Hey! So have you check out the etsy site of my sponsor Roll & Tumble Press yet? Well they are amazing and they want to share some of their amazingness with YOU!!!

They would like to give away the You Are Here Hand-Printed Letterpress Poster to one of you lucky readers. It is one of my favorites from their site (although I have like 20). This would be a fabulous valentines gift for someone, don’t you think?


Anyways, all you have to do is go and check out their etsy shop and leave a comment below. You have from now until Sunday evening to enter. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced Monday morning (1/25)!!!

  1. I love them all! I think I might need the Living in Sin poster.

  2. I already ordered two things! I have the salt and pepper shakers in my kitchen and the Super 8 Camera print in my living room. They are great!!! Pick me, pick me!!!!

  3. Oh, I love their “Smile” camera print. So cute!

  4. I love the “I Might Like You Better” cards. They remind me of that Mirah song, La Familia.

  5. I love the one you have shown here! So sweet and I love the red and blue.

  6. I adore the Sweet Dreams poster! but all of there stuff is clever!

  7. I have their, “You Are All I Need” poster, I love this one too!

  8. I’m in the process of buying a new house, and this would make a lovely house warming gift… to myself.

  9. i love their stuff! i actually checked out their site a week or so ago – i think you had mentioned them before?! such great little posters! i like the ‘you are all i need’ one. and “love nest” they are all really great! xox

  10. Kathleen •

    WOW WOW WOW. I love this, I definitly need some art for my space!

  11. My boyfriend would love “you’re here” picture and it would be so perfect for Valentines day! I never win anything and I would LOOOVVVEEEE to win this! Jen, how do you get sponsors?

  12. I love the “Love Nest” print, I think I’m going to have to get it for my parents!

  13. oh i love this. simply stated, but beautifully done.

  14. Michaela •

    I would love to own this poster! So perfect for v-day. I also love the SMILE letterpress poster.

  15. My favorites are Cooking 101 and Love Nest, but I love this one too!

  16. I totally love that print! I’ve been admiring it for a long time now. I would love to win this and give it to my husband for V-Day. Here’s hoping!

  17. What a lovely print! Love Nest has great stuff

  18. They’re all so cute! Would love any of them in my 1930 bungalow, they’d fit right in!

  19. I really like the “Use your inside voice” poster as well as the “whisper me your number” one!

  20. Jennifer •

    I absolutely adore this!!! So cute!

  21. Such a fun poster! It’s a toss up whether I’d give it to my valentine or just have it for keeps!

  22. I love this poster so much. I also like their Happy Hour cards….but not quite as much 😉

  23. LOVe this poster. i have a soft spot in my heart (heh heart) for anything anatomical heart related because i recently had some heart surgery of my own (just a stent). my boyfriend was by my side every step of the way, so this would be a fitting v-day gift from me to him!

  24. omg, this is hilarious!

    I would love to have this.

  25. How wonderful!
    Pick me!



  26. OH! I saw this poster on Etsy and was planning on gifting it to my boyfriend for Valentines…we fell for each other while teaching anatomy lab together this past summer…so fitting!

    Love your blog too!

  27. Awesome! Thanks! I really enjoyed the, “I might like you better if we slept together” Haha

  28. So funky cute! My favorite is the “Love Nest”. Pick me!

  29. bahhh I love them all, could you send me one of each? I know a certain MR. who would love these!

  30. I LOOOOVE their stuff! my favorites are the “Smile” poster, “Good Night”, The Salt and Pepper Shakers, and “Mind your Manners”. Beaaaautiful stuff!…ps..your blog is amazing. I’m a teacher too and I love the Teacher File Styles!

  31. Sweet poster!!!
    I dig it.
    Enter me in 🙂

  32. I love this poster! All of their stuff is very modern, “I like the you are all I need” ones, too!

  33. I like everything on their site, but I am especially fond of the “Livin’ In Sin” sampler. It’s fitting for my relationship!

  34. Awesome! This poster rules. So clever and nicely illustrated.

  35. I love this poster! I also love the Sweet Dreams moon poster… it would be so cute in my niece’s nursery!!

    Great giveaway!

  36. rachel y. •

    so fun! thanks for sharing, their site is a great place for gifts.

  37. Monica S. •

    Oh my gosh I was just looking at these posters and this etsy site! I LOVE the work, but love the “You are here” print most of all. My fiance and I both agree it is our favorite.

  38. I love their stuff! I was immediately drawn to the Livin’ in Sin one too, but then realized we just got married and no longer “live in sin.” Darn it! 🙂 I love the “Mind Your Manners” poster too!

