Style File 01.20.10

So I will say I am not in love with these pictures. I debated posting them. I mean the pictures are awesome of course. Kev always does a great job but I just dont like myself in them. The sun is making my black tights look brown and I feel like I look stumpy or something. Oh well. I liked the outfit a lot when I was wearing it.

Anyways this is an outfit I wore over the weekend for something. As I have said before I have a huge soft spot in my heart for thrifted ridiculous blouses!!. I love their crazy patterns, their puffy sleeves and their ruffled necklines.

Blouse: Goodwill
Shorts: Forever 21
Belt: NY&Co.
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Wedges

Stay tuned for an awesome giveway later today!!!

  1. melissa •

    I want to go thrifting with you! You always find these gems!!!!! I love that shirt!

  2. love the sparkles in the shorts. I was just in Princeton this morning during sunrise taking pictures of the pretty snow!

  3. I love the pattern of your blouse!

  4. Oh Jen, I love it ALL! The amazing blouse, those JC wedges, the belt … fantastic.

  5. I think you’re being too harsh on yourself, you look good in the pictures, and the outfit is super cute! I’m so jealous of those shoes, I wish JC made shoes in my size!!

    I agree with Melissa, I want to go thrifting with you too, I haven’t found any blouses yet!

  6. those shoes look awesome with your shorts, I really like the whole combination!

  7. That blouse is awesome!

  8. I love this outfit! You look so unique and beautiful. You do not look stumpy, you’re in great shape!

  9. I love how you describe it as a rediculous blouse. You look great! U can pull this off well.

  10. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think the high waisted shorts are doing your torso any favors…the outfit would of looked less “stumpy” w/o it

  11. I don’t think that you look “stumpified” at all! The high waisted shorts make your legs look longer, I think! I always feel “stumpified” when I am wearing mid-calf boots, so maybe it’s the awesome buckle boots with the similar colored tights that you aren’t liking? IDK, I think you look fab!

  12. Those are cool shorts- they look kind of sparkly in the sunlight.

    haha. I have one of me on my blog that I thought about deleting. I hated my expression & my legs were photographing weird- probably had something to do with the way I was standing. But I posted because it was a an outfit I wore to a party & I had spent weeks putting it together.

  13. I absolutely love that blouse! Just the inspiration I needed to do a little thrifting this weekend.

  14. I feel that way about photos too sometimes – but really it’s just me being picky and honing in on my least favourite bits! You look utterly fabulous and your outfit is wonderful.

  15. I absolutely love this outfit. You’ve just inspired me to do something similar with items from my closet. THANKS!

  16. Oh I do love thrift store (I call them grandma) shirts! This outfit looks great. You don’t look stumpy or grandma-ish at all! Hmmm maybe I’ll try something like this tomorrow…

  17. I feel that way about my pictures almost all the time, haha! It is so weird to feel SO great in an outfit and then look at the pictures at the end of your day and just think, “BLECGGHGH.”

    That belt is so awesome! My “vintage” Coach purse (pretty sure it’s not old enough to be vintage but it’s oldish) from my mom has little button/toggle/clasp things like that and I just love it 🙂

  18. I think you look really tall! Don’t worry we are always our own worst critic!

  19. You look amazing about this pictures! I’m glad you posted them 🙂

    And I really love these shorts and the way they glimmer in the sunlight!

  20. I love this blouse, such great colors. You have the best luck at Goodwill, I’m jealous!

  21. I think you look gorgeous in these photos! Love the blouse and pants 🙂

  22. I started reading your blog just before the New Year – I love the outfit shots – especially the Teacher Style Files! (I am a former professor and school administrator). I love how your personal style carries over into what you wear teaching!

  23. Oops, I hit “submit” too quickly. I meant to say that I love how what you wear in a photo like this, taken on the weekend, isn’t so drastically out of line with what you wear as a teacher. I think it’s so important for students to interact with adults who are polished but still expressive.

  24. Girl, you look anything but stumpy! These are FABULOUS pictures, and you look beyond stunning. Those shorts are so sweet!

  25. I think all style bloggers feel like this occasionally … but I dont see why you did not like these pictures! You look beautiful and the sunlight is just magical (especially in the last shot)!

    ps i started my practicum teaching today! i am definitely going to be clicking in the “teacher style file” archives for inspiration!

  26. i love your “ridiculous” blouse! the more ridiculous the better!

  27. I think you look very tall and lean! And I love that belt. Annie.

  28. Stumpy? Are you kidding, your legs look a mile long in these pictures!
    I love your collection of crazy patterned blouses too, you pull them off amazingly well!

  29. You know, Jen, I just had a similar experience with those same tights not photographing well. I feel like it looks like my knee almost has a huge run in it… Noteworthy I suppose:

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