

  14. Very pretty. I love lucite jewellery too. You’re too cute with that Canadian flag! 🙂

  15. Super, super cute photos! =]

    Aaaand why is it now that I’m finding out that EVERYONE is Canadian?!?! Bomb-ass closing ceremony and afterparty by the Canadians, though.

  16. hoo that was stressful yesterday, but so happy we won! like your little flags. that necklace is so pretty – love the pop of colour.

  17. Are you wearing your Forever 21 poncho as a blanket in that last picture!? Because I have the exact same one (on sale for $8!) and I am planning on throwing it in my backpack this summer to take to the beach! Also, I bartend in Vancouver and yesterdays game was IN.SANE. Downtown last night was even sillier. Cant describe it! Glad to see you’re still a Canadian girl at heart.

  18. Tiffany •

    That necklace is incredible. I love it! And the announcer was hilarious. He was an all out fan.

    I’m so proud of Canada! It’s the first hockey game I’ve watched in a long time and it was totally worth it. 🙂

  19. the necklace is so beautiful! you look lovely

  20. Annie •

    What a great necklace! I bet if you shortened it an inch or two it would be more comfortable to wear!

  21. I love it all, but the shape of that skirt is so beautiful!

  22. i love the outfit – its just so sweet and beautiful! that first picture of you on the street in the evening – simply gorgeous!

    ohh my mom was screaming and yelling on sunday about the game (i’ve told you before – she is from canada) it was so funny. and i love that kev’s dad went out to find you guys little flags! so cute!

  23. That sure isss a beautiful necklace! I love all the colors!

  24. I’ve been eyeing that necklace too 🙂 just wish it was a silver chain instead of gold coloured and it would have been mine already…. still in doubt.

  25. Great feminine shirt with a gorgeous colorful necklace. Great match!

  26. i love your necklace! i’m always in to blogs that showcase clothes everyone can afford, not just unreachable designer finds.

    i’ve started reading your blog for awhile now, and i love the whole Delightful Dozen group!

  27. the nighttime pics are stunning!

    as a fellow Canadian living in the US, I was waving the flag right along with ‘ya! My (dual citizen) kids weren’t sure who to cheer for, one picked each side!

  28. I have mixed emotions when I look at your Hawaii blogs. It’s fun seeing your outfits worn here on style file, but here, I thought you were dressing to impress me. It was all for the blog, wasn’t it?!?!

    haha…It was wonderful see you guys.

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