  39. oh. my. gosh!!! I hope I win!!! I looooooove this!!! It would be so super in my son’s room:D

  40. This is so fun and different! I love the “I would like you better if we slept together” haha
    very fun giveaway!

  41. Oh, I love EVERYTHING! Plus my house needs art, badly.

  42. amazing poster! I love it and it would go perfectly in Matthew’s new apartment!!

  43. I need this!!! I love all of their work!

  44. Love it! I am totally in love with the moon ones. Totally perfect for a guest bedroom or a child’s room.

  45. I should get the “take a gamble” one for my little brother – he’s moving abroad in April to start a new carreer. I’d keep this one for me though 😀

  46. Maureen •

    Can I be the winner please? This is my fav print of theirs…

  47. so awesome, of course I’m entering!

  48. Would love to have this! Stalked their shop when you first listed ’em as a sponsor and stared at the beautiful letterpress for a bit too long. 😉

  49. spicklebee •

    *Squeals of delight* I am loving almost everything here! We are getting ready to move soon so I’d love to have some new art!! The Sweet Dreams and Inside Voice would be awesome for my kiddos’ room and I am a huge fan of the “Livin’ in Sin” as well. The “You Are Here” would be a great gift to my hunny cause we will probably be moving over Valentine’s weekend! Yipppeeee!

  50. This would be a cute gift to give to my husband for our 1 year anniversary on valentines day! Love it!

  51. Fabulous vday gifts- this print and so many of their other ones!

  52. Loving the rotary telephone:) And your spunky blog!

  53. Oooh I really like the “Listen to your heart” headphones one.

  54. haha. it’s just like the poster that says “I will possess your heart.”

  55. this is super cute and would make a fabulous valentines day gift as well! I also like the smile one. such cute stuff in their store.

  56. I’m new to this blog and Roll & Tumble, but I’m really enjoying both! Thanks!

  57. Thanks! I am already familiar with Roll & Tumble, but I sure like an opportunity to look at their swell prints!

  58. Lindsay •

    I absolutely love their prints! The ‘You Are Here’ is defnitely my favorite but I’m also loving ‘Cooking 101’ and the ‘Headphones’ prints. I’d love to win but I think I plan on buying too! 🙂

  59. Love your blog, Jen! Love this print too 🙂

  60. I love this poster! I saw it featured on Cup of Jo and joked to my boyfriend that it would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The “I would like you bettter if we slept together” card is so funny ! 🙂

  61. wow that is so sweet! it would be a perfect gift for valentines day. i have my fingers crossed!

  62. That is so cute 🙂 what a great, non-cheesy v-day gift 🙂

  63. Super Rad poster!! I wish it was something I would have thought of. All of the cool ideas are always taken 😉 Fabulous V-day gift too!

  64. I love the sassy “I might like you better if we slept together” but I have to say, the “you are here” poster is my favorite. I was thinking of sending it to my fiance who’s away working the Philippines for 6 months. Love that they are a couple!

  65. oh man that one’s definitely my favorite too.

  66. Lovely print and lovely shop!!

  67. so great! been trying to build a little collection of art and i’ve been loving colorful prints like this- it’s awesome!

  68. Although the Cooking 101 prints are lovely, the You Are Here poster is my favorite! I really hope I win!!

  69. i love it, i love it, i love it. it would be so perfect in my apartment!

  70. Catherine •

    Love this stuff!

  71. Bridget •

    Haha, I love them all! I think the one you’re giving away is my fav, so I hope I win it… ; D

  72. I love them! I’ve added them as a fave and will have to pick a few! I just don’t know which ones, they are all awesome!

  73. I LOVE the you are here poster but the rotary phone piece is a close second… either would totally look great over a new drafting desk I got!

  74. I saw that poster the other week and was going to buy it! Hopefully I will win it!!

  75. I was in love with that print from the minute I saw it posted on your blog. (I’m a new reader, been around about a week I think?) I would LOVE to win this, it would make my month!

  76. oh wow, the colors are so crisp! id love to hang that in my abode.

  77. i would hate the inverse of that poster, “maybe i would like you better if we slept together…” i mean that just stinks. as it stands now though, i want ten!

  78. That poster is super rad. As one of the only other Male readers besides that kev guy, I should def win.

    That etsy shop is rad too, im gonna order stuff.

  79. that would make a sweet valentines gift for my bf! thanks to them and you for having a giveaway!

  80. awwww!!! I absolutely love winsome girl. If only I had more moneys and more decorating room…

  81. This print is incredible. I started something similar when I was in school because my brother has a heart condition so I was trying to make a piece about him, but I never ended up finishing it.

