Q&A pt. 3 Fashion/Beauty

So we are half way thru these q&a sessions. Today we have questions asked relating to Fashion and Beauty and then on Monday we will end with questions about the Blog and my Artwork.


1. How you define your personal style?
Hmm good question. My personal style is quite a jumble of things. I really like trendy pieces but I also love thrifted and vintage things. I think I just like mixing everything together to create my own style. The same goes with my decorating style. I love more modern furniture but I love adding details with vintage things I have collected thru the years. I don’t like to have a definite statement of what my style is because I feel like it is always changing and I like that. As I grow as a person so does my style. I don’t want to feel stuck to any one type of thing because I said that’s what my style was. Does that make sense? haha in my head it does.

2. When did I develop a sense of style?
I have always loved clothes and playing dress up. But I feel like for most of my life I was too heavily influenced by things around me to create my own style. In high school I just wanted to wear anything that was related to snowboarding, Volcom, Roxy, Forum, Ride, etc… I worked and lived at the ski mountain that was down the road from my parents. That was my world and so my clothes reflected that.

Then as I moved into the college years I snowboarded less and became much more involved in the music scene that I listened to. Then I just ended up wearing skinny jeans, a studded belt, a Denim or black jacket with a hoodie underneath, converse shoes, and pins of the bands I liked. Sometimes I would wear a jean skirt though with tights, legwarmers and converse. haha. That was my basic attire for about 4 years. Lots of black, Lots of shows, but also lots of fun. I loved college, it was filled with music, tons of art, and lots of friends.

After I graduated though, I started to grow up a lot. I started wanting to dress different, I wanted to stand out. I started reading like every fashion magazine out there for inspiration. I just couldn’t get enough of the pictures. Then slowly over the years I turned into what I am now. haha. I think I still have some of the old me in me. I am still drawn to anything that has volcom written on it and I think music still is a major influence in my life. I like where I’ve come and how its created the style that is mine today.

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3. What was the worst outfit I have put together over the last year?
Hmmm good question. As I looked back over my pictures sometimes I couldn’t tell the different between me hating the outfit or me hating it because I just don’t like the way I looked in the picture. Either way here are a few of my least favorite…
1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/3481393512/- this shirt just did not photograph well.
2. Look at how http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/3571324912/- why?
3. ugh- http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/3529256585/haha so hippy/country. So not me at all. Bad bad combination!!

4. Favorites:
Looking back it was hard just to pick three because honestly I really like the outfits I put together otherwise I don’t wear them. I hate feeling uncomfortable in what I have on. But here are a few…
1. I http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/4098120738/! Its my favorite.
2. This is like my new http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/4246246064/! Its so easy to wear.
3. Love how http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/3907859388/in this one.

5. Favorite Person of Character I look to for inspiration?
I love watching old movies. I love having AMC- The girls are always so beautiful. Now a days I don’t really look to any one person in particular. I do like looking at gossip magazines, not to read the gossip but to look at the pictures of what hollywood is wearing. There are always great outfits in there. I also love Lucky, Teen Vogue, and Nylon a lot.

6. Do I have a budget for Clothes?
I do have a budget and I try very hard to stay in it. Kev might say otherwise, but I am really trying harder this year. I think its a good thing. You really don’t need to spend a lot to find great clothes. Most of us have plenty in our closets to work with!

7. How often do I go shopping?
I like heading over the the goodwill or salvation army like every other week. Sometimes I will hit the jackpot and sometimes there will be nothing. It just depends. I don’t go the the mall very often. There is not one super close to me. I do go to target a lot because well target is just so fun. We get a lot of things there for the house- so i will broswe by the clearance whenever I am in there.

8. Did Running effect my style or approach to fashion?
Umm I don’t think so. My runs were quite separate from thinking about style and far from fashionable. I am too girly to dress athletic on a regular basis I guess. My runs were my chance to kind of leave that behind for a while and be one with myself and my surroundings as I would go on long runs that would last over 3 hours.

9. What is on top of my fashion wishlist?
I think I would like to own a dress by Marc Jacobs
maybe this one or this one
or can I please please please have this http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/4257022938/ Crystal Beaded Snake Print Bandage Dress. I am in love with this!

10. Whats my favorite Perfume?
My favorite by far is the Miss Dior Cherie. I love love love it. I wear it everyday.

11. What kind of skin and beauty products do I use?
I really love products from Fresh they make my skin feel so soft. I am kind of a simple kind of girl, I don’t use a lot of products. I just like a good face moisturizer (with out alcohol) and then some good black mascara and a few eye shadows. Right now I am using this mascara that I like a whole lot. As far as shampoo goes I am not at as conscious as maybe I should be as to what I use. I go back and forth between paying a lot for something and then buying aveeno shampoo at the grocery store. I am not really any type of expert in this field. Sorry guys.

