Teacher Style File 02.02.10

Ever have those days, weeks or even months were you just feel like you are in a clothing rut. I def. have been feeling that lately. I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to get myself out of it. I am not writing this looking for compliments from you guys, I am just being honest and looking for suggestions on how you guys have gotten yourselves out of ruts like this. I feel like I walk into my closet and stand there not knowing what I should put on and not feel inspired by anything. I def. think the weather has gotten the best of me. I am tired of wearing winter clothes. Spring hurry up! Any advice you guys have I’d greatly appreciate it!

Well on to the outfit. I have always had a beef with Forever 21 and there return policy. I think its stupid that you can’t fully return items there only exchange things. It’s never been a major problem because I can usually just find something that I would exchange for. Back in Dec. before our Boston Blogger Meet up I bought some things, not sure what I would end up wearing. One of which was this shirt. I never ended up wearing it to the meet up and I decided that I would return it because I have 3 black and white stripped shirts already (no they don’t have sequin shoulders, but I figured they were just too similar). In my head I expected to have 90 days to exchange like other stores. I finally went in the other day to exchange for this pretty dress I found and they told me they couldn’t do it. You only have 21 days. I was so frustrated because the shirt is still in the store, I have the receipt and the tag is still on the shirt. I mean come on- how difficult can you be!!! Ugh! Long story short- I am now the owner of this shirt, I better put it to good use. They are lucky that its a cute shirt.


Shirt: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Bracelets: ? I dont remember

p.s Last Nights Dinner will actually be Tonights Dinner. We had some stuff going on last night and had a quick something. We are planning on just taking a picture of our delicious dinner we have planned for tonight!! It will be posted later on tonight or tomorrow morning.

We have a delicious dinner planned, ice cream in the fridge and snacks in the cupboard. We are SOOOOO ready for our lazy night tonight curled up on the couch together watching the 3 hour premiere of LOST. SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  1. Sorry about the fashion rut- I say wear something really, really spring-y, like a fun flower hair piece. I know that would cheer me up πŸ™‚

  2. oh, jen, that happens to me too! i mostly get really bored with what i have in my closet, especially in the winter. i always feel like i’m wearing the same thing over and over. i love the bright fun clothes spring/summer offers. i guess, to remedy my wardrobe dislikes, i try to wear bright, colorful items. it usually makes me feel better!

  3. Jen! I sooooo know what you mean! I have this uber warm coat that comes down to my ankles. At the beginning of the winter I was bragging about how warm it is. It has been such a cold winter though and i have been pretty much living in it. I want to burn it!
    2 things that might help: You are going to Hawaii so you can plan out the outfits you’ll be wearing then. If you can’t wear warm weather clothing, at least you can look forward to it. (I am taking a cruise in a couple of weeks and am in the process of deciding what to bring). 2nd, plan an event that calls for different attire than you have been wearing. We all have our weekend, work, going out clothes but maybe if you had an occasion that calls for something different entirely, it’d force you to look at your clothes from a different perspective… Just a thought! I am psyched for LOST tonight as well!

  4. Clothing Rut! UG! I know what you mean. When ever I’m feeling this way, I try to take out a few old pieces of clothing that I wear all the time, and jazz them up a bit. Add decorative sewing to a sleeve, a bow here, a flower there. Cut up 2 old shirts and sew them back together (miss-matched). Add buttons to the hem of a skirt, ruffles to the cuffs of a sweater- anything I can think of to make the pieces look refreshed/updated/un-blah! Praying sunshine into your day!

  5. I absolutely love that shirt! It looks so cool with that skirt. I know what you mean about a clothing rut- this is my first winter in Chicago and it has definitely taken its toll on me. I have found that colorful tights lift my spirits and make my outfits seem new.

  6. melissa •

    i agree with the stupid return policy. i just tried to return a dress and they wouldnt take it. urgh! but again, i always shop there because of their prices. some bloggers are doing clothing swaps and that way they can try something new. jessica from what i wore and the girl from calivintage made a swap. i will make a swap with you anytime! hehehehe
    about the rut… i feel like i have a uniform to go to work and im almost ok with it. its work after all. for the weekends and evenings i branch out more and wear dresses and things i dont wear to work. clothing swap = out of rut!

