Thursday Giveaway!!


I would like to welcome my newest Sponsor To Be Determined!!! To Be Determined is a wonderful etsy shop that has a collection of hand selected vintage pieces and reconstructed & handmade items made of recycled vintage garments. Caitlin runs the shop and does an awesome job with all the reworked items!! I would love to wear any one of the skirts.

To introduce the shop to you guys To Be Determined having a giveaway!! Caitlin would like to give the winner a choice of any SKIRT from her shop!! All you need to do is visit her shop and leave a comment below. Simple as that!! The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday morning (2/15)!


Who wouldn’t want to win one of these fun skirts! I adore the plaid skirt with the bow- it is beyond adorable!! Remember all you need to do to win is leave a comment!

Giveaway ends Sunday Evening at midnight.

  1. Oh wow…what beautiful skirts!!

  2. OooOoh! I love them, so cute! Such a fun creative twist on plaid. I love the black and white, I would add a great pop of color on top and my new jeffery campbell lace up boots. def. a winter to summer skirt too. I could even see putting a fun tool slip peeking out form underneath.

  3. I LOVE the black and white checkered skirt! Pick me, please ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Plaid + vintage skirts = amazing. I love them all! My closet is very hungry for a new skirt.

  5. These are soo incredibly cute! I love the bows!!

  6. Ah! I love the red plaid with the bow!

  7. I love the grey and dark green skirt, they are so cuute ^_^

  8. All of the skirts are beautiful!! I especially love the green and white seersucker, the black high waisted skirt, the buffalo plaid…okay, all of them!!!

  9. These are great skirts! I love the black and white buffalo plaid skirt. I hope I win!

  10. Wow! I am simply in love with these skirts! I definitely need one in my wardrobe!

  11. Bonnie C •

    The black and white skirt is adorable! Great giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love the idea of buffalo print in a really feminine silhouette! Very cute pieces.

  13. ive been trying to buy a skirt but can’t seem to find one that i love. this is very cute!

  14. iWantMyBarbieBack •

    I want the gray one… plz peek meeeeeee!!!!

  15. I love the buffalo plaid mini, and the black on black floral is just stunning!

  16. They’re all super cute! How does one choose?

  17. Sooo pretty! I love the abstract floral one. Perfect for spring!

  18. Those are both so so cute! I love the red one with a black tanktop. PerfecT!

  19. Oh my gosh, her skirts are too cute! You can never have too many skirts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. So adorable! I want one! =) Agreed with Mallory ^

  21. so cute! these skirts are adorable…and, hopefully, i will see you at some of the nyc festivities this weekend!


  22. Was just looking for a new skit for a somewhat ‘dress up’ outing!

  23. nicole b. •

    Love the black-on-black floral high waist skirt. Perfect for work and play. Thanks for the chance to win! And thanks for introducing me to her shop. xo.

  24. Cute stuff! Pick me please!

  25. I love all the stuff in the shop!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ooh, the red plaid one with a bow is for sure my favorite!

  27. I absolutely love the bow on that red plaid skirt! how darling!

  28. Oooooh I love the black and white one!

  29. I want that black and white one so bad!!! Love it!!!

  30. what an awesome shop concept!

  31. LOVE the red plaid skirt with the bow in front! So precious.

  32. Kaherine •

    Such cute skirts in the shop, loving the black & white checkered one as well!

  33. So Cute!

  34. Jessica G. •

    I love all the full skirts!

  35. Both skirts above are darling but I just LOVE the ‘recycled vintage – black and white checked pleated mini skirt’ and the ‘blue mini skirt’ in her etsy shop! I just got a new pair of boots but I had no idea what to pair them with… now I know! I love being inspired by the outfits I see on etsy.

  36. Love the skirts (especially the plaid!).

  37. Catherine •

    Awesome skirts!

  38. These skirts are fantastic! I love the black and white one.

  39. LOVE! I am in love with several already!

  40. these are the perfect skirts for the start of spring!

  41. Crossing my fingers so hard right now!

  42. Cool! I need a new skirt

  43. Both skirts are just as cute as can be! And what a great Etsy shop- Love it!

  44. love love love them all!

