Valentines Day

ok so, I don’t even know how to start this post to talk about my Valentines Day present from Kev. I am already getting choked up writing this. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I write a lot about Kev and how much I love him. When I started this blog I thought about whether I would share personal things like that, but honestly I don’t know how I couldn’t. It is who I am, it is something I truly believe in. I think the most important thing I want to get across in my blog is not about fashion, or art or food but that Love is something that is worth it. The love in our lives can make such a difference. That includes love in marriage, with family, with friends and love to the people around us. Can you imagine a world were we all really just loved one another. There is so much hate and destruction out there. I just want to share a little love with everyone as mushy and stupid as that sounds.

As I have mentioned before, Me and Kev got engaged and married in a matter of 3 weeks. We got married on a cruise where the only things we picked out were my dress and his tux. We got married in the Viking Lounge on the cruise ship in Key West, FL at 10am in the morning by a crazy JP that came on the boat just to marry us. It was a ceremony that was totally about us- no decorations or planning that distracted us from that. Kev’s sister took some video of that day on her camera that I have not seen since the day of the wedding. It has been on her camera since and the camera has been lost and for many other reason we have just not gotten it off there. So when Kev sat me down to watch his Valentines day video and I saw the video start I totally lost it. I cried (like balling) thru this entire video. I think the thing that means so much is (of course other than him showing me how much he loves me) is this message of spreading love. I leave you to watch the video first and then i will talk more about the project he started of It’s only 4mins long and I promise you its way more than a few clips of our wedding. I hope you will watch… (if you click on the link you can see it bigger on the vimeo site)

Love of my life from Jen Lula on Vimeo.

isn’t the out take right at the end so cute? I love it!

So now that Kev’s year long secret project is out, it’s our project to work on together. This is where you come in!! We want to keep this idea of spreading love going. If there is someone that you love in your life, we ask that you would visit the site and print out one of the flyers. Take pictures of yourself holding the flyer in places you live, or a place that has meaning between you and that loved one. Write your loved ones name all over the flyer if you want so they know. Then send us the pictures at Every so often when we collect enough pictures we will be making videos with the photos and sharing them on jenloveskev as well as What a fun way to make this large world seem a little smaller by bring us all together with the idea of Love. Print out tons of posters if you want and place them all around- get the word out and see how far this can go!!!!

Remember Love is Worth it.

  1. Wow! SO sweet. SO perfect.. I love it. Great idea, guys. lovelovelove it!

  2. I am in tears! This is just what the world needs. I feel like we are so down on love as a generation and something like this…is so moving. Jen you are a lucky girl! And he clearly knows he’s a lucky guy! I am doing this!! thank you to you both for bringing more love into the world! I’m linking this on my blog, it’s just way too good to not share!

  3. I’ll get San Francisco on that map! How incredible!

  4. This is the sweetest thing ever. London, Ontario isn’t very exotic, but I will bring LOVE here as well.

  5. Oh geez. This is the coolest thing EVER. LOOOOOOOOOVEEE love love it.

  6. How amazing are you two!!!?! Alaska will definately be coming your way….. LOVE is worth it!

  7. wow, this is super sweet. way to go kev!

  8. Oh! I love it! Totally just cried at work.

  9. This is such a beautiful and romantic gesture……… 🙂 I’m going to be printing out some of those flyers and definitely posting them around!! Everyone needs more Love in their life!

  10. No way! I saw this flyer in downtown ALB at some point but was rushing around and didn’t take a second look. Love this project. Happy belated Valentine’s day to all!

  11. haha that is awesome that you saw on of the flyers!!

  12. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but I’m not sure I’ve ever commented. I just had to today. My husband and I are on our own personal love mission (Project NEW-lyweds, visit our blog if you’re intrigued), and it makes me so happy to see another young couple so unabashedly in love.

  13. Oh wow, I’m melting inside and he’s not even my man. I’ll do my best to spread the love in London!

  14. absolutely amazing. two thumbs up.

  15. hey jen, you are one lucky lady! that video is soo great! ( i cried ) happy v-day to to both you and kev.
    i miss you!
    love – jill-

  16. I’m at work right now, but I’m totally watching your video when I get home! With all the planning I did for my wedding, I totally spaced on having someone shoot a video of the ceremony. What a lovely way to rejoice in your love for one another!

