Teacher Style File 01.19.10

I just want to say sorry for my bad commenting lately. We have the worst wifi at home. It took me 4 hours yesterday to upload 3 photos. Ugh! I don’t really have the patience to deal with waiting 15 mins for pages to open. Plus the internet at school has been blocking everyones blogs lately, so I havent been able to leave comments during my lunch and down time like I usually do. So I apoligize. Just know that I appreciate everyones comments and I do look forward to checking out everyones blogs. You guys really are the best!

ok now on to other things!! Kev and me have been planning a vacation for Feburary or April during one of my school vacations but couldnt decide where to go. I really wanted to go back to Paris again. I have been forunate enough to go 3 times but Kev has never been to europe and its something I really want to share with him. I love love love it there. Anyways after thinking about it a lot, we decided what we really needed was a vacation that would be just that- relaxing, no stress, time away with each other. So we put Paris on the back burner for now and just booked our tickets for HAWAII!!!! Yippie!! I am so excited. We have not been back together since we moved. We picked going back to Hawaii because we know how to get around, we know what things we like, its warm and beautiful, we have such wonderful memories there together and we get to see our dear dear friends!! Its going to be the perfect vacation! We leave in 4 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited!

So I am thinking I need to cut my bangs. After looking at my pictures from today and yesterday I am noticing that you can hardly see my face. Time to cut them I think (don’t worry kev- just a little little trim), I always cut them myself. I know any hair dresser would cringe at how bad a job I do but you know what- I like them better when I do them myself than any time I have gotten them done.

I love this cardigan I am wearing today. Its the brightest in your face orange color. It also has this great flower detail on the shoulder. I paired it with a light blue oxford button up (complementary colors anyone?) and an animal print belt.


Cardigan: NY&Co.
Blue Oxford: Thrifted (Lands End)
Belt: Thrifted
Denim Skirt: Old Navy
Studded Ankle Boots: Forever 21

Last Nights Dinner will be up around 4pm. I didnt get a chance to upload the picture before I came to school today.

  1. Super cute outfit! I have a shirt in that same color in my closet and almost pulled it out today. Going to Hawaii sounds great, I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to go – I’ll have to ask you for pointers when I finally get around to it :o)

  2. I am SERIOUSLY loving this outfit today- so laid back but dressy and very effortlessly cool. ; )

  3. Okay, I’m normally a lurker, but I had to comment today!

    I am wearing almost this exact same outfit today! Same sweater, same land’s end blue oxford (although my mom just bought mine for me from their catalog, so you get major street cred for your version being thrifted), a skinny animal print belt…I’m just wearing a grey skirt (I can’t wear denim to work, I’m jealous!) with cream tights, but brown boots still! Sooo crazy!

  4. you look so well put together in this outfit! and cardigan is just perfect with the flower detailing on the shoulder πŸ™‚ and going back to hawaii sounds like such a lovely vacation (and relaxing). i have yet to go there, but it’s on my list !!!

  5. I love that cardigan. AND belt! Congrats on the sheknows.com fashion trend predictions.

  6. Love today’s outfit – especially the belt! I am having the hardest time pulling off the “belt trend”.

  7. Love the outfit! So laid back, yet still totally chic!

  8. This is such a fantastic outfit! I love everything about that cardigan – the bright orange color, the floral embellishment – it’s fantastic!

  9. What a GREAT mix of colors, and that little belt is the perfect accessory. You look fab!

  10. nice cardi..love the color

  11. awesome cardigan, love the color!

  12. Cute! I love skinny belts!

  13. Oh so jealous! I think I’d like to go to Hawaii right now…
    Meanwhile I love that cardigan it’s the perfect colour!

  14. Very good use of that colour wheel! I usually cut my own bangs too but my success rate has not been so high.
    Hawaii sounds splendid!!!!

  15. I have that same sweater…Its on clearance right now, I may have to get the yellow too.

  16. I totally looove that cardigan…it’s so pretty and I adore the detailing!

    I absolutely love your style and your blog is the cutest!

  17. Jen, as usual, you look amazing. That bright orange cardigan pairs very well with the light blue oxford and your denim skirt.

    I hope you have a lovely vacation in Hawaii. πŸ™‚

  18. This cardigan rocks. I’ve wanted it in yellow for awhile! I love pale blue and orange (my school’s colors are navy and orange, but I definitely prefer this pairing!).

  19. Love the outfit! The color of the cardigan is great! Especially for brightening up winter a bit πŸ˜‰ I’m so excited for you two to go to Hawaii but so jealous! You’ll have such a great time!

  20. Loving it! The orange and the blue look perfect together and the belt is a great additional touch. Fantastic on the trip too! I’ve never been to Hawaii and hope to go one day.

  21. Your bangs are so fantastic I love them. I have seen that cardigan at NY& co and have never bought it, but I always thought I would. Now I wonder if they have any on sale.

  22. I agree, trimming your own is the way to go. I do my own too. I really appreciate your comments on my blog, but don’t stress (easy to say, right?). Hawaii sounds perfect! That’s why we went there for our honeymoon. I didn’t want to stress about international travel & it really is a wonderful place to reconnect with your significant other, away from the craziness the day-to-day.

  23. I cut my own bangs, too! And they’re almost always crooked but I don’t think anyone notices it…

  24. I’m jealous you’re going to Hawaii and that you lived there. I love that you guys have moved around, goes to show that just because your married doesn’t mean you stop chasing dreams! Love the cardigan!