  45. So cute! My fav is the cute little seersucker mini skirt… makes me think of summer (even though I’m about to duck out to shovel another foot of snow off our walk!)

  46. How creative! I would proudly wear one of these “up-cycled” pieces!

  47. great skirts! So versatile!

  48. OMG!! I would LOVE one of these skirts!!!! They are so adorable =)

  49. love that bow on the red plaid one

  50. What fun skirts! I would love to win!

  51. What a lovely sponser! It would be hard to choose just 1! ; )

  52. How Lovely!! and Exciting, too.

  53. I would choose the Burgundy Floral A-Line Skirt. It’s very librarian, which is perfect, as I AM a librarian!

  54. I love plaid <3

  55. I’m trying to introduce more skirt wearing into my life. Would love to win one of these skirts!

  56. I love all of them. Luckily, few of them are large, which makes decision making easier.

  57. I love the plaid one with the bow!

  58. They are so cute! And how cool is it that they are fashion-forward, but recycled? Awesome.

  59. Wow, I love her shop. She has a lot of nice things!

  60. They are all adorable, it would definitely be hard to choose just one! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  61. I’m drooling over the navy and white striped high waist skirt!! I need it!

  62. Cute skirts! So much great stuff in the store.

  63. such beautiful skirts! i would love to rock them to work!

  64. Oh, those are very cute! Lots of cute stuff in her shop… fingers crossed that I get lucky as I’m too broke to buy any clothes right now, heh.

  65. I love all of them! The black and white plaid is my favorite, though.

  66. Oooh, I would love to get the simple black high waisted one! it would be a great addition to my wardrobe!

  67. I’m looking for new skirts! I love all the skirts in her shop. It’ll be a hard choice ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. i love skirts!!! so cute! yippee!

  69. I love all the recylced plaid ones. So so so so so cute. Love it.

  70. I love the purple vintage courdory skirt!

  71. i love her full pleated mini skirts best

  72. oooh I just love all of the skirts in her shop! it’s awesome that they are both affordable and upcycled ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Oh, heck, why not?!?

    I’ve had my eyes on similar ones from F21, but these are SO MUCH COOLER!!!!

  74. love the black and white checked skirt!

  75. Adorable skirts!

  76. oh my goodness, these skirts are too precious: plaid and bows all in one!! excellent! thanks for featuring them!

  77. That one on the left is adorable! I also really like the black and white checkered one in the shop.

  78. Oooh, I really love the aesthetic of all of those skirts! Gets me excited for springtime.

  79. Seriously awesoome skirts…. Love them!

  80. i love the plaid mini with the huge bow. how could you go wrong with that?

  81. Love love love bows and plaid!

  82. Rachel H. •

    All of her skirts are great! But I love the black and white checked pleated mini skirt the most!

  83. i love her stuff! i love the black corduroy mini skirt! with all this snow and cold i guess i am looking for warmth but her bright skirts are super cute too!

  84. Meredith •

    I love her skirts! (especially the black and white checkered one)

  85. Those skirts are adorable, and her entire shop is filled with such great (and affordable) pieces! Awesome sponser!

  86. Absolutely adore the recycled vintage – navy and white striped high waist skirt!

  87. Really cute! Love the blue corduroy skirt!

  88. What a great concept! I love the vintage blue mini skirt…

  89. So many beautiful skirts. I love the plaids and the big floral prints.

  90. I love this black skirt:

    High waisted skirts are so pretty.

    Have fun in Hawaii! I was there last summer for vacation (and a half marathon)… it was so pretty! Jealous that you used to live there…

  91. I like the black & white one!

  92. Jennifer •

    I love the blue mini! but really I love them all!

  93. I need that red little skirt! So so cute!

  94. i looove the blue mini!!! soo cute!

  95. Love the recycled vintage blue mini skirt!

  96. The buffalo plaid mini skirt is sooo cute! IT would be great to have for my trip to vegas in may. Because I live in Newfoundland I don’t usually splurge on skirts so I have zero cute cloths for the trip.

