Weekend Style File 01.11.10

Did you have a good weekend? I hope you all had a very nice weekend! Even though I was still recovering from being sick we had a great weekend.

I got this new dress from modcloth last week and I knew I wanted to wear it this weekend when we went out on Saturday night. Before it got dark though we thought it would be fun to go on a little adventure trying to find a good spot to take a picture. Now I wore the shoes in the picture when we went out, but for our hike I wore some boots and just carried along my shoes. We drove around till we saw this railroad track off in the distance. We parked on the side of the road and hiked over towards it. Now the temperature outside should have been our first indication that this whole thing was a terrible idea. It was freezing. Kev did not have boots on and was walking thru the snow with vans on. Not a good idea. Neither of us brought gloves. Not a good idea!

We got to the bridge and it was about 50 feet above a frozen river. We climbed up to it and started to walk across it. It was super scary because it was icy and the railroad ties were spread apart making big holes between each tie that your foot could def. fit thru if you tripped. Not a good idea! Kev was getting ready as I tried to switch from boots to my shoes on a railroad tie hoping not to lose my balance or lose my shoe down one of the wholes. Kev took my coat and we started shooting. IT WAS FREEZING! Why we decided to do this was beyond me. Kev lost feeling in his fingers fast, then almost lost his balance off the edge of the bridge as he bend down to take pictures. It was a disastrous combination of things. hahaha. When we were done we ran back to the car as fast as we could laughing at how stupid that was and thinking that these pictures better look awesome for what we just went thru.

Winter pictures are the worst. hehe
You can see how cold it is by the look on my face. My eyes are watering and my nose and cheeks are red. So funny!


Anyways, picture taking aside. I love this outfit. This is def. one of my new favorite dresses. I love the bright colors in it and the fun pattern. There are so many ways to style it because there are just so many colors to play off of. I went simple with some black tights and black cardigan, but added some fun with this vintage brooch I bought at a antique fund raiser at school. I think it looks like an exploding firework to me. It’s a strapless dress with a real slight sweetheart neckline. I know sometimes it can be nerve racking ordering something online but this dress fits me like a glove. Its the most perfect size. If you are thinking about ordering something from modcloth and have questions about sizes, I would be more than willing to share what sizes I usually wear and what sizes I have ordered from modcloth.
What do you think of this new dress?

Dress: Jack by BB Dakota Courtesy of Modcloth
Cardigan: Banana Republic (Hand me up from my sis)
Belt: Goodwill $2
Bracelets: Forever 21 $4
Brooch: $.50
Peep toe bow Wedges: Thrifted from Platos Closet

  1. Hahah, sounds like all of Patrick and I’s recent photo adventures! No pain, no gain right?! But your pictures turned out beautifully and I’ve been adoring that dress on Modcloth ever since they put it up and I’m glad to see you like it so much! Might just be inspiration to save up some $$$!

  2. Good thing no train showed up! That would’ve been really disastrous!
    Great dress, and the brooch too, I really like that shade. I’ve been eyeing this BB Dakota bataljon jacket on modcloth ever since Tokyobanhbao got it… but afraid about sizes. And couldn’t really justify buying jacket #6 or so this year (minor case of jacket addiction).

  3. absolutely love your dress, the colours are fab…
    brave lady!

  4. Beautiful dress. And you paired it perfectly. I love it!

    I want to order some stuff from Modcloth eventually because I love EVERYTHING on their site, but I am so nervous about online shopping. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a single clothing item online but I really want to! This post kind of inspires me to just do it one day soon.

  5. Jen, I’m glad you went to all that effort – your pictures are beautiful, as always. I was actually inspired by you and tired to take some snaps indoors – you are a wizard at lighting!!!

  6. So worth it, cuz these pics are fabulous! That is one awesome dress 🙂

  7. I must say i love the outfit – the dress is amazing..
    And the pictures came out georgeous!

    But the best part is almost the “behind-the-scenes” shot 🙂

  8. LOVE the dress!

  9. just fabulous! the outfit – the shoes – the photography!!! love it all! XOX

  10. Super cute outfit! I really want to order something from Modcloth, but am nervous about the sizing. Can you tell us some more details about their sizing?

  11. That dress is stunning. I love it! You are going to sell alot of these dresses for Modcloth.

  12. But…where are those fabulous shoes from?

  13. Yes, but the pictures are amazing! And that dress is way cool!

  14. I get nervous with heights very easily. Just reading this made me very very nervous. Thanks for the behind the scenes, very funny.

  15. Hi Jen!
    The post looks great! Thanks for showing off our dress so beautifully, even in the cold!
    <3 Aire

  16. What a treacherous photoshoot!!! But hey, it was totally worth it, because you look amazing! I’m seriously loving these photos, hehe i especially love your behind the scenes, chucking on the uggs and coat picture!

