Hawaii Recap

So our trip to Hawaii was awesome. It was so great to spend a whole week with Kev and see so many of our friends. Honestly, it was a little emotional landing and getting off the plane together. We have not been back together since the day we moved. It has very special meaning there for us, it was our first home together. Anyways, we lived it up everyday. We drove all over the place visiting all our favorite beaches and places. We went back to our old apartment. We walked around were we use to work and hung out were we use to eat lunch together everyday on bishop street. We got to see Jenni, Toby and the boys as well as Charlie and Gina and Kev’s old Boss Chris and his wife Julie. Everyday was jam packed and we loved it.

I will say the travel time out to hawaii is very hard. It is a long trip and everytime I am on the plane I wonder if it is worth it, but as soon a I walk off that plane and I feel the warm breeze, I smell the sweet air and I see the mountains I know there is no other place like this. It was very hard to leave!

As I was going thru our pictures, I realized we really didnt take all that many. I guess when you lived there and you go back, you don’t really remember to take a lot of pictures because we already have so many. I do wish I had more pictures of all the friends we visited with. Bummer.
Here are a few we did take…


Whale Watching…


Our Friend Charlie

2 Full Arched Double Rainbows. It was awesome.


  1. Glad you had a great trip! It’s so good to get out of the cold once in a while!

  2. sounds and looks like you guys had an amazing time!!! i am so glad!!! XOX-suz

  3. So so so jealous. 🙂
    I am saving money in our vacation fund so we can go to Hawaii some day too.

  4. Wow, Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe those are some of the spots you’d visit daily, no wonder you miss it & it’s so emotional! So glad you got the time to get away and spend time with your sweety, you totally deserve it!

  5. I am so jealous right now! Hawaii is my absolute favorite place. Sure, I have only been there once but there is something absolutely magical about it. So glad you guys had a good time!

  6. Welcome back! So glad you had a great trip. I am really ready for warmer weather and these photos are making me want to get out of Portland for a nice hot trip!

  7. That looks so so so amazing! Like a dream!

  8. Oh emm gee Jen! These pictures are so beautiful and make me extremely jealous. Especially seeing you in cute summer outfits, no tights, no cardigan, no hat, scarves…etc.
    Oh my, sounds like you had a great time.

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