  82. michelle •

    Oh! I’m in love with this print as well as the headphones print. Thanks for turning me on to a new print shop. So much to drool over!

  83. Love them all, but I’ve banned myself from online shopping until at least the spring.

  84. ive been quietly reading for a while, but had to pipe up to say that i would love to win this! despite one of my resolutions for 2010 which is to cut down on my frivolous internet spending, i am so tempted to buy those salt and pepper prints!

  85. i am loving that print! Seriously, too cute.

  86. Ooh, thank you for hosting this giveaway! This print makes me smile – it’s incredibly clever and beautiful.
    Besides this one, I love the ‘Smile’ print — what a sweet wake-up call that would be every morning.

  87. i love this! so cute! my favorite is the ‘listen to your heart’ with the headphones! i might be purchasing that one!

    thanks for having a give away! 🙂

  88. CaitlinMarie •

    I love this! they are all really cute but this would definitely make a cute gift for my sweetie.

  89. Hi Jen! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win such an awesome print! Giveaways are always fun and I’m more than happy to try for this one! Their shop is full of clever and cute items and besides the “You Are Here” print, I also love the “Love Nest” print.
    Mmmm…letterpress, so good! :]

  90. I think the You Are Here is my favorite… here’s hopin’ *crosses fingers*

  91. They are adorable! I love the kissing booth one especially!

  92. I love the You Are Here one. It’s unique, and a great gift for my boyfriend.

  93. emily f. •

    Ooh I’m lovin’ that shop! I love the “Livin’ In Sin” poster. It’s perfect for our house (since we aren’t married- we are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel-in’ it!)

  94. I just LOVE this print. My childhood best friend was married this summer while I was living in East Africa. Her and her husband are now BOTH medical school students. I’d love to send this print their way to honor their wedding and hard work! Quite fitting I think…

  95. WOW – these are so great! I’m having a really rough day (job interview gone incredibly sour!), and the “Be Brilliant” really bought a smile to my face. And you’re right — the “You are Here” piece is such a great idea for Valentine’s Day!

    Thank you for the generous giveaway!!

  96. Lindsay •

    This print is one of my favorites! I have the perfect little spot for it in our bedroom 🙂


  97. Love the Cloud for Sale poster! 😀

  98. Love this! 🙂

  99. heck yes! i would love this.

  100. Ooh I love the “Use Your Inside Voice” print. I want to buy it for my mom, she loves donkeys. Plus, it conjures up ideas of donkeys whispering, and I just find that precious-weird.

  101. All their stuff is so cute and clever! I love this one and the love nest one too! Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  102. These would look great on any wall, especially mine! I really love the “You are here” and the “love nest” prints!

  103. this is absolutely amazing and the concept behind the picture is brilliant. oh i know just the person i’d give this too 🙂
    crossing my fingers and my toes and anything else i can cross!

  104. Pretty please with sugar on top : ) this is brilliant.

  105. Shannon •

    This is a fabulous poster! Great work from Roll & Tumble!

  106. Tiffany •

    OH MY GOODNESS! Ever since you first introduced them as one of your new sponsors, and that print was the picture you were showing as an example of their products, I was soooooo tempted to just buy it on the spot. So this is so perfect! Maybe I’ll get lucky!

  107. I OVE this one, as well as the Donkey (Use your inside voice… going on my future-one day Babies wall!) Happy Wednesday!

  108. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=33309812

    That’s my favorite! I love these posters. What a great giveaway Jen. As usual, your posts brighten my day!

    – Sarah Yvonne

  109. I love this! I hope I’ve got some luck this week!

  110. Too cool…I love their etsy shop, especially the pic of the moon “Good night, sleep tight”.!! 🙂 whooo-hoo , I hope I win!

  111. What a great find. Is it bad that I want them all??

  112. Hannah Malcolm •

    I love the Cooking 101 print!

  113. that would make such a lovely gift for my husband and as a bonus it would look great on one of the many empty walls of our new place!

  114. Wow what a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. My husband will love this print for our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple!

  115. Ooh I love it! Fingers crossed 🙂

  116. KariAnn •

    I love it all! Especially, the one with the Blondie lyrics. Fingers crossed.

  117. this would be lovely in our swede little abode. i heart this one big time. fab etsy site! adding it to my faves.

  118. Love it! It appeases both the doctor and romantic in me!

  119. So cute 🙂

  120. love it! dr. big bear would love this as a little graduation present since we are currently on the tightest budget.

