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So today marks my first participation in the Delightful Dozen. We got this shirt from the fabulous online store Ruche. I was the first to receive it and was to style it up and then send it out to Jessica from What I Wore. When I opened the package I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to wear with it. I had just been talking in the car to Kev about how I wanted to make sure I wore my leopard skirt one more time before I sent it out to be part of the clothes swap. I opened the shirt and thought maybe I would wear the shirt with my leopard skirt. I laid both of them out on the bed and thought they paired very well. Then I remembered I had bought these nude lace tights a while back that I had yet to wear. I threw those on the bed as well. Then I went into my closet to dig around for a black belt when I found all my hats. I pulled out the black beret. Everything just kept coming together.

I put everything on and fell in love. I just loved the look. I added some of our joke glasses that we wear around the house sometimes (haha yes, they have no lens in them) and then decided I needed a pop of color. I never wear lipstick but the outfit was calling for it. So on it went and it totally just completed the look.

Kev did a great job with these pictures! I also love that we took the pictures in front of our letter press. I love that thing and this is it’s first appearance on jenloveskev. I am not sure how I feel about the nude lace tights though. They are cool, but sort of make me feel like I have some sort of Disease. What are your thoughts? Do you like the tights? Do you like the outfit?

Julie, from Orchid Grey also got this top this week. I can’t wait to see how she styles it! Then the shirts will travel around thru the rest of the 12. Stay tuned to see how we all style it in our own ways…

Gisele peche flower top: Courtesy of Ruche
Leopard Skirt: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Lace Tights: Target
Beret: Target
Booties: Anne Michelle

  1. I think this is my all time favorite of yours! You look gorgeous.

  2. Tres mignonne! I have the same tights from Target and wasn’t sure about them without a darker-colored tight underneath ( I think I’ll try them on their own, cuz I do like the delicate, lacy texture they gave your legs. Not diseased-looking at all!

  3. melissa •

    yes, i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no disease. nope. i love the look!

  4. looooooove the top!! looks fabulous! the tights, eh….but they still look great on yoU!

  5. So cute and mod! Loving the look on you!

  6. Wow, so beautiful! I definitely agree with Keiko Lynn, this is my favorite outfit to date of yours!!

  7. I think the nude coloured tights are really interesting, but I think they might look even better if you layered some black tights underneath them! Then they would be the inverse of black lace tights. I really like theoutfit though!

  8. JEN! Your outfit is super cute!!! I love the whole thing, every piece! And agree with the many comment-ers before me… best outfit yet! When I saw your legs.. I thought they were weird mannequin legs…haha… but then I quickly figured out they were nude lace tights… and I really liked them!! Love it!

  9. You look super cute. I see what you mean about the disease tights, though.

  10. Wauw, I love this outfit! It look great πŸ™‚

  11. I love this outfit! You look very french-chic here. I agree with the tights. They probably look better in person. I’ve bought nude textured tights and always didn’t wear them for that reason.

  12. I think this looks amazing! No disease legs to me!

  13. This outfit came together fabulously! I’m thinking about trying nude micro-fishnets, for when it starts getting a bit too warm for regular tights.

  14. Jen, this outfit looks so good on you!!

  15. I love how you’ve styled the top! I’m getting all sorts of ideas just looking at your photos. I can’t wait for my turn. πŸ˜‰

  16. This has to be one of my favorite looks of yours! It’s fabulous!

  17. I love how vintage this looks! you look gorgeous jen!

  18. The outfit looks great (and the makeup, too!) Not a big fan of the tights, though… don’t like that texture, at first I thought it was very, VERY dry skin!

  19. You look gorgeous! And look at how cute you look in those glasses!

    What a great job of styling you did. I love absolutely everything about this. One of my favorites of yours! I can’t get over it, it’s just so cute.

  20. Wow Jen I LOVE this whole look. Way cute! I think the glasses really top it off

  21. Sabrina •

    I am definitely envying your letterpress! I have been searching for one for ages now and can never seem to find one close to me, or they are a rediculous amount of money.

  22. I love this! even the glasses look tres chic. I can understand what you mean about the tights, but they look great with this outfit.