  7. The F21 exchange policy is the bane of my existence. It makes me want to stomp my feet and have a hissy fit. At least striped shirts are very in style right now. Haha

  8. I think all of us have gone through ruts like this before. I’ve found that going thrifting and getting a lot of new items for really cheap can sometimes help me get out of it. I usually prefer quality over quantity, but sometimes it feels good to just have a bunch of new stuff.

    By the way, I gave you an award on my blog πŸ™‚

  9. If you can’t return the shirt, at least it’s very cute. πŸ™‚
    Besides, don’t they say a girl can never have too many striped shirts?

  10. Maybe try going back without a receipt and saying you got it recently as a gift?? As long as it’s not the same employee and they don’t remember you, maybe they’ll let you exchange it.

  11. I get into those ruts alot. I even feel like I can’t shop, like there is nothing out there that will satisfy me. I definatly think it’s an end of season thing, where all you see is spring clothes and even if the fall clothes are on sale…they are garbage.
    Hang it there, you will get inspired.

  12. Ugh, I feel ya on the F21 return policy.

    I’m also currently in a rut. I look for inspiration by checking out the outfits of stylish girls on my campus, as well as browsing lookbooks like Anthropologie’s. I also just scroll through Weardrobe and Chictopia. Another idea is to try switching something small on your outifit for something else. For example, do you have a coat that ties with a belt that came with the coat? Switch it for another cool belt you have! Or try layering colorful tights underneath patterned ones like the ones you’re wearing today. These little ideas can breathe new life into old things.

    I’m also watching lost tonight!!

  13. Are these fleur de lisle tights? Either way, I love them! πŸ™‚

  14. melissa •

    its me. again! hehe. but as for the rut… idea! i loved the idea the girl from my style pill had of wearing the same dress 14 different ways! she had a little LBD and she remixed 14 different ways. its the same dress but out of the rut!

  15. I’m with you on F21s policy, but for some reason I continue to buy stuff without trying it on.

  16. I am so excited about LOST tonight too! I’m even wearing my LOST shirt at work right now. I am a nerd. Check out these LOST templates, they are so much fun. Have a great day!

  17. How annoying! Though the shirt is pretty..

  18. I wouldnt know you were in a rut, I think you always look lovely. Love the tights. Can’t wait to see that whats for dinner. I have a recipe i wanted to share with you but i’m not sure if you like artichoke hearts?

  19. I’m on the same boat with you. I have the WORST case of winter blues. I try to avoid leaving the house at all costs. And when I dress, my goal is to be warm and I feel so limited by my small winter boot collection. And to top it off, winter clothes are so expensive. I wish I had a remedy for the Winter Blues. My main goal right now is to simply get myself out the house.

    Counting down till Spring! Can’t wait! (Even though I have HORRIBLE allergies, I’ll take that over winter any day.)

  20. Jen, first I must say that I do like your outfit. I’m really liking the color of the skirt with the stripes. It’s very cute. But because I too get in a cloting rut every now in then, I thought I could share my tips. So here goes, I make a pile of the things I love the very most in my closet (the things that just make me totally smile everytime I look at them, that I always feel fabulous in), and I only pull from those things for a while. I find when I “collect” clothes and my closet gets too full, I start getting confused, and when I whittle down my collection to my very favorite things, I seem to be able to pull together outfits I always feel great in. Hope this helps!

  21. Ach, the sequin details on that top are so fab! When I’m in a style rut, I make my husband give me assignments: A color, texture, material that I have to wear that day. Then I build my outfit around his demands!

  22. i haven’t had a chance to read through other readers’ suggestions, but when i am in a clothing rut it’s usually because i’m actually overwhelmed by what i have, not because i don’t have enough! so try reorganizing your wardrobe a little bit, or at least digging something up that you haven’t worn in a while and challenging yourself to build an outfit around it. i like to think of it in terms of a challenge…i don’t know why. maybe it’s the competitive streak in me!

    i can’t wait for LOST tonight either!

  23. I ADORE this outfit! I agree about the beef with F21, but I think the shirt really works well in this outfit!

  24. I think this time of year, most people get into a clothing rut.. it is hard no too when you see all the lovely spring clothes in stores, but know it is way to cold to wear them now (or anytime soon for that matter). I have a whole closet full of clothes and feel like I have nothing… πŸ™ However, unlike me, you always look so put together and fresh with your outfits.. I absolutely love that skirt! It looks wonderful with the sequin shoulder top.

