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So I got an email from Jessica a while back asking if I could help her out with an outfit for her bachelorette party in NYC. She said it was going to be a spa day paired with some walking around the city, dinner and some dancing. Sounds like fun huh? Anyways, she wanted an outfit that she could wear all day going from spa to dinner and something that she would be comfortable walking around the city in. I found this awesome dress (which I think is just so pretty) on ThreadSence and I went from there. I paired the dress with some flats so she could be comfortable walking but that were also cute for night time. I figured she could wear a cute cardigan over the dress during the day and then at night take it off and let her jewelry show for a little more glamor at night. What do you guys think? Do you think this outfit would work from day to night for her bachelorette? copy

Dress: Threadsence $53
Shoes: Nine West
Tights: Urban Outfitters $14
Necklace: Forever 21 $7.80
Earrings: Urban Outfitters $12


Check out each site below…
Ruche & ThreadSence

  1. I totally LOVE that dress from Threadsence! I have been eyeing it ever since I saw the 10% off over at The Clothes Horse blog! Cute outfit. I’d definitely wear that!!

  2. Great look! That’s always such a fashion challenge, dressing for such diverse activities in one day. I might need to buy this dress. thanks for the discount. yay for sponsors!

  3. That dress!! Probably my favorite color of all time.

  4. LOVE the outfi! Now I want those shoes… and the dress.

  5. Definitely works! The color of the dress is fantastic!

  6. this is a REALLY cute dress! i think this is perfect for a bachelorette day!

  7. Oh,shit!
    The day after I “retired” my Mastercard and I already compulsively skipped on over and bought that dress!? Oh, well!

  8. Love it all, the jewelry is so cute! And I like how you chose flats for NYC. I think it’s better for walking around.

  9. That dress is cute from ThreadScence, but it’s a complete rip-off of 3.1 phillip lim

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