Id Wear That 01.28.10

So I wasn’t sure what kind of outfit I wanted to put together today and then I saw one of my students in the hall and she looked so cute! She was wearing a denim smock sort of shirt with a headband and leggings. Now there were def. things I would change (I would not wear leggings as pants for one. hehe) but she totally inspired me. As I started to put the outfit together all I could think about was wearing this around the house on a relaxed day at home. Maybe a little cleaning, or running errands or cooking dinner while Kev and me at some appetizers, drinking some wine talking about our days. Now, you don’t have to be a housewife to wear it obviously, but that’s just the name that came to mind. I just remember seeing pictures of women wearing a bandana tied in their pulled up hair with a mens shirt on, doing things around the home. Is that a 80’s, 90’s image I don’t remember? I love this outfit and I think I might need to go out to forever 21 and get this shirt! I have leopard flats and skinny black jeans already. Maybe I see an I’d Wear That to real life Style File approaching…


Shirt: Forever 21 $19.90
Jeans: Pac Sun $24.50
Flats: Steven $100
Headband: Forever 21 $1.50
Necklace: Forever 21 $7.80

  1. ooo i have all the components of this outfit! i ‘ll have to put them together sometime soon!

  2. LOVE IT! considering in a few short months i actually will be a modern housewife, i can only hope i’ll look this cute!!!

  3. this is extremely cute and much more stylish than the things I wear while cleaning my house!

  4. adorable! But please, no cleansers with harsh chemicals near those jeans, ok? :o)

  5. Comfy AND pulled together! Love it!

  6. So cute. I love wearing this kind of stuff around when I just need to be casual.

  7. I have a shirt just like this – I wore it today, in fact!

    I think the oversized shirt, leggings and headscarf look is iconic of the 1950s housewife. I’ll definitely give this a try with my own shirt!

  8. This reminds me of the show Roseanne. I do not know why but it does. The late 80’s early 90’s type style/feel.

  9. This is one of my go-to outfit combos for school! I think I need a denim looking shirt! And a red headband! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. LOVE this! I’d totally wear it!!!

  11. Adorable! A little pop of color with the red headband, reminiscent of the “Rosie the Riveter” bandana 🙂

  12. So damn cute!

    I will be wearing something similar once the weather cools down. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  13. Now this is one I really really appreciate. I always look at your “id wear that” and thing I wish i had a reason to dress like that. This one fits my life to the T and this is how I like to dress on the average day. Except for today I’m wearing leggings as pants – oops! But dont worry I wont even go to the mailbox dressed like this. lol.

    Thanks! xo

  14. very cute.

  15. OH! I have some baking and sewing to do today before the Husband gets home, I think I’m going to throw an outfit like this on RIGHT NOW!!

  16. I actually jumped up from my computer Friday morning and put on my own version of this very outfit! I just posted it on my blog- check it out!

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