  25. I completely agree with Lisa, I go through what i have, take everything out of the closet, and look at it – I tend to make a huge pile for the goodwill! And when I put it back, I see combinations I never thought about before – because seeing them out and in full view just makes it different.

    I also try and switch it up…if I have been wearing pants lately, I try and go a week straight in dresses or skirts. I try to add something that will make myself happy knowing I am wearing it. Favorite t-shirt at corporate america, camouflaged by a cardigan. Fancy underwear….for umm you get my point! For instance today i woke up it was snowing…AGAIN, I am wearing a pencil skirt and cardigan with super chunky tights and my Hunter boots (Keeping them on around the office) as the funk to my outfit. But no one can see my super 80’s watch hidden underneath.

    Enjoy LOST and snuggles, the later always makes my days better regardless! πŸ™‚

  26. I’m in a clothing rut right now :/ It’s literally freezing outside, but my office is a sauna, I’m actually sweating in a t-shirt by the end of the day.
    What usually helps me bring some inspiration is building an outfit based on a pair of shoes (I lovelovelove my shoe collection). But the snow and sludge don’t leave much room for variation nowadays.
    I should park myself in my closet for a few hours (it’s my spare bedroom) but it gets pretty chilly in winter, not so fun for trying out outfits.
    I wish it was spring.
    Oh, and that top does look very good on you, not such a bad thing having a spare one πŸ™‚

  27. As someone who returns as much as they shop, I hear you of F21’s policy. I always buy with the thought “I could just return it if it doesn’t work out” instead of the dreaded “Damn! I should have bought that when I had the chance & now it’s gone”. I was at F21 one time & this guy tried to return a jacket w/o the tag attached. He had the tag, but they refused. He totally huffed out & left the jacket at the store..even though it was already paid for.

  28. …I just realized I also have like 4 b&w striped shirts. haha.

  29. For getting yourself out of a style rut – what about a fashion-based challenge? I decided to give up jeans for a whole week and it really changed my mindset and made me get creative with my wardrobe. Maybe give it a try? πŸ™‚ x

  30. im glad you kept it, because it looks fab on you! in fact, i might to go to f21 after work and get one for myself!!

  31. Oh man , this happened to me just the other day. We just had a HUGE F21 store built in our local mall and I’d always bought online since there wasn’t one close by. So on christmas eve I bought a couple things that I didn’t try on because the line was way too long and figured if I ended up not wanting them I could return them…. forward a month later I look at the receipt and realize that wasn’t going to happen. Both don’t fit well so it looks like I’ll have to figure something out ::: Shrugs::: Your shirt does look adorable though : )

  32. i am coveting your tights…

    fashion ruts happen to me all the time. but there is always plenty of new inspiration around the corner, don’t worry!

  33. It’s definitely the weather. I am sooooo stuck, I keep trying to conjure up your outfits when I’m dressing myself but fail. Hopefully the weather cuts it out soon.

  34. For being in a style rut, you’re definitely super cute and stylish!! πŸ™‚ I am in love with F21, but I agree that the return policy is pretty stupid…. But, at least the shirt looks super cute on you! Love the outfit!

  35. Great outfit!

  36. KariAnn •

    I share your frustration with F21’s return policy. On one occasion while paying for my items there the employee charged me twice for an item. As I was walking out of the store, I realized this and went back to the counter to ask for the refund. Manager said they could not, but they would send me store credit within ten days. I never received the store credit so they instantly get a lower satisfaction rating from me.

    On a more positive note, I love your outfit, especially the turquoise skirt. If you’re in a fashion rut, I certainly can’t tell.

  37. yes, i was going to say i definitely cannot tell you’re in a rut! you always looked so fun!
    when i am in a rut i tend to stalk street style blogs and do my best to recreate a specific look. i think this stems from too many episodes of “the look for less” back in the day.

  38. Sometimes I try to focus on another area like new makeup or wearing red lipstick, playing with my hair differently. Or I’ll head to the gym to get a run in. I think it helps me to stop over analyzing the clothing to think about something else to pick up my spirits. If that makes any sense.

    Another suggestion would be to dress like someone famous you admire, like good ‘ol Audrey Hepburn.