12. How do I not get grossed out from wearing things from thrift stores?
Well I don’t know, I just don’t. I def. wash the clothes before wearing them, sometimes a couple times so that the old smell leaves them but it just doesn’t seem to bother me.

13. How do I stay creative every morning to put together an outfit?
For me it’s all about planning. I get up at 6am everyone morning to get dressed and ready for work. I am not a morning person, nor do I have extra time to try on a bunch of outfits. I def. plan my outfits out on the weekend. I sometimes find myself playing dress up in my closet for a little while on Sundays thinking about what I am going to wear that week. That helps me stay creative so I don’t routinely resort to the easy over and over again in the mornings. I enjoy putting together outfits so it’s something I don’t like feeling rushed over.

14. Do I wear my favorites a lot on the weekend?
I do usually resort to my favorite things on the weekend. A lot of the time though I am just super relaxed on the weekends. If I am just hanging out with kev I will just wear a sweatshirt and jeans, hehe, or if we really aren’t doing anything then my pjs. Sundays I like because when we go to church I usually wear something that maybe wouldn’t fly at school but that I really like wearing. So I guess weekends are always a mix up of favorites, comfortableness, and things I don’t normally have a chance to wear.

  1. Planning your outfits on Sunday is such a great idea. I have the same struggle as you– finding time to figure out an outfit in the mornings, as well as the other stuff, when you are not a morning picture….I know what I will be doing on Sunday.

    I found a great Marc Jacobs dress at Buffalo Exchange a couple months ago. I think it was from his Marc line, but a steal at 30 dollars!

    And your hated outfits are awesome, still!

  2. i love reading the answers to all your q&a! and i too like the idea of planning some outfits on sundays- some mornings i am sleepy and cranky and it takes me 45 minutes to settle on wearing jeans and a sweater. i hate those days. so your plan is a good one 🙂

  3. Great answers!
    Also I think your hippie country look is cute! I think because of the headpiece! Also you’re just so cute in general, it’s hard to think anything looks bad on you!

  4. Haha I totally have experimental dress up days on the weekends too. My husband laughs at me because I totally do posses in the mirror to see how different outfits look from all angles.

    I find that mixing modern & vintage home decor works quite well too. My favorite thing to do is use modern looking gallery frames with vintage artwork or old pages from books. It keeps things original. People are always looking at my walls when they come over- that’s the point of art, right?

  5. I like the idea of planning out your week in outfits n SUnday. I to enjoy putting things together but being rushed in the morning is never fun. Good idea! Thank you!

  6. I loved the outfit planning question! I am a total planner! I will sit down with my Mac book in my walk-in closet on Sunday night and in a word document, I will type out/plan all of my outfits for the next week and the next weekend or any special occasion I might have to attend. I can literally tell you everything I wore every day last year based on that one little document. It helps so much because when I don’t plan it out, I tend to favor my favorite wardrobe items or gravitate toward the same color scheme. AND! It cuts down on my get-ready-time which my fiance appreciates!

  7. I have to plan ahead for my outfits as well, I struggle with fashion, and I sometimes question if Jen were here what would she put together! Funny, I know, but I’m not good at it. A couple weeks a go I did put together a snazzy little outfit of a jean skirt with black tights, a purple shirt with a gray jacket and some cute necklaces, it was cute.

  8. I’ve started working on planning my outfits ahead of time too. It saves so much time in the morning!

  9. I thought of another question for you, Jen!

    Looking back on outfits you wore as a child, what would you say was one look that was really amazing and what was one look you wore that is just awful?

  10. i used to go to church with you in holden years ago, and literally the reason i decided to go there was i saw you there and you looked cool. i thought “if she’s having a good time here and nobody is giving her crap about her ears, then i think i can handle this place.” then i literally never talked to you or looked in your direction for 2 or 3 years, but somehow read your blog now. life!

  11. melissa •

    just to say that i love the fact that not only i feel like we have the same style for the most part, we even share the same love for a scent! hehe! i used to have the chanel chance eau fraiche (green one) but i broke the bottle (i was so sad…) and my mother in law gave me the miss dior cherie leau (the green one). see? awesomeness. you are by far my favorite blogger because i can relate to the things you wear and your lifestyle. and both of our husbands are photographers… =)

  12. I love all your favourite outfits, but I also love all your ‘worst’ outfits too! It’s great to see glimpses of your style before I discovered your blog.

  13. Planning ahead is such a great idea! I am definintely guilty of resorting to my “safe” items. I will try it! Thanks for all the inspiration and honesty. It’s refreshing.

  14. I wish that picture was scratch and sniff of the perfume! I guess I’ll have to go to the store! HA HA LOL

  15. Jessica •

    I love that you play dress-up too! My boyfriend laughs at me when I parade around in a new outfit/combination, but it helps so much! Thanks for answering all of these questions and sharing yourself with us.

  16. Sunday dress up day sounds swell 🙂

  17. I bought that same vase from Target! lol. I waited till it went on clearance but they only had one small one left. oh well.

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