  121. I absolutely love roll and tumble… I have been obsessing over the camera “smile” print for a month now!!!

  122. That is one snazzy illustration! The colors and simple shapes are just brilliant 🙂 Thanks for sharing Jen!~

  123. Great poster!


  124. Love the Sleep Tight poster… Perfect for our guest bedroom and it would transition nicely when we eventually turn that room into a nursery (eventually as in a few years later ha)…

    But this poster, You Are Here, would be FUN for our exercise room!

  125. Their stuff is sweet. I must say that is my favorite of their prints..

  126. these prints are so neat!

  127. AWESOME! I’m loving the “You are all I need” poster, too – definitely a cute valentines gift!

  128. I’d love to give this to my artist boyfriend of 2 1/2 years!!!

  129. I checked out Roll and Tumble’s etsy shop when you first posted about them a while back. This was my favorite even then! I think it would be perfect in our soon-to-be-revamped study. 🙂

  130. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I’ve been etsy shop stalking since you posted this the first time!

  131. WhitneyM •

    i love this print. i hope i win!

  132. hannah j •

    oh.my.word. my husband and i met in anatomy and physiology. he’s in med school now and this just sums up our relationship. LOVE THIS ONE.

  133. I love this print.

  134. Jessica •

    That would be an awesome gift for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the amazing give-away again, Jen. Love your blog and your exquisite taste!

  135. Ashley T. •

    This would look so great in my husband’s office on campus… his students might even think he’s kinda cool. And I love the “Smile” poster, how lovely! 🙂

  136. awww. this is super cute
    but not in a cutesy way
    i dig it!!

  137. Oooh I love that poster! And the rest of the posters in the etsy shop are to die for! I hope I win 🙂

  138. This is such an awesome poster! I would love to hang it somewhere in my apartment.

  139. This is so cute. 🙂 Perfect gift for the nerdy boyfriend hehe

  140. Super cute etsy store!

  141. I love the “I would like you better” poster and the living in sin one made me laugh out loud! But I would probably choose the kissing booth one to use at our wedding.
    I’m having a giveaway on my blog today too!

  142. Ah this is awesome! Patrick would love it.. hope I win!

  143. Hi! I just stumbled across your Weardrobe today and I actually featured one of you looks on my blog! You’ve got great style. And that is an amazing poster 🙂

  144. Oh how fabulous! I think the Love Fest one is really cute too! 🙂

  145. That “You Are Here” Poster is amazing! I would love to have it hanging in my apartment. Ditto with the Love Nest poster. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

  146. Chelsea M •

    I bought the salt and pepper shakers! I love their stuff!

  147. Jessica •

    I was just admiring this very poster last night on poppytalk. I would love to give this to my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day! I personally love the “Use your indoor voice” poster, tee hee.

  148. Betsy Wood •

    This is absolutely delightful!

  149. I love their shop! I could buy them all and frame them — especially the “Livin’ in Sin”. Great graphics, cute prints.

  150. What a fantastic shop! I’m so glad you mentioned it in your blog – I love love love these posters and have my eye on a few for some upcoming birthdays. (The one with the print of the cat’s eye librarian glasses is probably my favorite).

  151. So many pretty things!!! I hope I win!

  152. Emily Moher •

    oooooh ooooh pick me pick me. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE

  153. I am studying to be a nurse and the human body is my most loved passion. This is so great! Thank you!

  154. Caitlin •

    How adorable!!

  155. Love this! My husband and I are big fans of letterpress.

  156. Couldn’t resist throwing my hat in this ring, that poster is wicked sweet.

  157. Jahaira •

    I love how it takes something that supposed to be so cutesy and makes it literal. :]

  158. Awesome! Honestly, I think the “you are here” print is the sweetest.

  159. Really sweet prints! I’m keeping a few in mind for future gift-giving, too.

  160. ah! i think this is my favorite roll&tumble print ever (& that says something – as there are so many awesome ones to choose from). i’d just freak out with happiness to win!

  161. I love this print and all the others on their site 🙂

  162. this is just lovely!

  163. these make me want to buy a canvas and go art wild! c’mon lucky stars!!!

  164. So cute! Love the vintage-y graphic and cheeky one-liners! Have to agree that the favourite is the one you’ve featured but I could also see the salt and pepper shakers in my kitchen!

  165. Ooo, thanks for the introduction! Fantastic. Love them.

  166. i just bought a house and this would be so perfect in it! 🙂

  167. Wow I would love to have this!

  168. i love their stuff. so cute.
    my favorite is their “Super 8 Letter Press”. i need (or want) one of those!

  169. oh geez! i’ve come across this shop before! i love all of their prints. this would be a most fancy and wonderful proclamation to hang up 🙂 crossing my fingers!!be brilliant, read between the lines, you are all i need… aw man. so good!