  39. you look really cute in this outfit! I have moments of style rut as well, but I find perusing other blogs very inspiring! I also recently chop off a long skirt and i’m very happy with the results. Its like a brand new item of clothing in my closet πŸ™‚

  40. I can tell I’m in a clothing rut when my boyfriend asks me how many “costume changes” i’d made that day. I feel ya. However, THIS outfit that you have on is ADORABLE!!!!

    Also, I definitely have a couple items in my closet that…will live there until i give them away because I couldn’t return them (despite tags, receipts, etc). Sigh.

  41. Okay speaking of…there should be a pool for the unexchangable between bloggers…where you can look up another blogger that has your size and send them whatever you couldn’t return and may never wear. Hmmm…

  42. Jen, I totally know what you mean about being in a fashion rut! I’ve been feeling it too; and I definitely think it’s the weather to blame. I find myself flinging items out of my closet just baffled at how terrible all of my clothes are! I feel the times lately where I’ve finally felt out of the rut was when I traded or did clothing swaps and gained inspiration from other bloggers, or closed my eyes and picked something from my closet and tried to base the entire outfit off of it. It doesn’t always work but sometimes it forces you to either style that item or get rid of it and make way for new thrifted items. It’s tough! But good luck! Hopefully spring coming ahead will help! πŸ™‚

  43. Hi! i too find myself in a rut at times. I go to the library and check out some REAL fashion mags. for inspiration, or hit the web. places like weardrobe usually gets my fashion imagination jazzed! i also try to re-created a runway look that i like with the stuff already in my closet! best wishes! reva

  44. Oh, Jen Lula. I have been creepin’ on this crazy blog for about a year now, checking every day. On some days, I don’t check on purpose, and this is why: I believe that it is psychologically proven among women of North American descent to instantly envy other women no matter what their situational background. SO, on the days that I already know I’m going to be dissatisfied with myself/my wardrobe selection, I either check your blog for inspiration or I throw something together quite dramatically on a whim and pray that all works for the best.

    This is my actual secret: putting everything into perspective. Yes, once in a while i get stuck in a wardrobe rut. And when that time comes i think to myself “Jess, you have an incredible family that loves you, you live in the beautiful city of Vancouver only two houses from the beach, and there is nothing stopping you from accomplishing your dreams”. I encourage you to do the same–I promise that you will end up not caring even the slightest what it is you put on your body! You have an amazing husband who shares your beliefs and morals, you have a wonderful family who encourages your endeavors, and a career and a new place to live, as well as an accepting new church community – what more could a girl ask for? But of course, you already know that πŸ™‚ I wish you every blessing in the world! Keep doin’ what you love, rut or not.

  45. hi jen-i love you blog. it seems you got out of this rut since then. you’ve mentioned how much you love lost and if you haven’t see this: http://www.theonion.com/content/video/final_season_of_lost_promises_to i hope you enjoy the humor in it. wishing you all the best!!

  46. Yeah, the Forever 21 return policy is a little whack, but I adore this outfit, and I think that shirt compliments the skirt so perfectly!

  47. forever’s return policy annoys me SO much! i have had it out with them a few times in the past– once, i wore a pair of holey jeans ONE time and the holes ripped apart so much that they now look like chaps. i immediately brought them back with the tag (unattached) and the receipt, within the 30 days, and just wanted to EXCHANGE it for a new, wearable pair, and they wouldn’t give me the time of day. so obnoxious. anyway, i just wanted to say that i adore your outfit! way to make it work. πŸ™‚
    xo, amy

  48. Leslie •

    i know im BEYOND late to this…but i discovered you not so long ago and im actually back tracking on all of this.

    i used to work at forever 21! and i too agree that the policy is stupid.
    up until maybe a year, they switched if for employees.
    before whatever we bought was final say no if and or butts.

    and we couldnt buy gifts because well, it was final sale.

    in all honesty, it depends on the store you went to as well beccause if you express enough concern, theyll usually make an exception and whatever you change it for will end up being final sale.

    it sucks that this is all late, and so far away because if you had gone to the one i used to work at i would have GLADLY let you exchange your items for whatever you wanted.

    and not just because i loooove your blog but because i believe that as long as the items arent on sale and they look unworn, whats the harm!?

    grrr f21!
    even as an ee i protested that place!

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