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So I received an email from Chelsea last week asking if I could create an I’d Wear That for her. Her email said “I am hosting a baby shower on Feb 6th, very french garden, very tea, very sweet kinda baby shower (light blue, light yellow, gold, with a bird theme). She wanted to wear a dress and wanted to keep it on a budget because of course hosting a baby shower can be quite expensive. It sounds like such a lovely baby shower- I hope she will share some pictures with me when it is over! Anyways, here the outfit I put together for her. I didn’t want the outfit to be to matchy matchy with the color scheme but at least make it obvious that she was the host.

Isn’t this dress just darling? I love it. I think it is so sweet with the one shoulder detail and ruffles. What are your thoughts, do think it is a good outfit for this Garden tea party baby shower?


Dress: Ruche $38.99
Nude Lace Tights: Urban Outfitters $14.00
Shoes: DSW $39.95
Hair Clips: Forever 21 $1.50
Bracelet: Forever 21 $5.80

  1. Oh! I love it!

    Want to do one for me!? 🙂 I am getting married in May and my first bridal shower is at the end of February. It will be in Chicago – so, the weather will be VERY chilly! It is being hosted by my aunt at a nice restaurant. I’d like to wear a dress! haha – I’d love to see what you come up with! I would very much appreciate the help!

  2. AW, I love it so much!! So in my price range…I love all the cute clothes over at Ruche!

  3. This is cute. Especially for the hostess of a shower to wear. I think it’s a nice idea to dress a little more fancy for a baby shower. I have those clips! They’re very sweet.

  4. LOVE this dress – just went on to the site and they are out of my size 🙁 but i put myself on the list to be contacted if/when it comes back! it would be perfect to wear to my bridal shower in august!!! if it doesnt come in – just might have to ask for another style file 🙂

  5. Holy moly, I think I’m in love … with ALL of it!

  6. LOVE those lace tights!! They are on my to-buy list for when I’m done with my shopping ban…

  7. I want this outfit!

  8. those shoes are so cute!

    i love ruche, but they are always sold out of my size! 🙁 i need to get with it and quit letting goodies pass me by!

  9. I just hosted a baby shower this past Saturday at my apartment and yep, they can get pretty spendy! Luckily my mom-to-be didn’t veer from my aesthetic that much (dark colors, tattoos) so, although her colors were lilac and green, I was able to get away with this:

  10. This is JUST what I’d want to wear for a baby shower. The shoes are especially amazing! 🙂

  11. Really cute! I’d definitely wear it.

  12. VERY cute…That skirt is yelling for me, I hear it =)

  13. I LOVE those shoes!! The bracelet is great too.

  14. spicklebee •

    Totally loving that outfit. Why have I not found Ruche before. New addiction. THANKS!! Joy for getting paid on Friday…

  15. I love this! And I second Taylor’s request! I’m getting married in June and am already wondering what to wear to the showers and the rehearsal dinner. A wedding event themed I’d Wear That would be amazing. And the bachelorette party too!

  16. I have those shoes (and recommend ’em!).

  17. Lovely outfit idea. The colours are gorgeous!

  18. I can’t believe that adorable dress is only $38. On my wish list for my birthday – it’s SO adorable.

  19. You are not going to believe this but I just picked up those very same shoes because they were shockingly comfortable. And I paid (blush) $24.99 for them! Bonus. Love this look jen!

  20. I am also hosting a baby shower for my sister in Feb. and I love this outfit, but we live in Iowa and I think I may get a little chilly wearing that in Feb. Any suggestions on what I should wear great! LOVE THE outfit!

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