Over the Weekend

We went home to my parents this weekend to visit with my sister and her friend Jordan who were in town from Baltimore. It was a very nice weekend, the weather was absolutely beautiful!! I could so handle winter a lot better if it was like that all winter. Bright blue sky, snow on the ground and around 40 degrees. On Saturday morning we all went for a hike up Wachusett Mt. it was such a nice hike and again the weather was just wonderful. Kev and me hadn’t bought home any boots or anything so we borrowed some stuff from my parents. My mom had these awesome EMS hiking boots, which I think I now need to own a pair of my own. They were so great. Kev on the other hand wore my dads boots which were like 3 sizes to big for him. He had a little harder time climbing up the mt. on snow and ice then the rest of us. haha


Are you enjoying this warmer winter weather?

  1. Ah, it’s so great when the sun comes out! The skies are so intensely blue on a clear winter’s day. The snow has finally melted here and I was able to wear heels for the first time this year 🙂

  2. How great! I grew up in MA and have many fond memories of climbing Wachussett. These pics really capture the essence of a winter-time stroll up that mountain. Thanks for the flashback! 🙂

  3. I have been loving this warmer weather! What a great break from the freezing temps not to long ago…if only it could stay this way till spring….if only…

  4. Love your photos! I’m glad the weather has been nice for you! It’s been about 35 here in Michigan, so not too shabby but I do wish we could see some sunshine!

  5. So that’s what blue skies look like! (The sky has been grey ever since I arrived in London. I think it was blue for like 2 hours one day!) Such pretty photos 🙂

  6. Is that your dog? He (or she?) is gorgeous!

  7. these photos are fantastic.

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