Over the Weekend

So I don’t really have very exciting pictures from our weekend but we did do some fun stuff. We headed up to Manchester, VT on Saturday to the Equinox Resort and Spa. We went up with some of our good friends and spent the weekend eating good food, Shopping, swimming in the pool and relaxing. Here are some of the generic pictures from their website. It was super nice there- very fancy! The pool area was so awesome. They had an outdoor hot tub, saunas and then indoor poor, so fun!


We even went to a bookstore and found the Lucky Magazine to show Jon and Carrie…


I also got a picture this weekend from a reader wearing one of my tunnel scarfs she bought. Doesn’t it look awesome on her!!


Well, I am pretty excited because today starts the last week before our vacation!! I can not wait!! Especially because I woke up this morning feeling super run down and congested. I need that Hawaiian sun to heal me!! 4 more days of work after today!

  1. Chelsea M •

    I love that your in Lucky Magazine! AND how excited you are! amazing!

  2. Jen, that place looks absolutely amazing!! Wow! I’m so excited for you to go to Hawaii! I’m going to vicariously live through you. 😉 Can’t wait to see you in a few DAYS!!

  3. Dad and I picked up our own copy of Lucky at Downtown Disney in California yesterday – you are on the newsstands coast to coast. Very proud honey and cute picture too! Talk about cute, your dad showing you off to the ladies in the store LOL
    Love ya!

  4. i’ve done multiple blog posts on my tunnel scarf, i am in love with it!!
    my favourite thing to do, is put a vintage brooch in the corner!

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