Teacher Style File 01.25.10

Sorry for the late start today. I can usually get posts up pretty early in the morning but today is not a regular school day. Its a professional development day. Blah! They are the worst. We have been in meetings all morning and finally now have a little break.

How do you feel about wearing white in winter? Do you do it a lot? I don’t, but there is something that is so striking to me between the contrast of wearing something bright white and pairing it with black tights. I think I love it a lot! Do you like my new necklace? I sure do!! The amazing punky sent me a little bag of goodies from Haberdash Vintage and this necklace was one of the treats I pulled out!! I based my whole outfit off of it! What do you think?


Structured Blazer: Thrifted
Striped Shirt: Target
White Eyelet Skirt: Hand-me-down
Tights: JC Penny
Necklace: Courtesy of Haberdash Vintage
Flats: Dollhouse

  1. I love the bright white and yellow… it really makes the black look happier! I also loooove the location of these photos!

  2. Cute necklace! I agree with Sarah…nice location for the pics!

  3. I think you look absolutely adorable:)I am in love with your necklace, and i think wearing white in winter is really lovely.Especially if there’s snow, i feel like Snow White.
    Have a lovely new week:)

  4. I love the black with white tights! You know what always strikes me as funny, once it gets to a certain temperature, I start to feel funny wearing black legwear during the day. It’s like an internal season/fashion monitor….

  5. Err, black tights with a white skirt.

  6. I LOVE this outfit!! I think white in the winter is totally cool. 🙂 You rocked it well! That necklace is awesome!

  7. I definitely like the necklace, you look great! Super cute outfit :o)


  8. I like the winter white! I love all the contrast in this outfit and what a cool location!

  9. i LOVE white skirts with black tights! you’ve just reminded me that i haven’t worn that combo nearly enough this winter.

  10. Great necklace and great outfit! I personally like white coats in winter, I used to have a great one in high school, complete with white fake fur trim. I’ve been looking for a new one but haven’t found it yet. Also, super photo location.

  11. Black & white with yellow is one of my favorite color combos. Especially in stripe form. That alley is really cool too. I’m jealous of all the great backdrops you have around your new place. It’s inspiring.

  12. OoOo fun colors!

  13. I like the colour combo.

  14. I love the pops of yellow in this outfit! I don’t really own a lot of white items, but I like winter white ensembles.

  15. i’ve been really into rocking this color combo lately!
    love it!

  16. You pulled off winter white very well! You kind of inspired me to puul out a white ruffle skirt I’d been saving for warmer weather.

  17. I love your colors and how the necklace inspired the whole outfit! It’s just darling!

  18. I love this and put together a very similar outfit a couple of weeks ago with a white eyelet dress. I couldn’t decide if the eyelet was too summery, but seeing it on you, I love it!

  19. I like this white summery skirt with the winter basics. It’s quite a cute look. I’m also impressed that you still dressed like it’s any other day for professional development. We had a Superintendent’s Day as well, but I went with a more weekend casual look.

  20. LOVE this outfit! I actually end up wearing white in winter a lot… I don’t intend to, I think it’s just that I love white so much I can’t help putting it away for a whole season!

  21. yay!
    I’m glad you like the necklace. Yellow is my favorite color…so, I almost didn’t let that piece go. But i noticed you wearing lots of yellow lately.

  22. I actually like white in the winter. The only reason why I don’t wear it is because with the weather in Chicago it gets dirty pretty easily with unforeseen weather conditions.

    I love the color combo of this outfit. Yellow is one of my favorite colors.

  23. Suddenly wearing white in the winter seems so appealing. It probably helps battle the winter blahs…

  24. I’m actually a big fan of winter whites. There’s something so fresh and cute about it. I love our accessories, and your photoshoot spot is just perfect!

  25. nice outfit!…need to try this

  26. I love the gray, black and white with the yellow accents.

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