  170. Yes, I agree, this could be a great valentines gift…..:0) Love it!

  171. Oh, this is lovely. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Annie.

  172. Devon H •

    JenlovesKev is one of my favorite blogs. I love the print!! I need one of my own 😉

  173. vanesssa •

    I love the Kissing Booth one!! So many great choices, though…

  174. plizz plizz plizz pick me i thinks this one is lovely :)!!!

    God bless

  175. I love this! And I think the BF would like it even more. Very cool giveaway 🙂

  176. What an amazing giveaway! I love it!

  177. Thanks for posting this. It is lovely. Please count me in.

  178. Carolyn •

    I adore this print!!
    I do have to ask: Does your husband’s comment count as an official entry? 😉

  179. Jennifer •

    I have been in love with that print ever since Roll and Tumble became a sponsor! They have such great stuff!

  180. oh jen, pick mememememe! pleasepleasplease! sugar on top? okay, i know it’s random. surely comment #181 is lucky…right?

  181. Just lovely!

  182. I might have to buy the love nest for the new apartment my boyfriend and I are moving into!

  183. Just visited their shop – I love it all, but this print is my fav!

  184. Allison M. •

    I LOVE this print and their shop is great too! Some of their work is so hilarious! Thanks for introducing me to the shop!

  185. *incredible* poster. i just love artists.

  186. oh my gosh, i LOVE these prints and would smile every time i walked past it!

  187. This would be perfect for Valentines Day! Love it!

  188. Emily W. •

    They’re gorgeous. I love them all 🙂

  189. Such lovely prints! My favorite is the Cloud For Sale poster 🙂

    (and jenloveskev is one of my favorite blogs, btw)

  190. Jaclyn Altfillisch •

    What a clever way of saying, “I love you”! How cute!

  191. How clever! Their Etsy shop is sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance:)

  192. i just love the good night sleep tight poster! Their designs are so adorable.

  193. I love this! xoxo

  194. I love this print! I think its very clever in a non-cheesey-romantic way 🙂

  195. No way. That is one of my favorite prints. I’m wanting to do anatomy-type prints in our bathroom. This would be perfect in the center!

  196. I think the home sweet home would look rocking hanging in my foyer next to my rosemaling heart that says “Velkommen”, above the table my Norwegian grandfather made by hand.

    Love Jen Loves Ken!

  197. I can’t pick just one of their works that i DON’T love. I mean, wow!

  198. I love “Use Your Inside Voice,” the elementary school lesson that I am always forgetting, and the wishbone tied with a bow– the perfect combination of hard and soft.

  199. Mackenzie •

    Aww my favorite is definitely “Listen to your heart.” But they are all so fun!

  200. oh my gosh! these prints are so adorable … my favorites are the ‘you are here’ and the ‘listen to your heart’ .. both are great for valentine’s day.

  201. Claudia •

    I love this print…and all the others in their etsy shop. 🙂

  202. What a great print! I’d have a hard time parting with it though. It’d look great on my wall. 🙂

  203. Oh wow. I think a lot of their posters would go so well in my office. I love the use your inside voice poster too!

  204. I love it! I hope I win!

  205. Breanna •

    I think the Love Nest print would be a great wedding present (or even the give-away)!

  206. This print is AMAZING. I love it. Hubs and I are redoing our loft area and the theme is vintage chem lab/ med tech! This would be absolutely perfect!

  207. Love this poster! I also love the Love Nest print! Great post!

  208. This is such a sweet and clever poster. I’m also really liking the cooking 101 prints.

  209. oooh goodness ! they have a permanent spot on my wish list — count me in !

  210. I swear I own the exact glasses in the “Read Between the Lines” poster. Oh, the problem with these giveaways – my wishlist keeps getting longer and longer!

  211. Sarah M •

    What an awesome poster – i’d love to put that up in the new place with my new fiancee!

  212. perfect housewarming gift for the boyfriend on the valentine’s closing day of our new house!

  213. All of their prints are so fun! I would love to win!

  214. Awesome! Love their ‘Love Birds’ also!

  215. I love their graphic style! thanks for doing this giveaway 🙂

  216. I just discovered your lovely blog! The power of the internet. 😛

  217. What an awesome giveaway.. I’ve actually been eyeing their “smile” one for a while now… 🙂

  218. Azeezat •

    Very cute!

  219. Andrea Moore •

    I love love LOVE everything on their site!

  220. Aw this so cute! I also love the one that says “Good night, sleep tight.” They are all adorable! I would love to give any of those to my boyfriend this year =)

  221. annalene •

    cute print! i’m a bio sci major so anything sort of anatomical is totally ace in my book 🙂

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