    It’s funny that you mention the concept of love in a worldly view. I just posted something similar last week, but on more of a sober note. You can read it here:

  17. Brittany •

    That was so beautiful…Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  18. awwwwwww, that even made ME tear up.

  19. This is so wonderful! Just so fantastically wonderful! I will definitely, definitely be doing this. Kev is a genius!

  20. what a sweet gesture and what a great way to pay it forward! very inspiring idea!

  21. This is so cute! My husband and I will add Champaign, IL to the list!

  22. oh my gosh, what a sweet and thoughtful gift! you can tell he has been putting so much work into it. and you two look so happy in that video.

    i can’t wait to check out the new website!

  23. oh my gosh jen even I cried! that is so touching! i’m totally going to download the flyer and post it around philly!!

  24. holy cute! the Mr. and I plan to tag Portland

  25. This was absolutely amazing. I’m in tears. You are so loved! I’ll definitely participate!

  26. This is the best thing ever. First, it’s adorable and second it’s just so much FUN! You guys are one of the best examples of what love is…totally awesome. Now I just have to figure out a great spot for the flyer to go here in Portland.

  27. I love it! This is amazing and also so simple; what a beautiful idea! I’ll be participating down here in Virginia.

  28. this is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. your husband is perfect! I only hope that I will meet a man as wonderful as Kev!

  29. This is such a sweet video and a great idea!

  30. Caroline •

    LOVE it. twenty first century romanticism.
    can you tell me what song that is?

  31. Hi Jen! I love your blog, so much and I can honestly say I was brought to tears by your husbands project! I’m printing out my flyer now and will be sure to take a picture in Philadelphia with it for you guys! Good luck spreading the love! <3 Sara

  32. So very beautiful!!!!

  33. Oh wow. Such an incredible idea. I’ll be downloading that PDF!

  34. That is so sweet and beautiful I almost cried. Seriously. You guys are an amazing couple!

  35. Thank you for this beautiful post! I won’t go into specifics, but my beautiful hubby asked me to marry him 11 yrs. ago amist insurmountable odds. I was given a “death sentence” in my late 20’s and vowed to live alone for the rest of my life. He was my best friend, and soon found that he and i were madly in love. We’ve been together over 17 yrs, through alot of “close calls” and are still each other’s best friend. We support each other and he and I are the pillars of our temple, we stand side by side to hold up this beautiful home together. You and Kev are truly blessed. I am so glad to see others who cherish the true nature of love.

  36. Such a beautiful gesture and so inspiring 🙂

    Lucky girl!

  37. LOVE IT! Kev is very clever. We’ll make sure it gets around hotlanta. LOL It is seriously awesome. And I really loved seeing the video of your wedding. I love that it was so personal, if I could do it all over again I would do that too. It looked so perfect. Really though, this is amazing.

  38. […] Um, can we all “awwwww” at the awesomosity and utter sweetness of this Valentine’s Day gift? I definitely plan to participate in the project […]

  39. This was amazing! I will be participating in this! 🙂

  40. This is so inspiring!!! Your husband made the most beautiful gesture to show his love for you. You guys are so talented!!! And the soundtrack is perfect… what artist is that?

  41. melissa laine •

    loved the video so much! it made my heart flutter!! you two are so beautiful! i can’t wait to print out some flyers!!

  42. The band is called Dear and the headlights

  43. sweetest thing I have ever seen! that was by far the most romantic, creative present…you two are blessed 🙂

  44. omg i just have to say that i cried. This is the first time that i read your blog and i lovedddddddddddd ittt!! how romantic. I will print it and take a pic and send it to you guys. I don’t have the ove of my life yet but i know that i will find it:) congratulations to you both.

  45. LOVE LOVE LOVE this times a million. I have told like everyone I know today how awesome your husband is. I am totally doing this and spreading this to Colombia/South America in general. 🙂 I will send you pictures. Wow, just wow. Amazzzzzing idea!!