  17. I love the print!

  18. Sounds like quite the adventure!! The pictures turned out gorgeous though!


  19. Those pictures are awesome! And that new dress is definitely divine! 🙂 Good choice! It looks great on you!

  20. These pictures came out so great and that dress is amazing! Great choice!

  21. Jen! What were you thinking, you both are getting over colds. Modcloth and your bloggers must be pretty special. By the way the pics are great and as always you look awesome. Kev you are such a great sport, thanx

  22. ooh I guess I forgot to write about the shoes. I just added the details.
    But I bought them at platos closet. They are so cute- I love them!

  23. haha and mom I think its the other way around. I am a good sport.-I am the one that is fine taking them inside in front of the wall every day!

  24. Jen, that dress is beautiful and it looks amazing on you! As soon as I saw it I thought, “Damn,I really want that dress!” Oh and those shoes are a dream- cant believe you thrifted though- so lucky!

  25. Great photos! Love the colorful dress and the brooch!

    Yeah…the last time my boyfriend took photos of me outside we were out there longer than expected because his hands were shaking from the cold (he was all bundled up, of course). After more than a minute without a coat in 20 (or less) degree weather you kiiiind of just want to curse them for having a coat/scarf/hat on and run into the warm house. 😉

  26. Well I think the photos were worth the risk! They turned out beautiful.

    That dress is charming…I love the colors, and it looks great on you.

  27. oh this dress is fabulous, and I love how you’ve styled it! the shoes in particular are just great 🙂

    I always get nervous ordering from modcloth (and have yet to do it!) because I fear the largest size just won’t bee big enough for my shape (I’m a size 10/12, smaller on top). since 10/12 isn’t really considered plus size, I also worry the plus size options would be too big!

  28. I love this winter look! It’s not the typical blah boring outfit. I hope I look this beautiful when I’m freezing in London!

  29. That dress is adorable (makes your legs look a mile long) – and I love your photo site!

  30. Haha, funny adventure and great pics. It’s true about winter pics, you can dress great, find an amazing location and pose your face off but if it’s too cold it shows in your nose. Gotta love red, winter noses.

  31. I just discovered your blog through wardrobe remix, I think I’m in love 🙂

  32. Talk about suffering for your art! But the photos turned out spectacularly, and I’m just swooning over that new dress.

  33. Dude! You laughed in the face of danger in the name of fashion! From now on, if for some reason you miss a couple of posts, I’m going to assume you died shooting a Style File. The pics did turn out fabulous though. That dress is spectacular. The color-play reminds me of this dress I bought from Anthropologie last summer. I haven’t worn it yet, but this post reminds me that I should soon!

  34. Love the dress. I actually have the same vintage brooch, but in iridescent white! My 2010 goal: find more creative ways to incorporate brooches into my outfits.

  35. Well, you definitely got some amazing pictures for all that you went through! That story made me laugh. LOVE the dress. That’s going to be a remix dream with all those colors.

  36. Wow, that dress is so fantastic! Score another one for Modcloth.

  37. You suffer for your art! No one ever said style was simple… 😀

    You look wonderful, by the way. And the photos were SO worth it!

  38. Beautiful dress…I especially love the belted cardigan on top of it.

    I am from Ontario, Canada as well but I am living in Los Angeles now. Still a Canadian citizen though!

  39. i have to edit all my outfit pictures so that i do not look like rudolph! my nose is always pink in the winter!

    i love the colors of your dress! and you’re right, the brooch does look like a little firework explosion!

  40. Loveee this! That dress is so darling! What you and Kev went through sounds exactly like something Brett and I would go through! And your behind-the-scenes shot is soo adorable hahah, I love it!

  41. Well the pictures do look great! The lighting is lovely.

  42. This sounds like an adventure to me. I just wanted to say that I LOVE this dress and the way that you styled it. So cute. Love your blog!

  43. I love the colors of this dress and the background of these pics for it are perfect.

  44. gorgeous outfit!! i love how you played with the colours through accessories.

    and the last picture is a classic 🙂

  45. This story is so great! It makes the photos even more fun. I love that outfit, too. The colors of the dress are perfect.

  46. I love love love this outfit. I’m glad you risked your life to showcase it 🙂

  47. love the shoes!!!

  48. Love the dress! And the pictures came out awesome, even if it was painful! Also, now that you mention it, I was going to buy something from modcloth but am totally confused about their sizing. I’d love to hear what your experience has been with their sizes.

  49. I DIE for that dress, what a fabulous print!! I also love that you put a behind the scenes shot… thanks for keepin’ it real, haha.

  50. The behind the scenes pic is hilarious.

    I love the outfit.

  51. The photos are amazing! I love ModCloth and that dress is darling on you!

  52. Love that dress! The colors are so fun.

  53. what a colourful and fun outfit!

  54. love that dress and the photography is amazing!!!!!
    such a great post- I love it!

  55. Wao! You look stunning!! I love all the colors in your dress, and the entire outfit is so flattering! Dont worry, I do the same thing when I take my pictures… nobody knows I wear a huge black snow coat over my cute outfits! jajajaja.


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