Have a great Weekend!

Happy Weekend everyone. I know I couldn’t be happier that it is here. I am excited to spend time with Kev and meet up with a college friend to talk about her wedding invites that I am making for her (love making wedding invitations for people!!!!)

I feel very grateful for a lot of things this week and I would like to share. I think its always good to focus on those things right?
1. Kev and how proud I am of him as he works on all his goals he made for himself for 2010. He is very inspiring!

2. My church and the friendships that we have and are making there. I am beyond blessed every week by the generosity, love and genuineness that I see in them.

3. Where I am in my life. I am starting to realize just how much I love where I am. I know its always easy to focus on the past and look to the future but what about right now? I love our life and I don’t want to miss out on it because I am focusing on other times. I think 27 has been and is going to be my best year yet!

4. This blog, my readers and other bloggers. I have had daily reminders this week about just how much I love blogging and how much I love you guys. I am so excited to meet a bunch of you coming up in the next couple weeks and I am so thankful for the friendships that I have already made thru this blog.

I hope you all can feel grateful for things in your life as well. Even is they are small- they make you realize that it isn’t all bad out there.

Now if it would just get warm again- I would def. be grateful for that! I couldn’t believe that it was 4 out today. Yikes! I thought I could see the end to this winter tunnel but I guess we have a few more weeks to deal with. All I can think about today is that we leave for Hawaii in 16 days. ahhh I can not wait. I leave you this weekend with some pretty pictures of our old home that we are so excited to return to!!!


  1. melissa •

    i want to start a blog. i shall sometime. i love yours so much!
    i always get excited when there’s a new post! hehe

  2. what a nice post. i love the hawaii shots and am envious of your visit. that sunset shot is just stunning.

  3. Beautiful pics! The water looks amazing! I love all places that have a beach! Jealous you are going there for a visit!

  4. I miss my church back in Spokane. It was the most incredible body of people, I’ve never been to a church that I resonated with at such a core level. I’m glad yours is great!

    Today my dad told me that my Grandma once said that after she turned 27 she felt 27 mentally for the rest of her life (she’s like 88 or 89 now). I think it’s so cool that even though our bodies eventually wear out, our minds and spirits are still as energetic as when we are young!

  5. I love your blog it is so beautiful and filled with lots of happiness. I love this post really inspiring.

  6. Cheers to all of your realizations, especially #3! Sounds like you’re in a great place right now. 🙂

  7. I really love your blog, so thank you for sharing with us! February seems like the perfect time to go to Hawaii!

  8. gosh those photos are STUNNNNNINGGG!!! what a gorgeous overlook in that first one. so jealous of your old home but also glad that you are so content where you are now — that really is just THE best feeling in the world. have a wonderful weekend, we teachers work hard to deserve it!

  9. What a great post! I just wanted to comment because I love it when I come across posts that are filled with positivity and yours is definitely full of happy things! Your upcoming trip sounds great and I wish you both a safe journey. I can’t wait to see the photos you will take :]

  10. that sunset is amazing.

  11. Aw man, if I had the dough I would go to hawaii in a heart beat!

  12. Such inspiring photos. Happy weekend to you too!

  13. I’m feeling the same way as you in being so content being in “the moment”! I love reading your blog. It’s been so amazing getting to “know you” and I cannot wait to meet you in a couple of weeks!

  14. im absolutely on the same page today! 27 is going to be awesome – im so absolutely grateful for everything around me!
    …and that i would like it to get warm again:)

  15. So jealous! I am so sick of the cold. You’re so lucky! Have so much fun.

    PS, I really love your blog. I feel like we are bff. And we’re both Jens. So… destiny, basically.

  16. melissa •

    aw! we went to hawaii for our honeymoon! it was great!
    i agree with the girls that left comments saying that we feel like we know you! and i feel like you are my bff! hehe. you make us feel “involved” in your life thru your blog! what i love about you is that your blog is very accessible and we feel like we can relate to you and your outfits! they arent something we would never be able to wear, and i love that. i cant say it enough, i really love your blog!

  17. I totally identify with not wanting to miss now because of focusing on the future. I am to often guilty of that. But is it ok if I focus on a future where I am in Hawaii? 🙂

  18. aw I’m so excited you two are going to be going back! You’ll have SO much fun!!

  19. Gorgeous photos! I hope you have a great trip to Hawaii!

  20. Waaaaooo! those pictures are inspiring!


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