  46. Kev is amazing 🙂 and adorable!

    Its so great you have someone like Kev, Jen…the two of you seem like you have a lovely, beautiful life together (full of love and beauty – you & your house is adorable!) Its wonderful that you have a blog to document your life together – and what a fitting name, JenlovesKev. This video gave me goosebumps.
    I have a love of mine, and would love to express it to him. I will print out and spread the love in the Midwest.
    All my best to the two of you, this and every Valentine’s Day 🙂

  47. I was crying and on the border of sobbing, this video is so cute and romantic.

  48. Beautiful! Love on, you two!

  49. wow! so this is the first time I am checking out your blog and what a powerful 1st post to see! I’m not gonna like I totally dropped a tear. I’m just starting to blog myself and looking to different blogs for some inspiration as I am totally clueless to what I’m doing 🙂
    I absolutely fell in love with yours! You have great style, very relatable all things I look for in a blog!

    If you have any advice please feel free to email me!

  50. wow Jen and Kev that is truly amazing! I too am nearly in tears. It’s wonderful to see a young couple in love. Best of luck to you both and I will be spreading the message too!

  51. ive said it before – but the love the two of you have is unbelievable and inspiring. what an amazing way to show his love for you. you two are wonderful and beautiful.

  52. Kansas City will be coming your way soon! I love this idea and have already got 3 posters to take pics with!

  53. I like you best when you focus on non-outfit/fashion things. Don’t get me wrong, your style is great, but what initially brought me to your blog were the little things, the personal things. I love the personal aspect of you and your blog and I hope your new opportunities don’t make you stray too far from things like this. You and Kev are truely blessed to have found one another and the fact that you have a husband that loves you so much he isn’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops makes me smile.

  54. Wow, he’s amazing, I was tearing up also. Jen you are one very blessed girl! 🙂

  55. Jennifer •


  56. So, I just cried at my computer. This is the best gift ever! I will definitely be putting up some flyers!

  57. That’s such a good idea, but i didn’t understand the first words of your love ‘cus i couldn’t hear his voice + i don’t manage to dominate the english so well. I’ll appreciate if you can write it to me or something. And well i don’t have a boyfriend or something close to it, but i’ll share it ‘cus love has many other ways to show! And actually LOVE is what world needs.
    So congratulations to both!

  58. Oh my gosh i’m in tears!!!!
    He is amazing!
    I LOVE this!!!!!

  59. dsfajads;jf;adjsflkjldsja;fjasd!!!!! Oh my gosh, I just watched that video over and over and over. I love it SO much!! This is soo amazing. He is so amazing! What a perfect gift!

  60. Ohhhhhh my gosh. Just… WOW. I watched this with tears in my eyes. You’re right, love is worth it. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  61. this just made me cry 😀 its so cute ans wow i really hope God will send me someone to love and love me like that and of course ill print this and send my pic from sandiego i love your blog 🙂 God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Rhonda Sue •

    Thanks for sharing your love! It will floating through Indiana now.

  63. TOO CUTE. What a wildly romantic gesture! Also, I’m dying to know what camera Kev used for his video. Is that simply his DSLR?

  64. WOW
    I am definitely going to participate in this! Vancouver could use a LOT more love.
    Thanks for sharing this

  65. I love this idea! I blogged about it here:

    I can’t wait to do this all over the place and share! And I can’t wait to see everyone else’s creative uses of the flyer as well.

    Great idea!!

  66. This is so beautiful! I teared up watching it. You two are such a perfect picture of love! Over on my blog I always post some “Monday Coolness.” I’m going to make this spread the love idea my coolness on Monday. I’ll post a link to your blog and the site Love of My Life. And of course I can’t wait to print out flyers! I’d love to post your video on my blog, but would like your permission first. You can email me at typhoidashley[at] and let me know. Either way, I can’t wait to write about it and hopefully help spread the love through my (very small) readership!

  67. […] p.s. We have been getting our first emails in our inbox!! It’s so exciting to see other people print out the flyer and send in pictures. Keep them coming!! Read more about our Love Project Here. […]

  68. Holy chills batman! This is amazing.

  69. […] recap every mushy feeling I have about this video but if you want you can read the full post on it here. But I just wanted to give everyone a little update. We have been getting pictures from around the […]

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