So I can’t express how much fun this Delightful Dozen swapping is. It is so exciting to see how each of us style the same pieces. Its very inspiring. I would highly recommend getting a group of your girlfriends together and swaping clothes. You will be amazed at how it inspires you!!

Have you been following all our Delightful Dozen swaps on our Facebook Page? Here are just a few pics of items that have been passed around…

leopard skirt

me, Idee Geniale, Leproust Vintage


Delightfully Tacky, Idee Geniale, Selective Potential

I have been looking around the internet a lot at spring clothes. I am dying to lounge around in the warm sun in beautiful dresses and rompers. Here are a few things I am totally loving right now…


Dress: Left to Right
1. Modcloth 2. Ruche 3. Anthropologie
1. Victoria Secret 2. Anthropologie 3. Victoria Secret

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  1. My favorite is the VS denim romper. I’ve been thinking a lot about updating my spring wardrobe. Moving around the budget just so I can!

  2. i cant believe that denim romper is from VS! it’s so cute!

  3. I think it is such a fab idea and I am really enjoying seeing the way you each style the same item in the a different way! Fab!

  4. The clothing swap looks delightful (oops, bad, corny, unimaginative accidental pun or whatever!) The blue romper looks the cutest, it reminds me of Osh Kosh overalls for kids which I desperately wish they would make in bigger sizes. I’ve been spending this past month acquiring rompers to add to my onesie collection. I only wish I could start wearing them now!

  5. The clothing swap has been so much fun to follow! I’m really excited to see how all of you work these pieces.

    I definitely like the denim romper, but California weather’s been so crazy. It’s sunny and it’s cold and it rains and the wind blows. My outfits have become jeans, gray cardigan, and a v-neck tee with a warm scarf packed into my bag just in case.

  6. I need spring so bad…soooo bad.
    I’ve loved the swap, it has definitely inspired me!

  7. What a lot of fun this must be!

  8. I LOVE that Victoria’s Secret romper! I know a lot of people are anti-rompers, but I will proudly admit that I think they are adorable!

  9. WOW i am in love with the chorus girl romper! making an anthro trip today – might have to add it to a fitting room review.

  10. There is something about rompers that just get my heart going! It may be because they remind me a bit of wearing overalls as a little girl. Thanks for sharing!

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