Teacher Style File 01.14.10

Wow- we are 2 weeks into the new year. That is just crazy! I am already counting down the school days till feburary vacation. haha is that bad? (by the way its 18 school days)

I love this bright turquoise blouse I got at the goodwill. Its got this awesome ruffle collar! Old blouses are seriously the best thing!!!

How is everyones week going? I have not been doing a very good job this week with staying non stressed (goal for 2010) but I am working on it. Its been a good week for the most part though. I have just been getting to bed way later than I have hoped. We started clay this week in one of my classes, which is always a fun part of the class. I just have lots of battles with the kiln during these months. Its always so upsetting when the kiln doesnt fire right and I ruin everyones projects. DOH!

I am the faculty advisor for a lot of clubs at school and this week has been busy with that stuff. Prom meetings have started which are fun but very busy, also I am the Helping Hands advisor so we are coming up with all these raffles to raise money for the red cross to send to Haiti. Although it’s a lot of work, its a lot of fun seeing the kids get involed and wanting to make a difference.


Blouse: Goodwill $1.99
Jumper: Forever 21 (clearance rack)
Tights: Target $6
Over the Knee Socks: Target $6
Boots: Chinese Laundy $70

REMEMBER ETSY SHOP UPDATE TODAY!!! I’ll Let you know what its all set!

  1. Oh Jen! I love this outfit soooo much! Black and white with a punch of blue. I was never much of a thrift store shopper until reading your blog, now I find the greatest stuff at thrift stores! I cant belive what people get rid of!!! Thanks for the inspiration, and my husband thanks you for helping me spend less on clothes……

  2. Your right that blouse is awesome. Good luck with all of the clubs! They sound like fun!

  3. That jumper is seriously too cute for words! Love it!

  4. That bright teal looks even brighter and cheerier against the houndstooth!

  5. that’s a lucky find with your blouse! It’s the perfect color and I love how it ruffles underneath.

  6. that blue blouse is just gorgeous! i love this look!

  7. Wow, I love that blouse. The color and the ruffles are great!

  8. Wow! I love how bright blue that blouse is, it is the perfect compliment to your black and white outfit.

  9. I love everything about this outfit! That bright blue, tights with knee socks! Perfection!

  10. Danielle •

    This is one of my favorites!!!

  11. ooh, that blouse is so cool! I love how you layered the tights/socks/boots! So cute!

  12. that blouse is just gorgeous! I loooove it! and the OTKS over the tights in the same color but different shade/texture? inspiring!

  13. That pinafore is the cutest thing ever!
    Clay sounds so fun! Is was one of my favourites at school.

  14. Busy lady! You still had time to pull an awesome outfit out of the bag, though. 🙂

  15. definitely a fan of this look! the thumbnail popped up in my bloglovin and I had to click over immediately! super cute and I’m jealous of the snow (even though I had a bit awhile back, when I was on vacation).

    hah, quite a change to seek out colder climates for vacation, huh? guess that’s was southern cali does to ya!

  16. Love the blouse! The color is gorgeous and I think it looks great paired with that jumper.

  17. oooh that colour is so so so pretty!
    i love teal…especially against a snowy white background
    i love the contrast with the jumper too,
    pretty as usual!

  18. Two of my favorite things… happy blue and houndstooth! You look great and comfortable too.

  19. Love the turquoise and houndstooth.

  20. Jen, I LOVE the colors in this outfit! You’re so cute.

  21. I love this! I have those knee-high socks and have been wondering how to wear them in the winter with boots n’all. Thanks!

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