  23. i am so in love with this outfit. all these pieces must have been destined to come together to make this gorgeous look. and you look adorable in these pseudo glasses πŸ˜›
    can’t wait to see how the other girls wear this top and the skirt you’re passing on.

  24. This is seriously one of my favorite outfits! You are totally rocking this! Although you look totally different with those hipster glasses. haha. I wouldn’t have recognized you. Kev did a great job with the photos too. So lovely, bathed in light & letterpress. Le sigh.

  25. Christine •

    Hi Jen,

    This is my first time commenting — you look FABULOUS! I love the femininity and the drama of the contrast of neutral clothing plus red lips, black hat and glasses.


  26. One of my favourite outfits from you, ever! I just love the black against the peach, the lipstick, the glasses! Gorgeous.

  27. Well this is just TOO cute! I saw the picture in on my dashboard and ‘dashed’ over! hehe

    I love how the tights make your legs look embossed, that’s really different (in a good way)!

  28. What a great outfit! I’m in love with that top!

  29. omg i’m totally wearing the same nude lace tights right now and thinking the same thing! that i have some rare lace looking skin disease! heehee you look fantastic! all of the elements paired together are perfect! happy monday!

  30. I love love this outfit on you so much!! I don’t know how the rest of us are going to top this!! πŸ™‚

  31. Love it all πŸ˜€ Still unsure about the tights but everything else looks perfect together πŸ™‚

  32. Love the blouse. Nice outfit!

  33. I adore the blouse, it’s so pretty πŸ™‚

  34. I do love the outfit… Kinda hate the tights though, just wanted to be honest!!

  35. I agree – the lace tights are kinda scary —- but you should definitely wear red lipstick more often! You look gorgeous! (What brand/color is that lipstick?)

  36. This is SUCH a fun project that you guys are doing. I adore this look on you. ADORE it. You look so freakin’ classy, and each piece just fits together so perfectly!!

  37. i love love love this outfit! the flower top is just precious! You look like a million bucks! πŸ™‚

  38. I would have never thought of pairing these two pieces together but you totally made it work! : )

  39. This is such a fun outfit! That top is so pretty and it looks absolutely perfect with the skirt. I like your tights, too!

  40. Cute outfit! I’m looking forward to seeing how the other girls style that blouse.

  41. I really like how this came out… you should bust out lipstick more often (as you are a make-up artist? Haha, I can’t wait to get my copy of Lucky now… why is it so slow to be delivered to Canada?).
    I can understand about the tights though, they need to either be lighter or darker… it’s a wired contrast right now. I have a similar (maybe the same) pair, so I’m in the same boat…

  42. Via la glam! You look like a model from the 40s! Gorgous shots and clothes!

    Simply Suzanne

  43. This outfit is super cute! I love the shirt+skirt combo. Chic indeed.
    on the tights- I can’t really see them in the normal view and close up my first reaction was diseased for sure, but it would be interesting to see them on black like others have suggested!

  44. I have those same tights in black! I’ve always been afraid of getting nude tights because I don’t know what they would look like. I’m pretty stuck on my black tights. I’m so unadventurous these days.

  45. I really love this look — the neutrals look lovely and I love the pop of color your lipstick is giving. This is a gorgeous outfit!

  46. Perfect! You look so French and artsy! That top is so gorgeous… I can’t wait to see how everyone else styles it!

  47. This is totally adorable, the hat is perfect!
    I think you’re right about the tights though, I think the colour is not quite right. But they do work well with this look.

  48. Well the outfit together looks fantastic! But I see what you mean about the lace tights. I think with the sexiness of the leopard print skirt,a pair of sheer tights with the seam up the back would’ve lent itself well to the ensemble.

    Oh and I made that Chili Mac you posted on your blog back Dec for my vegan and non vegan friends and they loved it! Thanks for posting that recipe:)

  49. I am a huge fan of this outfit, Jen! The top is just gorgeous, and the tights are so unexpected and perfect with it!

  50. Jasmine •

    This is an EPIC outfit! I adore it – so sexy chic!

  51. I love love love this outfit!! I have a pair of tan lace tights that I feel like that about as well… but I think you totally rocked this out!

  52. Yeah it works! LOVE IT. You’re adorable. Work it!!

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