  25. Yay for Hawaii. Matt and I will be there in September and I’m SO excited. Fantastic sweater. I not only love the color but love the florrets on the side.

  26. Congrats on the vacation! i totally agree that sometimes it is best to go where you know so you can relax and not worry about getting around.
    Also I have the same cardigan
    I have it in green and yellow too. (I tend to buy multiples of things I love)

  27. Mark (my husband) and I decided that we wanted to take a vacation during the Christmas/Holiday break. We figure we can spend a week with family and the second week we can go somewhere warm and relax together.

    Hawaii sounds fabulous!

    Orange is awesome. We have an orange coffee table that I love….such a fun color!

  28. I’m with Talyor. I love belts, but when I try it it just doesn’t seem to look right. It looks awesome on you though! That is such a cheerful outfit on a gray day!

  29. This is such a lovely color combo and I LOVE the details on that cardigan! Totally jealous of your vacation!

  30. I’m going to Hawaii in March with my family! I’m so excited. To me, Hawaii is totally relaxing because you’re still in the states, which means same language, money, etc, but it’s a tropical escape! Perfect.

    I cut my own bangs too. Whenever I go to real hairdressers they never seem to do what I want. I’m sure real hairdressers cringe when they look at my home-cut hair too!

  31. Jen you just read my mind… my husband and I were talking about visiting Hawaii (for this first time) this summer during my break from grad school. I have been researching and it is very overwhelming. Do you have any pointers about which island to stay on, activities, etc. I am a vegetarian as well so any favorite restaurants would help too. Thanks, Ashley

  32. I couldn’t love your side ponytail more! I’ve never, ever attempted to cut my own hair and I physically shudder at the thought. Eeeek – sending steady thoughts your way! πŸ˜‰

  33. love this cardigan- i saw it a month or so ago- this and the acid green were my choices!
    i really love orange and navy together! you look adorable!

  34. Jealous – we tried booking a flight to Florida, and the cheapest tickets we could find were $800! We decided too late unfortunately….we’ll just have to wait until the honeymoon.

  35. thats a nice combo with the belt and cardigan – i love wearing my cardigans but i don’t know why i’ve never tried using a belt with them… Question: I have a couple of skinny belts that I like but they are a bit too big so the ends of it dangle.. Do you have any tips on how to secure them? I did think about using a cloth pin..?

  36. love it! that cardigan is amazing.
    I’m so jealous you get to go to Hawaii!! it would be so nice to go someplace warm for some r&r.

  37. what a great bright sweater–so perfect for winter!

  38. Cute!!

    I have to say I’m always so jealous of you fashion bloggers, I just don’t have the courage to wear things and outfits that I really love, because they don’t seem to fit my personality the way I think other people will thing.

  39. Gorgeous outfit! Have fun in Hawaii- I’ve added your blog to my blogroll πŸ™‚

  40. Adorable! I should wear my orange cardi this week! I wear it exactly like you with a denim skirt and blue button up! Weird!

  41. I’m sorry about your internet connection.. must be so frustrating!

    I love this outfit, especially the colors! Everything is so completely you!

  42. I always see your outfits and wish I could find similar things but I just don’t have that same eye for style. Well, I was SOO excited to see that orange sweater because I totally wore the pink version today to my classes!!!

  43. I love the bright flame orange of that cardigan, it totally amps up the whole outfit.

  44. yay for vacations!!

    i love the rich orange colour of the cardigan, gorgeous!

  45. I absolutely LOVE that orange/blue combo. It looks so great! Really refreshing, if that makes any sense. Kind of a perfect pick-me-up for winter. Much like your fab vacation to Hawaii! I am dying to go back there! My hubby and I just booked part 2 of our honeymoon (a Caribbean cruise!) and I can’t wait. Nothing better than a warm getaway in the middle of winter!

  46. LOVE this combination! i am totally inspired for my outfit tomorrow – blue blouse and orange sweater it is πŸ™‚

  47. Oooh! Me likes this one. I like your outfit ideas, since I seem to have a lot of the same pieces! Keep ’em coming! I need help!

  48. I am going on a Hawaiian cruise in December and I am SO excited! Closer to the time, I’ll have to hit you up with restaurant/attraction recommendations!

  49. Love the colours!
    Hawaii, exciting! I am more than a little jealous πŸ™‚

  50. After going to Maui last May, it’s hard for me to imagine any vacation being as relaxing, beautiful, or rejuvenating as going to Hawaii. I hope y’all have a wonderful time! Oh, and I love the orange sweater! I think brunettes look great in orange!

  51. Love it! And really appreciate a fresh use/combo for an pretty basic oxford shirt. Thanks!

  52. this one is SO cute!!! love the complementary colors!!

  53. This color is great on you. Your bangs look great but i think id love to see more of your pretty face! But really, this orange is TOTALLY your color!

  54. I forgot to say some things. What I like about this outfit is that it’s realistic. Each of the items most people would already have in their wardrobe ( i mean, i do) but you put it together so well. And congrats on hawaii! How exciting. It’s good that you guys are doing that.

  55. I love the color and flower detailing of the cardigan! It looks great paired with the shades of blue.

  56. Jessica •

    Love love love (!) the colour of the cardigan and the shirt together. You look stunning in it.

  57. Hey Jen! I drop in on your blog every now and then and when I saw that you are coming to Hawaii, I had to comment. We have some mutual friends–Gina and Charlie! I’m sure we will meet at some point while you’re here so I just thought I’d say an early “hello”!

  58. Wow, you look so cute! Better than the catalog models in that style!

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