  97. wow!! I love her shop. I am particularly infatuated with the abstract floral mini.

    fingers crossed, I hope I win!! I still have yet to win any blog giveaways, but I feel lucky to even participate.

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!

  98. oh she does such a great job! enter me please!

  99. I love all these upcycled skirts she has!

  100. Checked out the etsy shop…very cool concept! And I’ll have to agree with you, the plaid number with the oversized bow is adorable. I’d love to have that piece in my wardrobe!

  101. how the heck did i miss this yesterday?!

  102. oh i want that black and white checked pleated mini skirt! it’s too cute!

  103. Anything with bows!

  104. Jennifer •

    beautiful, awesome, adorable, great work!

  105. i love those skirts! so cute and fun!

  106. Such wonderful skirts. I just adore them ALL! ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Lizzie P. •

    oh, this is a great giveaway. I would love to win!

  108. These skirts are so cute! I love the bows.

  109. I love everything in the shop- so cute!

  110. Woah, I actually really love them – I wasn’t expecting to since I’m usually not that impressed by a lot of giveaways but these are really cute. Their shop is now “hearted” by me, too.

  111. I’m totally loving the recycled vintage – plaid full mini skirt. So fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. What beautiful skirts!

  113. Love these! Hope I win!

  114. Wow adorable stuff

  115. ack!!! soooo cute!

  116. These are fantastic! Perfect for a sunny Los Angeles spring:)

  117. I’m loving the vintage corduroy jumper dress… fun color!

  118. I loveee that plaid skirt with the bow! So cute!

  119. ooh, skirts! I’ve been wanting a new skirt.

  120. I love her shop, the skirts are super cute, I heart her shop. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  121. abstract floral is by far the best!

  122. Need skirts! *cross fingers*

  123. Skirts are adorable! I really like the white and black one.

    Hope I win!

  124. So cute! The skirt with the bow is adorable!

  125. Oh my goodness! They are all so adorable. I am so glad that I know about her shop now ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. what a nice shop!
    I totally love this skirt
    Oh, now I want to win so much!

  127. Adorable! Cute shop too!

  128. joceline •

    first time commenter here–great vintage shop, I love it!

  129. Those skirts are so cute. I would love to have any of them in my wardrobe!

  130. she has awesome work! i’m in!

  131. I am a Sottish Country Dancer… and that plaid skirt with the big bow would be so fun to go to class and festivals in!!! My heart did a few flips when I saw it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you!!!

  132. I love all the skirts! I’ve been wanting to add more skirts/dresses to my wardrobe, so I hope I win. =]

  133. wow she has some really nice stuff!

  134. ADORABLE skirts!!!!!!

  135. I love that red skirt! It’s perfect for a night out dancing!

  136. These skirts are great! I hope I win!

  137. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I love the burgundy floral a-line skirt — such pretty colors.

  138. Great idea to recycle vintage. I love all the skirt collection. Modern and cute!

  139. jennifer •

    what an adorable shop! ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. I’m in desperate need of skirts for a new job! Please pick me!:)

  141. Ah!! Love the skirts! Love the checkers! I’ll take one please ๐Ÿ™‚

  142. Awesome! So exciting! I LOVE the “recycled vintage – pleated burgundy full mini skirt”.

  143. How cute are these?! I love the red one ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. Too cute! I love the b&w checked one, especially.

  145. LOVE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. Such adoooorable skirts!!! I want to participate please!

  147. These skirts are so cute! I’ve been yearning for a new skirt, particularly one that coordinates with many things! This is great:)

  148. ooh!! so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ i also adore the one with the bow

  149. i love the red skirt!

  150. Mackenzie •

    I am loving these skirts! My favorites have got to be the blue mini skirt and the black on black floral… they are catching the Mad Men’s Joan part of me!

  151. I LOVE the buffalo plaid mini skirt!! Since I got married this August and our income went way down, I have yet to buy a new piece of clothing. Please pick me and I will use this forever!


  152. I am HEAD over HEELS in love with those skirts. Iรƒยคm dying for some new stuf to update my waredrobe, unfortunately I am completely broke, maye this time I’ll have some luck (My birthday is next week!)

  153. I love just about everything vintage, but unfortunately when I moved overseas, I had to leave many of my clothes behind. I love plaid and I love vintage, so whether I win this giveaway or not, I will definitely be buying an item from To Be Determined. I especially love the bright, attention grabbing, abstract floral skirt.

  154. I love these skirts! Yes please!

  155. These skirts are awesome! I would love to have the plaid full mini skirt.

  156. She has such a great selection! I’m in love with the bows on these plaid skirts – sooooooo cute!

  157. Wow! She has some really great stuff!

  158. These are SO cute!

  159. I absolutely love these skirts, and the Etsy site! Every piece is individual and unique. They stand out in their own way. I’m a photographer, and these skirts are the kind of accent pieces I love shooting when doing portraits. They make the picture fun, but they don’t distract so much from the face that they’re all you can see. They blend in well enough, but stand out enough as well. The perfect balance!
    I would wear these for myself at work, on a photoshoot, or lend them to a model to wear as well. Very versatile!

  160. Emma Doud •

    All of these are so cute! Great giveaway!

  161. Ooohhh I adore the black on black floral skirt. It’s so lovely <3

  162. I love the pleated full burgundy mini!

  163. These skirts are adorable! Fingers crossed!

  164. Awesome etsy shop – awesome giveaway!!

  165. Those are some adorable skirts, they are making me think of fall outfits and it’s not even the end of winter yet!

  166. so beautiful. the navy and white strap is adorable. I love skirts with pockets!

  167. so adorable!!

  168. Those skirts are adorable! Send one my way!

  169. Andrea Moore •

    she has so many cute items!!!

  170. cute!

  171. Caroline •

    I would love a skirt!

  172. Danielle •

    These skirts are adorable! I love the recycled vintage – cream corduroy full mini skirt.

  173. Betsy Wood •

    What beautiful skirts, and what a wonderful shop.

  174. I adore the navy and white striped one with pockets! Adorable store!

  175. The red one is too cute! I’ve had a recent obsession with bows lately

  176. i am in love with the vintage kelly-green pencil skirt, and the fact that it has belt loops for the many fantastic skinny belts that could be worn with it. yay for vintage kelly-green pencil skirts with belt loops!

  177. I always-always-always need a new skirt. ESPECIALLY if said skirt is plaid.

  178. love your shop, great skirts.
    jen loves kev is a great blog to sponsor..

  179. gorgeous! the black and white check and buffalo plaid are my favourites.

  180. Oh, what great skirts! She has so many adorably flirty little skirts. Love ’em!

  181. It was so hard to pick a favorite, but I love, love, love the black and white “Buffalo Plaid” skirt! She is so creative!

  182. Cute skirts!! Love bows.

  183. i recently discovered your blog and am loving it!
    what a great giveaway, their skirts are all so cute!!

  184. eeeeek I need one of those skirts!!! They are so great! I love your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. I love the red skirt with the bow – this one: is at a close tie for favorite though.
    Thanks for introducing us to fantastic new small businesses through your blog!

  186. Oh my goodness, loving the skirts! is probably my favourite although it’s ridiculously difficult to choose! how gorgeous.

  187. Great shop! I think my favorites are the buffalo plaid and the navy and white stripes…both patterns I’ve been wishing for lately.

  188. Spring is coming, so we could all use a cute skirt!!!

  189. The red skirt with the bow is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. i love the vintage blue and gray mid-length gingham and the black and white short checks!! a great shop!!! The below -knee gingham is soooo versatile- i see it with a basic white T and a short chiffon scarf !!! and boots, of course!! retroreva

  191. I Love the giant bow, its so adorable.

  192. Lovely skirts! I love the gray pleated one.

  193. These are adorable!!!

  194. Ahhhhh recycled/upcycled clothes are the best. I feel so much better wearing something like this than having to deal with the mall to get something poorly made. Cute stuff!

  195. Absolutely adorable! What a fabulous giveaway! Love them all.

  196. Ooooh, me, me! <3

  197. soooooooooooooooo cute.

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